Ready, Set, Get your Ash in Church

Today is the big day - the first day of Lent! So I'm writing this down for myself, and maybe a few of you faithful readers will need it too. This is not like starting a diet ....more

Ten Months – Mary Alice

The post Ten Months – Mary Alice appeared first on Kate Eschbach ....more

Mostly Worldless Wednesday: Nuisance Snow

"Nuisance Snow" they called it Just a few inches Enough to snarl traffic And make you have to shovel your walk And clean off your car But I stopped in the middle of my driveway To take this picture Because it's not a nuisance To see my tree look like it's in full bloom With puffy white snow And the red-gold of the sunset Hitting it just so It's not a nuisance If you a take a minute To look for the beauty It's worth it, I promise ...more

A Day of Food: What I Honestly Ate

I've written before about the fact that I apply the 80/20 principal to my diet. I'm extremely flexible with what I eat and don't count my calories. Your success really starts with what you allow into your home- I rarely buy much junk food, but yes of course I like to have one or two things "for the kids" but I make sure those things aren't overly tempting for me ....more

Our Lives are about to Change

The time is almost near. We are counting down the weeks. Today I am 33 weeks pregnant with our first child. Enzo and I have been married for a little over 3 years now. We always said we wanted to be parents. Not right away, but when the time was right. We had some struggles getting here but it finally happened and we are super excited....more


Asher has just started drawing, and he is also learning to write. Last night at parent teacher conferences his teacher gave me this drawing he made, unprompted. It brought tears to my eyes! ...more

Gain More Order in My Day: The Plan

Last week, I shared my struggle with how my days are going and that I really want need a change. I need to not feel like I'm just bumbling through an entire day, while simultaneously thinking I haven't done anything. In essence, I no longer want to feel like I'm not accomplishing any goals or even working on them and I also don't want to 'fly by the seat of my pants'.All of this tends to end up with yelling, some resentful feelings and thoughts, impatience, and general distraught-ness....more

Special Needs Parenting: I'm not a better mom than you

I posted the above IG photo a couple weeks ago--and understandably, the photo got a lot of attention. Lamp had painted her toe nails all by herself. You can see the entire caption here ....more

We're Home!

I don't have time to post pictures now, but rest assured we had a great trip. The temperatures in the south were perfect for Angela who has anhidrosis and cannot handle the heat of summer at all. We were at a couple different beaches in GA and FL, then headed west to TX and came north from there ....more