# Hashtag Hats

Meghan Edmonds from Real Housewives of Orange County has come out with her own line of hats called #Hashtag Hats. I like her not only because she is a fellow Ole Miss Rebel, and the same age as me, but she is definitely an entertaining cast member on the show.She may be mean sometimes but she is pretty brave for what she says to the other housewives! I would be afraid to even be in the same room as them!Anyways, I am really wanting this hat from her collection:...more

Utility Vests

My ThredUp Experience

I’ve talked about my love of online consignment stores before and was a huge fan of Twice for years. However, Twice recently closed their doors… leaving an opening in my heart for a new online consignment love.So, I decided to try out ThredUp to see if it would make the cut. Since I haven’t done my end-of-season clean out, I haven’t tried selling items to ThredUp yet. Instead, I browsed their stock of like-new clothing and ordered a couple items....more

Duck and Dressing: A Boutique to Quack About

How surprised do you think I was when I was scrolling through Instagram (@shesleaningin) the other day and saw that Sadie Robertson (who I've been following since her stint on DWTS) posted this wicked cute ensemble from a store previously unknown to me. Allow me to introduce.... ...more

I love a fashion bargain...

Recently I've posted lots of pictures of really beautiful full skirts. I love the way a full silhouette looks when going for a casual look with a skirt, and lately I just can't get enough them. They look wonderful with flats and a tee shirt, but can also be easily dressed up with heels for evening. The best part, I've just discovered some gorgeous mid length (my favorite) full skirts at incredible prices. I'm going to re-post some things I've done in the past so I can show you the high priced looks side by side with the lower priced options. Hope you do some shopping......more

Indie Chat with The Mitten State

 Indie Chat: The Mitten State“We love Michigan. We live here. We’ve moved from here. We’ve returned here. No matter where we end up, Michigan is our home. It’s a state of mind. It’s a feeling. It’s where our heart will always lie. You see a Mitten Stater out of state and you can tell before whipping out your hand map that there’s a special kin- ship. An aura. A sense of belonging.”...more

A Little Color Never Hurt Nobody

Last Winter, I fell more in love with colorful outfits.  Remember though just because it's grey outside your clothes don't have to be. Here are some fun outfit tips to make your winter a little bit more colorful. ...more

Baby it's hot out there...

When the thermometer goes up I find one of the best fabrics to stay cool in is linen. Yes it wrinkles - but since it’s cool and comfortable I like to think that’s just part of its charm. That’s why I fell in love with this skirt from Ann Taylor. It’s the perfect length and fabric to cool me down on these lovely 100 degree days we’ve been having. As I’ve written before, I normally love skirts that are longer (mid-length). But I have to admit, this shorter skirt really fits the bill for a day like today, and pairing it with a simple, clean white blouse makes me feel even cooler....more

Vivica A. Fox & Curvy Couture Spice Up Curvy Girl Lingerie with a Sexy Collab!

The 'Kill Bill' star is serving up lace and more for the holidays with Curvy Couture. -PJ Gach...more

Do you need Stock Photos

Today I finally had a chance to catch up on some blog posts from some of my favourite peeps and one stood out for me, How to get the Most from Styled Stock Photos. Anne always leads me in directions I never quite expect but always really enjoy....more