Pop n Go Rain Scarf

It’s March. And just guess what the weather is like here in Chicago today? It’s raining. Buckets. Frizz day. Or…...more

24 Different Outfits with One Dress and One Pair of Shoes

I have been invited to a weekend away. My only fashion requirements are a bathing suit (yikes!), a bathing suit cover up (whew), a sundress for dinner out and a casual skirt for sightseeing. I pulled out all my clothing requirements with accessories and realized that I was going to need a bigger suitcase. I resent having to pay to check luggage – and the wait to retrieve it at the carousel – and every other nickel and diming the airlines have had to resort to, especially when I’m just traveling for a weekend!  It was time to get creative....more

Creative Gift Ideas for Your Best Friends' Birthdays

Traditional gifts don’t always cut it for the girls who have been most important in your life. TAKER HER OUT FOR A GIRLS NIGHT ON THE TOWN...more

The worst fashion disasters at the Oscars

The Oscar night was not only the highlight of the awards season, but also fashionable seen a highlight - at least for most of the ladies present....more

Packing...almost time for VACAY!

Although I can barely hold back my excitement for my upcoming trip down to Florida, I am still dreading the thought of packing... ...more

Chic Alert: K Brat’s Collection for PFW

We recently connected with London designer Keren Brat on twitter and she shared her very first Womenswear collection with us! Take a look at her chic, fall-ready, AW 2011-12 collection for Paris Fashion Week! Congrats Keren! Highlights: the one shoulder look, purple alert, light grays, leather, hints of ruffle and a lot of belt/zipper action - super chic!...more

How to Shop for Eco-Friendly Clothes - Part 2: Try TENCEL or Lyocell

If we were to separate clothing into categories, somewhere in between natural fibers like cotton or hemp and man-made petroleum fibers like polyester, we'd find ...more

We create our entire collection using a hemp/Tencel blend here at Sympatico ...more

Attempt This At Home

We've been talking about how to get a 'younger' haircut, now let's talk about hair color. Having the right hair color is just as important, if not more so, than the cut. First, a Disclaimer: The at-home haircare options below only apply to haircolor, not haircut. Please let me be very clear on this – home haircuts are never recommended. I will not be held responsible for the inevitable home haircut disaster. Maybe you got lucky the one or two times you cut your own bangs without incident but, I’m telling you, you’re playing with fire....more

And the Oscar for Best Dressed goes to..Three Real Women Pick their Favorites

We love a good dress as much as we love a good party, and man were there plenty.  While I missed my beloved live from the Red Carpet, you can be sure the gals and I were glued to our phones, Tweeting and Facebooking, looking at each other puzzled, questioning, "What's going on with Reese's hair?...more