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Books to Teach Manners to Young Children

Every parent dreams about having the most well behaved child around. If you want your young child to always be well behaved, you need to start teaching manners at an early age. Manners have to do with both our words and actions, so you’ll need to teach your child what to say and do to have manners ....more

Free Math Resources … and a Giveaway!

Did you know that The Measured Mom just passed its 18-month birthday? ...more

Rainy beach day

No swimming todayGrand Bend, ONJuly 2014 Our kids inherited the beach gene from us, so as soon as the weather allows it, we pick whatever Great Lake tickles our fancy on that day and point the car toward it. Living smack in between two of them - Erie and Huron - has its advantages, and this is definitely one of them. Last week, we chose Thursday as our beach day ....more

A chicken update | 10 Things I've Learned about Keeping Chickens

Lilly got two new young chickens for her birthday at the end of May. Joining Chiquita and Bandita (two of last year's birthday chickenistas), we welcomed Boosul and Clementine to the coop.After a few days of drama & hen-pecking, they smoothed things out & now the four of them go about as one happy little sisterhood....more

Dealing With a Flawed World

As I write this I am searching for the correct word but am having a hard time finding it. I was going to say idealist but that's not quite it.When a person has an idea of what a right situation is, and the flaws and problems are seen, the impulse is to wish you can fix it. We cannot fix everything and some things we think are wrong or a problem may not actually be a problem for someone else ....more


In the beginning of the month, we stopped all video games and any type of movies...and since we don’t have “tv” that wasn’t an issue.Let me just say that some of my favorite things are watching my kids make and create things using their own ingenuity along with a little adventure.I like to think of my home as our tiny piece of country in the city.Ethan has been working hard to finish his go-cart he started several months ago. He also has a few other projects going including building weapons with duct tape, pvc pipe and pipe insulation.Charlie and Lincoln are currently obsessed with playing their Halo board game. Even Ruby played with them in between her art projects and coloring.Sophia and Pearl have been choreographing dance recital numbers and fashion shows.Jasper and River have been busy riding their bikes and tricycles around while coloring their wheels with sidewalk chalk ....more

7 Coconut Books for the Kiddos

We’ve been having a little too much fun with coconuts recently. ...more

My Daughter’s Digital Duel, I Vote DISLIKE

Digital parenting can #suckit. As many of you know, both of my kids are rather plugged in. I mean…PLUGGED IN ....more

The Last Four Years

Today is Single Dad Laughing’s 4th Birthday! Has it really been that long? I was curious, so I looked up some info ....more

Enjoying Summer...

You know, when we were still doing school, I was thinking of all the free time I was going to have during the summer, and all the blog posts I was going to write. But boy was I wrong....more