Old Navy Kinda Nailed It

I'm not normally a shopper at Old Navy anymore. I outgrew that when I was about 18 and haven't looked back since, however, remembering how awesome Patriot-Heavy 4th of July wear was, I decided to bop in and check out what's up. I was pleasantly surprised. Old Navy nailed it for Summer 2015. ...more

All That You Should Know About Your Fashion Footwear

As a woman, I can understand the untamed love we have for footwear. If you give me a choice to choose between new footwear and jewelry, I’ll be either stuck or would go for shoes. There is something about shoes that would get the attention of a woman every time. There is no surprise if you are a woman and you want just as many pairs of shoes, sandals and pumps as clothes you have in the closet. I wish there was a special bonus monthly incentive or yearly bonus for working women only to buy new pairs of shoes....more

Neon + Fringe.

Part ...more

Show the World What's Important with this Tee!

Let the world know what's important: COFFEE! -PJ Gach...more

Summer Maxi Dresses


My Fabletics workout wear review.

I’d been wanting to try Fabletics for a while. I spend so much of my time in workout clothes and am always on the look out for more affordable, cute and comfortable ones. I need workout clothes that actually work well and are stylish too. My workout clothes have to make it through a quick jog, some weight training, plus my all time favorite workoutCardiobarre. (If you haven’t tried it you should, best butt workout in LA!)...more

Ways to Wear: Red, White and Blue

you wore these looks beautifully. My fave was the red dress! http://lovejoystyles.commore

:: FASHION :: Welcome to My Closet

For those of you who know me in real life, it may come as no surprise that I have a bit of a shopping problem. I like to refer to it more as a connoisseurship, but tomay-to tomah-to. Anyway, the point being, I have a lot of shit. I love each and every item as if it were my own child, but there comes a time when ever child has to move on and start a life of their own. And so without further adieu, welcome to my closet... Which bundle of joy will you take home?...more

It's not a fashion statement

'It's not a fashion statement' - the phrase flashed through my mind while I was on the subway earlier today. I wasn't listening to My Chemical Romance (there was a time when they used to sound like this). What got me thinking this was different. It might have even seemed normal. I would have taken a photo for you but I didn't want to get in trouble. If you are not living on a different planet, you have probably heard about the new hair trend at least once....more

Medley Tops + Cutoffs.

The babes from Medley reached out a few months ago; they were on...more