Sew an Oversized Cinch Top Bag

[Editor's Note: Every woman needs a great big bag in their wardrobe. Big purses are great for trips to the beach, fashionable diaper changes or even sleepovers. They are so versatile and in this case really cute. Sweet Verbena has a great tutorial for whipping up an oversized cinch bag that was inspired by fellow BlogHer blogger Dana from Made. Interestingly, both ladies are from the Lone Star State. Maybe it is true, everything in Texas is bigger – even the purses. - Jen]...more
Cute!  Like the colors and the design. more

Stylish Pregnancy Without the Fashion Splurge

[Editor's Note: To me, "maternity" and "fashion" don't really go together. Clearly, though, for Molly they do! In her post, she takes you through what to buy during your pregnancy and what to leave on the rack -- so you've got more to spend or save later when baby arrives. -Rita]...more
ha, ha, Amy, me too!more

Armloads of Dresses at Nordstrom Rack!

When the opportunity arose to review Nordstrom Rack, I was a little dubious. To be honest, I didn’t actually know that Nordstrom Rack carried plus sizes. See, I’ve gotten accustomed to all my favorite discount stores (who shall remain nameless) limiting or removing their plus size selection, as so many have done in recent years, so rather than get my hopes up, I tend to presume that I won’t find anything to fit me, and sometimes I get to be pleasantly surprised....more

The Dreaded Plus-size Department? Not so!

When Nordstrom Rack offered to send me on a little shopping trip in their plus size department, I was more than a little skeptical. First, I'm barely standard size, barely plus size, just that awesome marshmallow in the middle of the s'more. Cute and fluffy, but can't decide if I want to hang out with the chocolate or the graham cracker....more

Score! 3 New Outfits and a Killer Pair of Shoes!

I have been known to tell my children that Nordstrom is a holy place. I love it so very much. It has amazing clothing and beauty and the best customer service. I feel good inside of Nordstrom. Enter Nordstrom Rack. I have shopped The Rack once when I was out west for a holiday and I loved it so much. It’s like Nordstrom only half off. Ohio has a store about 2 hours from me. I think it is safer that it is not actually located in Columbus....more

Gift Card in Hand, Nordstrom Love in My Heart!

Armed with a gift card in my hand and Nordstrom love in my heart, I headed to the nearest Nordstrom Rack, in San Leandro, California, to do a little shopping.  The first thing I noticed is that Nordstrom Rack does not exactly provide the full Nordstrom Experience. I’ve been to Nordstrom proper many a time, and have had luck finding gorgeous clothes and fancy party dresses. Nordstrom also has impeccable customer service, making it a joy to shop there....more

Funky and Just a Little Different

Upon arrival at the Nordstrom Rack Plus department at their Brentwood store in St. Louis, I was instantly surprised at the selection. Normally, when you add the words “Plus Size” to any store you can bet that the choices you’ll find will be the same old tired patterns that plus size styles have had for the last 20 years or so. It’s one of the reasons stylish women who wear anything larger than a size 12 are loath to shop in those sections of a store....more

Creating Kids' Clothing Is About More Than Sewing

My grandma made most of my clothes growing up. When I was young, I didn't appreciate it for what it was. But now I understand what she was doing, especially since I read this beautiful post by Katy at No Big Dill. Now I want to start sewing -- and creating -- clothes and memories for my kids. ...more

Easy Jersey Knit Bracelet DIY

These Summery little jersey knit bracelets from V and Co. are just adorable! Grab some jersey knit fabric at your local fabric shop or simply use an old t-shirt! The best DIYS, in my opinion, are made from found materials around the house or reusing and upcycling something old into something new. And the best thing about these easy woven jersey knit bracelets is... ...more

Need to try this! So Cute- Thanks for the post.

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Wish List: ARI DEIN Men's Pajamas for Women

I think it's safe to blame the return of the men's pajamas for women look on the oh-so luxurious line of "Classic Boutique Hotel Pajamas" by ARI DEIN {available in peacock and tainted white}. Constructed with baby French seams and no synthetics, at $374 for the top and $286 for the pants, these high-end menswear-inspired silk pajamas are a luxury only few will have the pleasure of lounging and sleeping in. ...more