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Little Actress

I've been studying up on some theater stuff and lost track of time so I'm not going to get deep tonight.But, I will tell you my most memorable up for today, the director of the play I am in said to me tonight (with a big smile on his face), "Rachael, you are quite the little actress."That meant the world to me coming from him.Sorry so short, but now you know why I've been studying theater stuff all night.I think I have built up the confidence to try out for another play.More details of today, tomorrow. Day 57 of 365 Days of Up ...more

Day in the Life of a Stay At Home Mom Blogger

It’s been a couple of months since I did one of these “day in the life” of a stay at home mom posts. I’m adding in BLOGGING to spice things up! I figured I would start this post at night since I go to bed around midnight and I wanted you guys to see that that’s really when my day starts! ...more

365 Week Eight

This week we celebrated Adam's birthday so naturally all of my favourite photo's from the week were those taken on his day. Scarlett and I spent the morning baking cupcakes (complete with all the sprinkles) and picking out a birthday present for Daddy. My friend, Katie posted a while back about a tradition that she has with her girls where they go to the dollar store and the girls pick out a gift for their Dad, I couldn't wait to adopt this tradition and you guys, it was a blast and Scarlett was so proud of the items she picked for Daddy ....more

Bear Head Lake State Park and a Birthday Boy

During a day trip to Ely, MN a couple of weeks ago, we made our way to Bear Head Lake State Park....more

A Few Things Before The Weekend

- Stitchfix kicked it out of the park this month! I asked for a cute cropped jean jacket and a cute cropped jean jacket is what I got! I can't wait to wear it this summer with my bikini and Uggs!...more

30+ fabulous books to read for a space theme

Looking for books to read alongside your preschool...more

Natural Diaper Pail Spray

If baby’s diaper changing area is encroaching on the smell of the nursery, it might be time for an all natural diaper pail spray solution. With just two little (and fun!) ingredients, you’ll have the nursery smelling like sweet baby smell in no time. To make your own natural diaper pail spray simply combine 2 ounces of plain or flavored vodka and 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil in an atomizer or empty perfume bottle ....more

Above & Beyond: Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Disclaimer: I received a Supreme Birthday Party Package...more

The Done List — #FitnessFriday

Fitness Friday is all about wellness, and today I’m talking about something beneficial to my mental health and wellness. I mentioned on Monday that I have a problem with seeing all I’ve actually done. I tend to look at all that’s left to do…and as a mom, wife, full time employee, business owner… there is.. ....more

Fashion Friday: Edition hand me the cough medicine

Not much going on here except for my ongoing cough situation and I won’t bore you with all the details of my various cold medicines. So let’s talk about cute things I’ve seen this week. 1. bright and twirly dress I love the color and the cute style of this dress ....more