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The Castle in the Clouds

First off, before I start writing my real post, I have to show you a picture Marc snuck of me on the drive to this special castle. I apparently missed all kinds of other castles and a great drive on the Autobaun that involved a Ferrari and a Sport Utility Vehicle... hey, it was a long drive.. ....more

Dale's Dream - On Video

Dale has spent twenty two years as an above-knee amputee. He's used various prostheses--most notably his durable and versatile, but sloooowww "pegleg" (which he loves). Dale has finally acquired a leg that won't hold him back ....more

Living Outside the Zone

For a very long time, I sailed through my life in comfort. Not financial or even true physical comfort, but that which comes of keeping things easy. No challenges, no goals ....more

June little things

June seems like a blur in my mind right now. ...more

He Realized We Only Brought One Coupon

Sometimes, while your mom looks at bedding, life gets to be too much and you just need to lie down. In the middle of Bed, Bath, and Beyond ....more

Summertime is seriously

Summertime is seriously the best time. I really do love all of the seasons, but even the hot weather haters have to admit that being able to be outside – without seventeen layers of winter clothes – is pretty amazing. And if you’ve got young kids, one of the absolutely, positively, best things about summer is that there’s a never ending list of things that you can do to stay busy ....more

five things about this week.

my friends…i only have one to thing to say…. T. G. I. F well ok, i guess that’s not entirely true as today i thought i’d share with you a little about my week....more


A little back story for you: Despite the fact that I've always said we wouldn't try and potty train before Griff was three, he's started showing some interest in using a big boy potty. We have a few trips planned in the next few weeks that are keeping me from jumping head first into full on training, but we have at least purchased a few training necessities and are letting Griffin use the potty if he wants. ...more

Independence Day Weekend

We got back from Florida on a Saturday. My mom and little brother, Scott, flew in from Shanghai on Sunday! We spent the first two weeks they were here running all the errands they can't do in China, with lots of trips to the park sprinkled in ....more

An Interview with Kaylin, almost 8

Me: C'mere - I want to ask you some questions.Kaylin: Okay!Me: What do you want do you want to be when you grown up?Kaylin: I want to work at a restaurant, be a librarian and maybe be a doctor.Me: All three at the same time?Kaylin: Probably just two at a time, but not all of them. Me: What is your favorite color?Kaylin: Yellow.Me: What is your favorite animal?Kaylin: That's a hard question, but I'll answer it with…uh, monkey?Me: A monkey?Kaylin: I guess!Kaylin: Because I like monkeys and I like turtles and I like dolphins. I like almost every kind of animal.Me: Would you do anything with animals as your job when you grow up?Kaylin: I could be a Zookeeper.Me: If you could have any pet that you wanted, what would it be?Kaylin: A turtle.Me: What would you name it?Kaylin: Um…hmmmm ....more