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Everything and nothing

Ugh, has it been nearly a month since I've been here? ...more

Found a Friend

We were invited to spend the day at the Connecticut shoreline. The family of one of A’s classmates had rented a cottage for a week and thought it would be nice for our boys to spend the day together. Not one to say no to the beach, I RSVPed in the affirmative ....more

Wild Wild West: Yellowstone

We got on the road again after the family reunion in Cody and headed into Yellowstone National Park… Though it could have easily felt like another day of driving and sightseeing, Yellowstone was different than the rest of the trip. We stopped whenever we saw wildlife or a rushing creek or a new angle on a beautiful mountain. My senses of awe and appreciation were heightened to levels I had anticipated but couldn't understand until experiencing ....more

I Love Lucy meets a bear

Best of: Yes, I have pictures but let me set up the scenario for you, shall I? So I was in the yard out front at dusk, playing ball with the dog when suddenly, and brace yourselves because I sure did, a baby bear came bounding up to us, all “hey can I play too?” I went utterly still in shock because for a second, the dog and the bear cub looked so much alike it was startling. And I know that’s what happened with little baby bear too, he thought the dog was one of them ....more

This is not my story

The Washington Post piece on my experiences on the threshold is garnering a lot of could say.And I'm being asked for all kinds of follow ups from news organizations, but also from people.I've been working on a book about it, one that tells not only the rest of my story, but the story of so many others, one that talks to people high and low and in between, officials and experts and anecdotal experiencers. It will give perspective not only on this recession's version of poor on every level, but give meaningful ways to get out of it.It's clearly a necessary work.I know that now because this is not my story.It's your story, and his story, and your aunt's story, and your daughter in law's story. It is everybody's story.Since the piece went wide, I have been inundated with emails, messages, tweets, phone calls ....more

Em The Engineer

One of our...more

Great and Unique ideas for a Tree wall decal or a Forest themed room - S Post

Almost every human being tries very hard to keep their home look more interesting and unique from others for which they keep on indulging in decorating their rooms with different styles frequently. A few people prefer to design their house with most fun things that sure to offer the room with unique eye-catching décor. Among the myriad ways to design, one of the often overlooked ways available for decorating walls is vinyl finish decals ....more

What I Learned About My Readers from an Ottawa Meetup

Last week I was in Ottawa staying at my oldest daughter’s townhouse while my younger daughter was practising for a quizzing tournament with her team. And since I was in a different city, I thought I’d try a “meetup”. Ever heard of those? ...more

Boredom Busters: 10 Fun and Frugal Kids Summer Activities - S post

When children have little to do during summer break, it can often mean too much time spent in front of the TV and hours spent using handheld tablets or video games. Although it can be tempting to leave kids indoors to allow them to relax, it's important to plan a few activities for plenty of physical activity and mental stimulation. Instead of breaking the bank on expensive activities, there are several excursions that are affordable and easy on your wallet.1. Run Through the SprinklersYou don't need a swimming pool to cool off from the rising temperatures ....more

Surviving The First Three Months - What Baby Gear We Used With #2 (And what we didn't!)

Somehow we've survived the Fourth Trimester with two kids! ...more