The U-haul workout

I was conveniently out of town the last several times my little sister moved. (Just like I’m conveniently out of town when anyone I know moves…) But she and my bro-in-law just got their first house together, and their move date happened to be during my university’s fall break. And as it was also right after two ginormous Thanksgiving meals, I volunteered to help thinking, Sure, that’ll make a nice workout....more

In The Quiet

If I would have gone down to ask her, would she have been able to tell me? ...more

4 Ways to Simplify Your Life During the Holidays

Several years ago I found myself standing in a very long line at the Post Office on December 19. That year had been insane as far as the holidays went and I was not enjoying myself. Instead, I was completely stressed out and overwhelmed and just trying to keep my head above water to make the time happy for the kids ....more

A Farewell to Fall {twenty fifteen}

September, October, and November played out before my eyes like a beautiful ballet set the most magical of symphonies. Fall, it seems, has become my favorite season. It lives so quietly between the raucous racket that is summer and that hush and darkening that is winter ....more

Frozen fingers and toes

10 super cold toes, one not-so-great photo of a scoreboard, and 55 glorious points made for an amazing day at Spartan Stadium. The beauty of the campus strikes me each time I’m back, especially when it’s been a while between visits. I’m half frozen, but for a Michigan State football game that finished in the dark, at the very end of November, we had decent weather ....more

Thanksgiving Weekend

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!...more

The Most Wonderful Time

When we got our first real snowfall last weekend, I admit I was filled with dread thinking about the loooooooooong winter ahead. I assumed we wouldn't see our grass again until the end of April and tried to suck it up, since this will be my ninth Wisconsin winter. And snow *is* ridiculously beautiful, and our children (just two of them) were completely obsessed with the snow fall ....more

Writing This Month

Only three more posts to go before November is over and I can stop this crazy blogging every day thing. ...more

Everything’s Like NBD At The Ocean

She won’t take her new pajamas off. Perfect beach outfit, so NBD. Everything’s like NBD at the ocean ....more

Friday Favorites 11.27.15

This week, I sat down with my sweet 10 year old girl and started talking about her Christmas list. She has some awesome stuff on her list, and we spent a little time browsing online to add to it. Some of the things she’s loving right now are brand new to her, and some are old favorites. I think I’d like to have several of the things she loves, too!...more