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Praying for Nicole

Earlier this morning I tried to post a bunch of fluff and stuff, but the internet wouldn't cooperate and my pictures wouldn't load, so I slammed the computer shut and instead cleaned up the "mess" Mary had just made on the floor because she's wearing big girl undies for the first time today and just. doesn't. get it.Then I got an email about a girl that Tommy and I were at UD with and I knew that the fluff and stuff was supposed to wait.Nicole (Paparella) Fraser was always smiling....more

A surprise on my doorstep

Yesterday was my birthday and you knew that right? It’s not like I’ve been keeping it a secret LOL! The day was spent in my favorite way with my family doing family stuff and sneaking in some house stuff.  Curtains hung as we continue to settle into our home after more than a year....more

Broccoli-Cauliflower Casserole

This is about as close to an as-it-happens recipe post as it gets here on The Pioneer Woman Cooks, because I made the casserole last night, covered it, popped it in the fridge, and am baking it right now as I type up this post. The important thing you need to know about me is that I am a planner. I plan ahead, weeks—sometimes months—in advance, the posts I’m going to write here on my website ....more

The world's best fast & easy Thanksgiving cranberriesksgiving

If you haven't made your cranberries for Thanksgiving or were planning on opening a can instead of cooking, let me recommend this recipe. ...more

Snow bunny

All of our snow is pretty much gone now. But she got a few good moments of play in before it disappeared. -------o------- Living Arrows Random-osity ...more

To Everything, There is a Season

Let me be straight with you all– ...more

splurge vs. save | part one: overall beauty

Being a mom on a part time salary and a hubby's check that is used primarily to pay the bills with a bit left over, I have to be picky with what I buy- beauty wise. Now that my son is potty trained, my beauty budget has opened up, but I still have my certain splurge vs. save items ....more

An Adoption in Pictures

The journey of adoption through foster care is bittersweet. There are moments of sorrow, grief, frustration, and even anger as you navigate the system. And then there’s the adoption day ....more

The Communication Crisis: Teacher to Teacher Part II

When it comes to communication, teachers are the experts, but as many workshops...more

How the Bill Cosby Story Unfolded

I’ve heard rumors about Bill Cosby for ages, but they benign rumors. There was a secret love child story that didn’t sound worse than an affair. But the rape stories and the pills were new to me and utterly horrific ....more