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School Safety: How Quickly Should Schools Tell Parents about an Incident?

At 8:40 this morning I did something completely crazy. I bundled my daughter up in her coat, hat and gloves, walked her two blocks to this big brick building on the corner, opened up the door to the cafeteria, andleft her there! I didn't follow her in to make sure she got to a table safely. I didn't follow her upstairs to her classroom to make sure she put her coat away properly. I didn't sit at her desk and listen to the other kids talk to make absolutely sure no one was ever being mean to her, and I don't have the room bugged to ensure her teacher is never yelling at her. ...more
I don't expect to be informed when my child is not directly involved. That being said, our ...more

Hiding Behind the Suburban American Dream

When I was young I spent a lot of my time thinking and worrying about what came next. I was always in a hurry – pushing myself to get that next thing – whether it was a bigger home, a pay increase or another child. I felt like I was supposed to push forward this invisible agenda in order to be seen as “accomplished.” ...more
Kudos to you for having the courage to confront AND write about these things.  It's always ...more

The Story of an Elevator Fish: My Kid Picked the Weird Fish

As I mentioned several weeks ago, my daughters each received fish tanks for Christmas. You can read about my oldest daughter's ultra romantic fish couple here. I've held off blogging about my youngest daughter's three fish because, well, they're ... kinda odd. Weird, actually. ...more
Your mom thinks her parakeet speaks Japanese? Love it!more

Why I Don't Miss My Kids' Early Childhoods

I hear it said to mothers of young kids all the time: You’re gonna miss this when they’re teens. But here’s my counter-argument: Maybe you won’t. I don’t. Sure, every once in a while, I long for the feel of their baby soft skin and and a glimpse of their toothless grins. ...more
I love this quote about children by Kahlil Gibran--and i think of it when i think of my young ...more

The Parents' Guide to Surviving Springtime Youth Sports

What a long, hard winter this has been. I am over it. It is practically spring if you ask me. The most wonderful time of the year. If you have children, you are probably involved in youth sports. Maybe even multiple sports. For those of you who aren’t, let me tell you what you are missing. You are a mom. You already have to get up early on the weekend. Forget relaxing with coffee. You might as well spend it at a sports complex. ...more
Foreign contribution regulation Act 1976 or FCRA is a law of government of India which regulates ...more

9 Awesome Things Good Mom Friends Do Right

While some friends have stayed with us since grade school, others come in and out of our lives. Over time, our criteria for friends change. The criteria for an Elementary Friend might be as simple as living close to each other, a University Friend might be someone who keeps the same hours as you, or is in the same classes. Sometimes, once the reason you were friends no longer exists, neither does the friendship. Yet, others join you at different stages of your life and stay with you for the remainder. ...more
Cute! Good points. Thanks for posting.more

Mothers of the Moment in Washington D.C.

We’re poised at a sweet spot between the release of The Shriver Report in January, and the arrival of March as Women’s History Month. Momentum is growing for paid leave and paid sick days, candidates for the 2014 mid-term elections are shaping their campaigns, and think tanks in DC are churning out data on women at a furious pace. U.S. Capitol in cherry bloom, Image Credit: Shutterstock...more

Book Review: It's Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens by danah boyd

I started reading danah boyd's blog in 2005, after seeing she was an attendee at the very first BlogHer conference, 10 years ago. I met danah in person, at BlogHer '06 when she moderated my very first BlogHer panel, Outreach Blogging is not for the faint-hearted. She was more amazing in person than she was on her blog -- which is saying a lot, because she had an amazing blog....more
CherylRickKlein Hah. Do they get into Twitter fights with the Beliebers and Little Monsters and ...more

Those Cute Little Write-Offs: How Your Family Really Affects Your Taxes

I remember seeing those cute little onesies around the time my daughter was born: Tax Write-Off. And yes, your kid is one -- for a while. But what about your disabled mother who doesn't live with you? Should your child file her own tax return? What about that 529 plan? I can hear you screaming and rending your clothes from here, you know. ...more
The Frugal Girl  I used H&R Block. I got a little stuck on my K-1, which had an amount in a box ...more

I Bought My Little Boy a Pink Bed

I don’t know about every mama in the world, but I can tell you about me. My little boy is the center of my universe; he thinks the world will stop for him, and you know what? His just might. ...more
No, for reasons stated above. Furniture is an investment. And I was also never one to decorate ...more