Creative Kid Table Week 9: Cutting

Written by YAY!!! I was so happy to hear such great things about the Creative Kid Table from my email friends. Since so many of you enjoyed the 8 week series I decided to extend it a bit....more

Blog Design | Life Made Lovely

You may notice that my bloggy blog has a new look. About this time every year, I start dreaming of a new look for the blog. I email Heather...more

Energizing My Teen with HORMEL® REV® Wraps

I didn’t have a true understanding of just how much food a teenage boy could consume until my oldest son hit the age of 14. He had a huge growth spurt between the ages of 13 and 14, grew almost 5 inches in height, and gained 50 pounds of mostly muscle. He went from my little boy to a ravenous man-child seemingly overnight ....more


A shot of our all American babe on the 4th of July! Gimme all the cuddles with my babies! "Baby brudder's in ma belly! ...more

So What's In Watkins Glen? And Why Is It Haunting Me?

Sunday morning, I awoke from a dream, which is actually pretty usual for me. I do my deepest sleeping in the hours just before I wake, and sometimes, I remember what I dreamed about. This one was....odd ....more

Having a baby with an IUD on the side

During my first follow-up appointment after having my son, my OB/GYN looked at me and asked, "Do you want another baby right away?" "Ummm...can I just enjoy this one for a bit first?" I asked....more

It’s Not As Bad As My Imagination Tells Me It’s Going To Be

His “box” from college is sitting in the basement, waiting for us to pack him up and take him back. The same box we loaded last fall. ...more

Formula AND Pumping, Not OR


Science Fair 2015

Charlie’s school science fair was this past fall. Science Fair...more