By mrsL
1 hour ago
3 hours ago
This Penne and Asparagus Pasta Salad is fresh, full of flavor and easy to make.
13 hours ago
My humble words in no way can describe the beauty that is Grand Teton National Park.
15 hours ago
We are taking the kids to Epcot in the morning for a little while. So while I was putting Ryan to bed, I said “tomorrow we can go on Donald boat ride tomorrow. How many times should we ride?” And Ryan told me we should ride ten times. . . .
16 hours ago
For Reasons I distracted myself a bit ago by counting up how many children I’ve had here recently besides my 18 year old son who isn’t a child, and the Cherub who is forever a child. 18 in the last 10 days, almost continuously. Blynken and Nod came for a week and were unusually destructive and uncooperative and argumentative even for them. . . .
By Kyddryn
1 day ago
1 day ago
Is it a possible thing for a man to hold an umbrella over his wife’s hat, 1901 model, so as to protect her clothes and headgear and still not get the points tangled up in the hat? Can a woman’s costume be so designed that she can maintain a more nearly even gait so that a man can keep near enough to hold an umbrella over her? My wife says if this umbrella holding device of mine were to be anchored to the hat, as in my sketch,