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Toddlers & Their Toys (Do You Have It Right?)

What does your toddler like to play with?Living with a 17-month-old has really taught me what is and isn't appropriate for her in the context of interest when it comes to toys.  You always see the age group on the boxes and it's the ones I find that say 6 - 36 months that really only hold your child's attention until they are about one year. While it may still be useful in educating them in later years, they moved on from that toy....more

4 Things I’ve Learned by Being a MOM

Parenting doesn’t come with instructions. It is scary at times and worrisome, as we don’t always know if we are doing it right. We struggle to understand what a baby means every time she cries. As she grows up, we struggle to understand why she eats certain foods and not others, why she prefers certain people to others. We struggle to understand why she does better at certain subjects in school and not others, and why she really likes this boy who, in our opinion, doesn’t deserve our little princess. We also struggle to understand why she rolls her eyes every time we have something to say....more

5 Clothing Essentials for Nursing Moms

After three kids and 67 months breastfeeding (plus hopefully at least another two for my toddler and probably another 24 for baby #4 on the way), I've spent way more time in my nursing clothes than I ever will in my expensive maternity clothes. ...more

No Comfort

"I DON'T WANT YOU!" my three and a half year-old daughter roars, fists clenched at her sides, body rigid, tears and snot coating her face."I DON'T WANT YOU!" she roars again mid-meltdown then jumps up and down screaming at the top of her lungs.I hardly recognize this enraged little person. 95% of the time my kid is joyful, happy, hilarious, and extremely kind.But that other 5% of the time.Meltdowns.Spectacular, epic, blow-the-roof-off meltdowns.Filled with rage....more

8 Must-have Items for Pumping at Work

If you knew me back in the day — the day being approximately two years ago — you would know that during my daughter's first year of life, breastfeeding and pumping consumed me. It was all I talked about, all I thought about, and when I would get around to posting on my blog, it was all I wrote about.If you did not know me, you’re welcome.Pumping at work is an unfortunate reality for many working moms who are heading back to the office post-baby and want to continue breastfeeding....more

4 Entrepreneurial Traits Kids Should Learn To Lead A Successful Life

You aren't born as a successful entrepreneur, but you grow into one. As parents, our main concern is to nurture our children into successful adults and have them ready to conquer the world out there when the time comes. Here are the four main traits you should help your kids develop if you’d like to see them in Fortune 500 listing one day....more

"Rest While You Can..."


Why I Am Proud to Say I Wear Mom Jeans

From TheSoccerMomBlog.comWhile browsing Pinterest a couple days ago, I came across a pin that blared “Gap and Old Navy Make MOM Jeans!!”  Intrigued, I clicked through to the original blog post.  The writer had apparently done lots of “research,” trying on numerous pairs of jeans from Gap and Old Navy, photographing herself wearing them, and comparing the results to those of her backside in various luxury denim labels....more

Are You Responding Correctly when Your Kid Says a Bad Word?

From outright R-rated curse words to less offensive ones, hearing kids blurt words we’d rather not hear can send us into a panic....more