Three. Three years since we said I Do. I became your Mrs ....more


We surprised Hallie with an early birthday present with tickets to Wicked. We let her open the tickets just the night before the production and she was so excited. But she had no idea what the story was about and only recognized a few of the songs that she had heard played around the house ....more

Fresh Living check out my interview today with Fresh Living to talk about A Reason to Stand in Utah ....more

What is a Montessori Education?

If you’re thinking about homeschooling, you may be wondering about all the different homeschool methods there are out there. Have you been wondering what is the Montessori method? The Montessori method was developed my Maria Montessori, a physician and educator from Rome ....more

Master Bedroom Inspiration

Our bedroom before mold…I didn’t dislike our old master bedroom–but it’s a bit too warm and dark for our taste. ...more

Dark Chocolate Cake with Mocha Frosting

I haven’t made a cake in months — rare for me. I don’t know exactly why either, but it was high time I made something decadent and delicious. I didn’t have a celebration for this cake, I just wanted to make something delicious and beautiful ....more

Preschooled: The Novel

Dear Anna Lefler, I am in love with Preschooled. Without gushing, I can only say that you made me fall in love with...more

Rice Krispy Treat Brains

For some reason, Halloween brings out the gross in me....more

Jack O’Lantern Suncatchers

This past weekend, my children and I created the...more

And Then It Was Fall

Last week I was putting on shorts in the hot, hot afternoons, cursing the tan that left my legs too fast, lusting after the scarves and boots gracing the covers of every catalog delivered to my house. This weekend? It’s fall ....more