A Calm Life

Sometimes, you know- when I'm scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, I see people, families, lives who are busy. ...more

Loving Through Loss: Day 7

RESOURCES photo taken by Sam Grable Today's resource can be benefited by everyone. Back in March of 2013, just three months after losing Charlotte, I was feeling completely alone. Family & friends were trying to comfort us, but I just wasn't feeling like anyone really understood what we were going through ....more

My Favorite Journaling Supplies

When people see my Bible for the first time, I almost always hear "How did you do that?!" followed by "Where did you get your Bible?" and "What supplies do you recommend?" I shared a video of My Favorite Journaling Supplies way back in March, but I had only been journaling for a few weeks and still had so much to learn! Now that I have been actively illustrating my Bible for almost nine month, I wanted to share an updated list of supplies. It worked out perfectly that I'm talking about my Bible all month long ....more

I'm going to say things out loud {do you need help?}

Dear Hurting Soul, First of all, know you are loved....more

Could you work with your spouse?

I am spoiled. For several years I worked with my husband at the same company, and now we work only a few blocks apart. This means that I am used to being able to have lunch with my wonderful husband on a frequent basis and that neither of us has to go out of our way to spend time together in the middle of the day....more

5 Keys To A Successful Transition to Natural Hair

[ This is a throwback post in honor of my most recent big chop last week after transitioning for over a year] 5 Attributes of a Successful Transitioner Transitioning from relaxed hair to your natural hair texture can be a very rewarding and interesting journey. Alternatively, it could be a frustrating and depressing mission. When.. ....more

little red riding hood's first birthday

My youngest niece is celebrating a certain first birthday this week and her mama themed the party all around Little Red Riding Hood. The wolf being their dog, naturally....more

In Toddler News | Part 34

There are many part of me that says every month that I should stop these 'monthly' updates - because, we are at thirty-four months. ...more

What Life is Serving Up Right Now

Hey all, checking in to wish you a beautiful October day. Gosh, what is it with the changing seasons that causes everything to go just a little bit crazy? Fall has arrived ....more

5 Uses for Parchment Paper in Baking by Bridget

Parchment paper … what did I ever do without you? Let me show you my 5 favorite ways to use parchment paper when baking. ...more