Popsicle Stick Jewelry for Fashionistas

[Editor's Note: Gee I thought bracelets made from warped popsicle sticks were the most clever thing I had ever laid my jewelry making eyes on. Given, they are pretty clever and awfully cute - they are also more for the same age group that still eats popsicles. Enter Aki from Minted Strawberry and her hip geometric necklace made also from popsicle sticks. These sticks seem less Bomb Pop and more adult beverage infused ice pop. I love the idea of not only painting the sticks, but also cutting them. Using multiple sticks to create a ladder necklace - crafty genius. - Jen]...more

The Hunt: Fashion’s Newest Way to Help You Find and Buy What You Love

Editor's Note: Bridgette Raes: Style Expert knows you love window shopping, browsing for ideas on Pinterest, and looking at great fashion ideas. She's found an app, called The Hunt, that can make it easier, faster, and more social to do all that looking and dreaming – and even buying. She explains, -Virginia ...more
Will have to check it out, thanks!more

Swedish Department Store Opens Pandora’s Box with “Normal Sized” Mannequins – We Think It’s Awesome

This past week you all have probably heard about the "normal" size models Åhléns department store put up. First, it is in Åhléns Malmö and not in H&M like many news channels are saying. Second, everyone in the world has made it a huge deal except Sweden. And third, this is REAL and not a hoax. ...more
I think is is so awesome too! I'm from the Philippines and I want to share that article to all ...more

Tide Seriously Just Went & Made Life & Laundry Easier

The three-in-one chamber design of the Tide Pods with its nod to machine washable fashion and style totally makes me think of three-in-one style of fashion. Like how you can take a simple little black dress, appropriate for any season whether it be spring, summer, winter or fall, and wear it out for any occasion. Below are some ideas. Unfortunately, with clothes, comes laundry. While all fashion is unique and fun, laundry is simply not. Hauling loads upon loads of clothes to the laundry room, which, for most of us, is downstairs…separating, switching, folding, hauling back upstairs....more

It's Time to Stop Dressing Like a New Mom!

Can I make a confession? I still have one dress that is technically a maternity dress. I still occasionally wear it. My youngest child is five. Oops? Michelle at Ten June is tossing out her New Mom wardrobe and vowing to dress better this year. I think I might have to join her. ...more

Dressing for the Office (Nursing Mom Style)

[Editor's Note: Dressing for work (even business casual) can be a challenge for the nursing mother. Here's a personal look at how to work with style when you're back at work and still nursing. - Paula G] ...more

DIY Studded Belt

[Editor's Note: Sure this belt was made for a toddler, but there is nothing to say that you could not make an adult version. Studs are all the rage this fall. Male or female, punker or prep this easy to make belt looks super cute. - Jen]...more

Paint (and Bead) Your Own Chic Owl Sweater

[Editor's Note: Owls are not just for Halloween, according to Burberry they are all the rage all fall long. Can't afford the real thing? No worries, Cathy from Trinkets in Bloom has a fun tutorial on her blog showing you how to paint and bead your very own version. I think my favorite part is the off center at the waist placement of the owl. - Jen]...more
i remember them form the 70's and all the earthy colors and bright oranges they all weremore

Budget Shopping: How to Avoid Phony Designer Handbags

[Editor's Note: I'm quite frugal, especially when it comes to my clothes, but I'm a sucker for well made pieces. As a result, I find myself thrifting and shopping at overstock and run-off stores and websites. I really appreciated the tips from The Frugalista regarding how to spot a knock-off handbag. I'd love to score myself a designer handbag at an off-the-rack price. -Rita] How to Spot a Knock Off Designer Bag Brand-specific Giveaways...more

Scalloped Edge Jean Cut Off Shorts

[Editor's Note: Here in Texas I can hardly bear the thought of putting on a pair of blue jeans. Summer heat makes the idea of taking a pair of scissors to your favorite jeans seem like a completely rationale thing to do. I’ll be the first to admit scrappy Daisy Dukes with fringe flying is not a great look for me. However, if my jeans were cut off with a decorative scalloped edge I might be more into this idea. Katy from Sweet Verbena just turned me into a cut off jeans covert. I love the look of the scalloped edge on her shorts. Nothing says yours have to be this short (I know mine won’t be, I don’t want to blind anyone). Also, nothing says you have to use jeans. What about a pair of slacks? Hmmm I’m about to go take a stroll through my pant drawer with a pair of scissors in hand. - Jen]...more
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