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Laundry room reveal! (before & after)

I keep waiting for the perfect amount of sunlight and the perfect artwork and for every bit of the room to be perfectly clean, but you know what?...more

I, Whiner

I found myself crying today for no good reason. Or maybe it was, in the interest of time. I'd been reading Neil Gaiman short stories on a five-hour drive through ice with ten-year-old feet in my face and sports on the radio so loud I couldn't hear myself think ....more


Friday morning, Derek and I had the bright idea to go over to Playa Las Gatas. This is a beach that we can see from Playa La Ropa but we have never been there. Two year ago when we were here, Derek snorkelled there with Freddy but they didn't actually go to the beach ....more

Bye Bye Baby

Every morning for the past several months, the first words out of my two-year-old's mouth have been, "Can I have milk in a bottle?" I realize that if a child is old enough to put together a sentence with this many words, that bottle's departure is probably way past due....more

It’s January! {Spin Cycle Prompt}

Every time I see this cartoon on Facebook, I laugh. Is January really so bad? How has your January been? ...more

25/365 - 3 Things

1) I am SO glad my girls are home! They had so much fun at the deer lease, and I could listen to them tell their stories all day long. They are so proud and so detailed with their explanations ....more

Valentines Day Ideas

The day of hearts and love is coming in just less than three weeks! Do you decorate? Do you need a gift idea? ...more

Going Gluten-Free for Children with Down Syndrome

When my son was born with Down syndrome, I found research that said in general, children with Down syndrome have a tough time digesting gluten. Some reports say children with Down syndrome have a 43% greater chance of celiac disease than children without Down syndrome. It made sense to steer my son clear of gluten. Ten to fifteen years ago, gluten-free alternatives were not easy to find. ...more

My Week(221) in iPhone Photos

I took about a zillion pictures of Linc’s face this week, mostly because he refuses to be more than 6 inches away from MY face anymore. The babywearing is coming in handy, although I’m mostly using it in non-picturesque situations, like when I’m wearing pajamas and just need to pee. You don’t need to see a picture of that ....more

The "I'm Too Old For a Theme" Party, Part 1

When I titled a post before the 9th Birthday Extravaganza "The Calm Before the Storm," little did I know. I mean, seriously. TRUEST WORDS EVER ....more