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2014 Bucket List Update

I wrote my first ever bucket list 3 months ago. On it, there were many things that I considered to be goals. I'd previously thought that a bucket list had to be a compilation of fun and adventurous things only, then learned different and decided to write my own. Since that time, a few things have happened, and new things have been unofficially added to the list. But, since it has been 3 months and I only gave myself 6 months to get 25 things completed, I think it's high time I do an update. 2014 Bucket List! ...more

September edition of the name game

On August 12, my mom sent me a seemingly random text message that said: I named you after Lauren Bacall. Cool. Babe.First of all, can we just pause here to recognize how suave my Mom is? She's a pretty crafty chick and an amazing woman. You should check her out....more

25 Life Lessons I Want My Daughter to Know

A while back, one of my now dear friends, Kari Kampakis, wrote an article called ...more
Great article! I loved it all. I wrote a rough draft like this yesterday for my girls. I liked ...more

How to Transition from Entrepreneur to Mompreneur

As any mom will tell you, having a kid changes everything. After they’re born, your priorities, goals, and visions do a complete about-face. And that can be tricky if you run a business. After all, being an entrepreneur is one of those all-engrossing careers. You barely have time to breathe, let alone run your kids to soccer practice. But as someone who is raising two boys and running a business, I assure you it is possible. You just have to know how to transition properly. ...more

When powerful women become helpless

Last night I talked to two other NICU mothers. That had to have been the single most therapeutic activity I've done in the nearly five weeks since my little girl was born. Each woman described the experience of travelling to our current homeland, Australia, independently and building a life without our extended families whom we left back home in Korea, Ghana, and the USA. After each of our children was born the strength and courage that consumed each of us dissolved into a pool of tears first, then morphed into a useless pile of putty....more

Zombies, Run! Exercising after Four Kids!

I have often thought it would be nice to find some kind of exercise or activity I could do to get and stay fit and improve my overall physical health, but I always found that having my kids around made that too difficult, either financially or logistically or both. I also had trouble finding something that held my interest. Simply walking was too boring. I hated running. I didn't have convenient access to a swimming pool, and I don't like swimming anyway. Besides, no matter what activity I chose, I'd have to either find childcare or somehow cart my kids along....more

Goodbye Paci

It seems as if another step of Jack growing up has sneaked up on me.When Jack was born early, he immediately showed a preference to a specific kind of pacifier – the soothie that was given to him in the NICU.As all smart parents do, I immediately ran out and bought a half-dozen of them to have handy around the house. As ALL infants seem to do, he would spit it out only to flail around with his little hands unable to put it back in again....more

Seven Business Gadgets and Software that can Enhance your Classroom Work Too

Gone are the days when a teacher could make her lessons more appealing or engaging with her sheer brilliance and teaching skills. The innovative world of today calls for the use of technology everywhere, no matter whether you are in a class to keep your students absorbed or in a business meeting, motivating your employees....more

Having the “Talk” is Never Easy, but Perhaps this Book Can Help: Why Women Have Sex?

5 Ways Working Moms Can Get Involved at their Kids' School

It is back-to-school time! My sweet little man is going into first grade, and I learned a lot about school involvement during his first year in kindergarten. As a working mom, it is tough to always know what is going on at his school, but I have found ways to stay in the loop. ...more
These are all great tips!  I feel the working mom guilt often when my daughter wants me to come ...more