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What I've Been Doing Lately

Asking me “What’s new?” is a surefire way to throw my brain into a tizzy. I mean, “new?” Heck if I know! I can hardly remember whether or not I ate lunch yesterday ....more

Friday Favorites: Things I Love Right Now

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. Welcome to a new series I would like to start titled Friday Favorites. Let’s see if I can stick with it! ...more

The Picture That Cost Me 1.3 Million Dollars

I'm pretty sure God is speaking to me through Lifetouch, and I am listening. Continue reading → The post The Picture That Cost Me 1.3 Million Dollars appeared first on The Bearded Iris ....more

NCJFCJ Supports the American Probation & Parole Association’s Issue Paper Risk and Needs Assessment

The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ) announces its support of the American Probation & Parole Association's Issue Paper Risk and Needs Assessment, recognizing the need to apply science to courtroom practice and procedure to improve outcomes for those we serve.  ...more

Lincoln: 8 Months

On his actual 8 month day Linc slept through the night, then took a 4 hour nap. He woke up a zillion years older. He’s bigger ....more

Those Damnable Coathangers. Or No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.

No good deed goes unpunished. Sounds cynical. Maybe it’s more like, No good deed goes remembered by the menopausal mind ....more

Big Number Three

My girl is three! ...more

Healthy Choices Suck

This past Christmas the Husband bought me some new dress pants as a gift. I can picture it now – he went out to the mall by himself, in mid-December, and walked into a well-known clothing store. As he stood in front of a clothing display table he wondered, “Oh HELL what size do I buy her? ...more

Why I Prefer Teens To Toddlers

I’ll never forget the elderly lady on the bus. My then two-year old was pitching a tantrum. She leaned over, and with a smirk said, “Don’t worry, Dear ....more

I Love Psalm 143:10

This morning I read this in Psalm 143:10:...more