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In Honor of April Fools' Day........

Today is April Fools’ Day and as I do every year, I try to explain to DC that others might be playing pranks on him at work or elsewhere. He does not understand pranks or jokes really, and I always worry that he will be upset if anyone tries to play a joke on him. I usually do this by yelling “Oh My, What is that on your head?” – when he checks his head, I say “I am only kidding, it was a joke” and he laughs. I do also say “April Fools”. I did this a few times this morning and he fell for it every time. He did also laugh every time when I told him it was a joke....more

How to Make Felt Letters for Kids - the simple way

Since you've most probably already got some felt at home, you might just as well make felt letters, they will engage toddlers and especially preschoolers for quite a while!...more

Sick Baby// Around the Web

This is what a sick baby looks like. ...more

Amicable Dinner with My Ex Ended Up Making My Kids Upset

Reader Trying To Be Amicably Divorced writes, Is it a bad idea to occasionally invite my ex to have dinner with the children and myself? We did share a meal recently and on the way home my 5 year daughter old became very emotional and questioned why mommy and daddy can’t be together and why I don’t simply move back into the house we all used to live in. YIKES! ...more

Live! From the basement! It's my 39th Birthday!

I don't know exactly why 39 feels so much scarier to me than 40, but it does. Almost like it's my last year to be "young" and I have a lot to accomplish before my tits fall off or something. I don't know ....more

#oneword2015: Contentment

For the past few years, I have chosen one word to be my New Year’s resolution. ...more

Rose 3/48

Year 3 Week 48 – This is the only reason that they should make and one should own blue eyeshadow. While Rose looks sad in this picture she had lots of fun putting it on. Not as much fun having it all scrubbed off ....more

Charlie 0/51

Week 51 – He had another ear infection this week. So being sick and two other teeth cut thru he was not his smiley happy self. – At the Dr office Charlie is fine till I lay him down on the exam table ....more

Life Update

Just a quick update on our lives right now.Ty is applying for a one year fellowship in minimally invasive surgery. It can be a stressful process to apply, get interviews, decide where to interview, arrange travel and be gone for interviews while working 80 (or more!) hour weeks. I am so proud of how many interviews he has gotten ....more