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PHOTOS: Why We Walked the Walk and Marched for Justice

The way I see it, we have two options in wake of the national news: to talk to our children about police brutality or not. And if we tell them, which I hope we all do, we can go one step further and put our words into action. ...more
Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I call St. Louis home, and the events ...more

20 Things You Need to Know About Pregnancy

I will preface this tale with a small disclaimer: If you had an easy pregnancy, you are one lucky bitch.This is not normal. Should you feel compelled to discount the torturous experiences that many of us have had, please save it for the baby book. Also, congratulations. I am jealous. Pregnancy. There are those who have been there, those who are there right now, and those who are trying to get there. We who have been there have much to tell, but what will you disclose? Will you tell your deepest vagina dramas to your pregnant friends, or take them to the grave? ...more
Alisha Mustafa  Damn sista', sounds like you needed to vent! I'm glad I could provide a place ...more

No Chimney? No Problem! Leave Santa A Key

No chimney? No problem! Ease those curious minds by leaving a magical key on the front door so Santa can let himself in on Christmas Eve. ...more
We have always had a chimney, but I am pinning this to share with friends/family who don't. ...more

The Greatest Gifts for Grandchildren

My grandson, Johnny Mac Pippin, is 2 1/2 years old now and he still lives very far away. Sigh. My strategy for Christmas gifts for him hasn't changed all that much since I wrote my first Ten Great Gifts for a Grandchild's First Christmas post two years. ago. I'm still working on that darn stocking and I still buy so many gifts that my daughter doesn't know what to do with all of the toys and things that I send. Yes, I'm that kind of grandmother. I can't help it. It's fun! Here are some of my favorite gift ideas for this year....more
I've put it on my list for next year. He's a little young right now! - Denisemore

What Would Your Brutally Honest Christmas Letter Say?

Dear Friends and Family: I hope you are all happy and healthy and maybe a little bit fatter. Mostly because seeing you grow in size helps me feel better about my own lagging sense of self-worth. ...more
"Jordan (2), our little oopsie, is insane" LMAOmore

10 Lessons in Happiness (For Your Kids)

I had an epiphany the other day. It was a terrifying moment of clarity that made my palms sweat and my heart race. Suddenly one of my long-term goals as a parent didn't seem so, well, long-term. One day, my kids are going to be adults. Crap. I have to raise real, functional adults? People who pay bills? People who interact with other human beings (and don’t suck at it)? People who are happy? How do you teach that? I admit. I panicked. And then I went to the internet. ...more
btountas I'm glad you enjoyed it!more

5 Ways To Deepen Your Kids' Christmas

Do you get frustrated with your kids over focus on stuff at Christmas? Having children deeply affected how I think about Christmas. During my son’s first Christmas, I realized that he was going to get a lot of stuff. He was the first grandkid on both sides and adored by so many aunts and uncles. So “lots of stuff” was just a holiday fact. So if I wasn't going to control how much stuff he got, I wanted to spend more time shaping his view of Christmas. I wanted him to enjoy Christmas not just presents. I wanted him to have a deeper view of what we were celebrating. ...more
It's not easy to simplify in our culture and I applaud your intention. This year the Advent ...more

Famous Last Words: I Will Never Drive A Mini Van

I can’t count the number of times I said it: “I will never, EVER own a mini van.” ...more
MitchTruswell bahaha. We WONT but I do love that video.more

Goodbye, Santa: The Year Mom Ruined Christmas

I'm a little off my game this week, so when, without fanfare, I announced that there is no Santa, I was not of right mind. I apologize to my children, my husband, and to elves everywhere. ...more
Ha ha ha ha ha!!!  I love this!!!  You're awesome.  Thanks so much for posting.  This is ...more

How Do You Tip As A Holiday Gift?

Dear Mouthy Housewives, What's the rule of thumb on tipping for the holidays? I feel like I get so overwhelmed and then just empty out my bank account for anyone who asks. I’m on a budget but want to be generous. Help! Signed,Tipping Tina Dear Tipping Tina, ...more