The gift of free time

I am always struck, every time I spend any time in the company of school kids, by how little initiative any of them have. And I'm talking good kids here. Middle class, socio-economically speaking (though some are more privileged than that), good stable families, living in a good city with all kinds of opportunities, attending what are considered good schools and doing well there.Everyone agrees they're great kids. But put them in an unstructured environment and they do not know what to do. Literally. They sit around waiting for you, the Adult in Charge, to tell them what to do....more

What I’m NOT Going to Miss About These Days

In the grocery store. In church. At each and every family function ....more

Fibroids & Me.

I can still remember my diagnosis last year, "you have fibroids and needs surgery and it will be a C-section because its too large " said my private GYN And that's was that no other second options.  I've given birth naturally so this comes as a shock to me.  I'm thankful that it was not a grave diagnosis! Whew! Went for a second opinion to the hospital which  we have an ob-GYN facility that I'm actually employed to.  Bottom line, fibroids confirmed, needs to be taken out. This was the reason for my anemia and has been causing havoc for over a year undiagnosed....more

Button Water Play

The hot weather here makes water play the perfect afternoon activity. ...more

Why I let my kids watch The Little Mermaid

1996: Awkward small talk between me and a coworker I had nothing in common with. Him: So, big plans for the weekend? Me: I’m taking daughter to see Hunchback of Notre Dame ....more

Updates For Everyone

Millie Update: Millie is 6 days away from turning half a year old…and I’m just now getting around to posting about her five month update....more

A.J. gets her ears pierced!

Getting caught up post #2. ...more



Lego Fair and two sweet teas

While we've done a lot of traveling this summer, and the boys spent time at various day camps (some more than others,) Little Elvis still found time to submit a Lego...more

2015 Family Week 31/52

Week 31 in the 52 Week Family Project We are not too excited that school starts in less than three weeks for one of these kids. In opposition to that reality, we packed up for sun, sand, and surf. We vacation with my family every summer, and this week couldn't have come at a better time ....more