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Street Harrassment

I wasn’t going to tackle the street harrassment documentary, because everyone else was talking about it. Also, “women are harrassed on the street” seemed like a “no duh” topic to me. But I’ve been driving around thinking about it ....more

San Antonio

A little while ago, we made a trip to San Antonio to visit with my grandmother....more

Week in the Life: Fall 2014 (Tuesday)

First we have the winner of the Coborns Delivers giveaway: Frugal Vegan Mom. Thanks to all who entered! I'm now going to be posting two days behind.. ....more

How We Shaved Our Budget

This is a new and somewhat unfamiliar season of life for us, to be honest. It's a season of saving pennies and stretching dollars - something we didn't have to do quite as carefully our first three years of marriage. In an effort to be mindful of our resources and not be too overwhelmed, we shaved the money off of specific areas in our budget. 1 ....more

Cloth Diaper Laundering

This is a post about laundry. Poopy laundry to be exact. Now that I have your undivided attention ....more

A Blank Day [and Family Picture Styling]

A blank day on the calendar was much needed today. I got up and promptly started scouring the internet for our mini session this weekend. I'm not used to being the subject of a session and planning a wardrobe for our family that looks amazing is hard ....more

6th Annual Boo Platter: I'm a Legend

I balance the 6th Annual "Boo Platter" in my hands. Former teachers cry out, "The Boo Platter! Oh, I miss the Boo Platter!"My youngest daughter's teacher says, "I've heard about this Boo Platter! ...more

Untangle Doll Hair + Smoothie Cubes

Some of you may have seen my photos from Instagram the other day when I untangled Ada’s Repunzel doll. It was a long time coming, but I guess in between all the writing, cleaning, and thinking I do -- smoothing princess tresses makes the responsibility list.Here’s a before/after: HOW TO + MORE 1. // I just mixed together a couple tablespoons of my natural conditioner (I use Everyday Shea) with a couple tablespoons of wonderfully versatile epsom salt, then I filled the rest of the spray bottle with warm water.2. // After shaking to incorporate, I brushed out as much of the big knots as possible.3. // Then I spritzed to dampen, let sit for a minute, and got back to brushing.4. // Finally, I rinsed with plain water, wrung hair out, then let the doll dry overnight ....more

Everyday pics (insta round-up)

You guys. ...more

Our Frozen Embryo Transfer

This morning I woke up to a message from a friend who shared a story from the gospels (here, here, and here) where Jesus heals a paralyzed man. Friends of the paralyzed man want to bring him to Jesus, but they can't get through the crowds. With ingenuity they hoist their friend up into the rooftop of the building where Jesus was speaking, make a hole in the roof, and lower him down on a mat ....more