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Mom Guilt

I was reading a favorite blog this morning called Home Yoga. The author, Chrissy Staley, was talking about mom guilt and should we, as women, feel it (of course not)....more

Scary How Fast They Grow

Last night I took the girls to Wheeler Farm for the Pumpkin Days event.  All three of the girls loved it!  Wheeler Farm is a beautiful, historic, working farm that Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation runs in Murray, Utah.  It consists of an original farmhouse, barn and restored outbuildings.  It is right in the middle of the county and is stroller friendly and wheelchair accessible.  F...more

Watch the Treats in Washington and Colorado: Tricky THC-Laced Candy Could Be In Your Treat Bag

This is the first Halloween since legal recreational marijuana sales began, and one thing offered by pot dispensaries are cannabis-infused edibles such as candies containing doses of THC, the chemical that gives the “high” in marijuana. Some are worried that the candies might be mistakenly (or intentionally) given to children during trick-or-treating....more
"Mommy, why are you letting me eat high-glycemic sugary treats?" When I was three or four, some ...more

How To Teach Teenaged Girls About Masturbation

Why should parents teach teen girls about masturbation? It can save their future marriage or at least help them have fun on the way. Girls who don’t learn about their sexuality early in adolescence are more likely to confuse their own emotional need for intimacy with their physical sexual feelings of desire. ...more

Toddler Meals: Start Healthy Habits Now

The moment you start feeding your baby you begin setting up eating habits that will hopefully last them a lifetime.   While habits are developed over time, starting your child on healthier foods right from the start is a great opportunity to help children understand the benefits of eating that is good for them....more

A Letter to My Son's Future Girlfriend

To the girl who will one day date my son: You are interested in someone very precious to me. My world turned right side up the day he came into my life and has never been the same since. When I look at him, all I see is a flashback reel full of baby rolls, big hugs, sweet smiles, and superheroes. Although I want nothing but happiness for him, I know he will need to make mistakes in order to grow and learn. Still... it would crush me to see him intentionally hurt or used....more
Aw, as a mom of four daughters, I hope they have mothers-in-law like youmore

Settling In

"Build a bridge," I told him.  "What have you got to lose?  Go ahead, apply for the job."  Be careful of what you say when someone asks your opinion.  Especially if that someone is your husband and the topic is a new position, out of state.  ...more

Being Patient Doesn't Just Mean Waiting

Patience is one of the major lessons of parenthood. Whether we’re waiting for our baby to take her first steps, our toddler to use the potty on a regular basis, or our preschooler to put on his snowsuit “all by himself,” we always seem to be working on patience.Being patient doesn’t just mean waiting. It means being able to enjoy everything else while we’re waiting....more

Boy with Down Syndrome Scores Touchdown: Cutest High School Touchdown Ever

A few days ago, I wrote about the great things sports can do when teams include children with special needs. Today, I see this video. It is amazing. An eight-year old boy gets the most joyous run of his life. I literally cried and laughed at the same. ...more

WRITING 101 (or why I have a strange desire to share my feeeeeelings over the Internet)

Now that I’ve made a personal commitment to writing and posting more on the blog, I figure I should probably take a step back and reevaluate my purpose.  That seems to be my task at hand lately – trying to focus and get it together, on this blog and pretty much in every facet of my reality. And in the process of juggling, I don’t know, LIFE, I’ve had to consider why I think I need to pour out my soul to the wise and wonderful internets....more