To my forever child on the eve of her 18th birthday.

18 years ago tonight, I was almost a week overdue.  She was due on June 28, but that day came and went with no signs of her wanting to make an outside appearance.  At my weekly appointment a few days earlier, my OBGYN said it rather plainly.  "The holiday weekend is coming up and I'm going on vacation.  I want her delivered before I leave.  We'll induce on Friday, the 4th".  Well, shoot....more

A Farewell To Nursing

          After 13-and-a-half months, I’ve finished nursing my little guy. I have to say, even writing the title of this article, I’m sure there will be some that will roll their eyes and say to themselves, Good grief, is she hurting for material THAT badly that she’s writing a good-bye piece to breastfeeding?? And to those people I have this to say…....more

Zero Divided by Zero: A Funny Answer by Siri

I asked my son if he had thrown any of his toys under the couch. "Zero!" he said emphatically. I asked my son if he wanted to do his homework. He held up his hand and made a circle with his fingers and thumb and said zero. Understanding the concept zero is important and now a benchmark in gauging what my child thinks. He knows nothing, zero, nada. And, that's pretty cool. ...more

Why do we fear calling out sick?

My son was sick yesterday, and being able to stay home and take care of him was a reminder of just how wonderful it is to not have to answer to a boss any longer.  To not have that fear of calling out.  To not have to justify, or feel guilty.  To not have to wonder what my coworkers are saying about me.  The anxiety of calling out sick or going home early was always something that was hard for me, no matter how ill I was....more

Stop Feminizing Your Sons! Masculine Boys Can Grow Up To Be Good Men Too.

I am a mother of two boys under the age of five.  I knew my life with boys would consist of non stop excitement with:  lifted toilet seats, play wresting, rowdy noises, playing with sticks and dirt, climbing trees, collections of trucks and cars, and the restless that the typical boy displays. My boys are a crazy bunch and although I don’t agree with their rowdiness, their obsession with cars, and their occasional “Woof Woof” chants, I learn to accept that these types of habits is what makes them masculine boys...more


In a post a few months back, I wrote that I do not buy paper towels and I do not, but just for the sake of this post, let’s just say that I do……. (code word of the day – ‘Paper Towels’ = Toilet paper)...more

Because The Partridge Family Needed Me

Have you ever listened to your child as they asked a question that was completely off the wall, rolled your eyes and then proceeded to respond in a way that made even you cringe when you later thought back about your reaction?  I may have done this once or twice when my kids were young and I could just kick myself for it now.  Kids can come up with some crazy ideas when they are little but their hearts and their minds were so full of excitement and wonder and they want to share everything with us – for a time.  I wasn’t always good about stopping to pay attention each time but I did try. ...more

Mompreneur Spotlight – July 2015: Nicole Orozco of Mompreneur Media

Mompreneur Spotlight - July 2015: Nicole Orozco of Mompreneur MediaAt Mompreneur Ink, our mission is to develop Mompreneurs through business coaching support and accountability, timely and relevant small business resources and trusted expert referrals. We provide a one-stop-shop where Moms get everything necessary to operate a home-based business and see immediate results – now....more

The Compromise of Marriage

Since the moment I said "I do" eight years ago, my life has changed more in the fact that some of the scenery is different but not so much the life that we started together. Some of the friends we had then are no longer in our lives, new jobs, my stepson is gone and a little more noisier with two small children in the house.The 24-7 Married Bliss MythIn today's society, there are so many people looking for that 24-7 married bliss without any bumps in the road. But the moment it stops being all flowers and chocolates, then too many people decide to bail out like marriage is just a stunt car and it's as easy to leave as saying,"tuck and roll."Marriage is about compromise, friendship, passion, supporting one another in the good, bad and horrible times, still remembering each other if/when you decide to have children and just keeping in mind that flowers and chocolates may end but there is often something better for those who are just patient....more

Live Your Dream

There’s been a lot of talk in our household lately about dreams. What dreams I have, what dreams the Mr. has and what dreams we have together...for our future and the future of our kids. Of course, all this talk got me thinking about life and why I gave up on some of my dreams and why I let them drift into the night, never to see or experience those dreams coming to life....more