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Is Your Math Anxiety Hampering Your Child?

Your child comes home with math homework, that awful Common Core math homework no less. He needs help. The method being demonstrated is different from what you learned. How do you react? ...more
That's what I usually hear, too, that either a person loves or hates math! Now that my son is ...more

When Your Kids Don't Need More Stuff This Holiday Season

Dear Mouthy Housewives, I can't get motivated for Christmas shopping this year. My kids have so much stuff already. I know I can make a donation in their names instead, but I'm not sure my teens will appreciate it. What should I do? Signed,Drowning in Too Much Stuff _____________________________________ Dear Too Much Stuff, ...more
Well said! This year our family has forgone the gifts and instead we met in Florida.. It's what ...more

7 Unique Ideas For Your Kids' Teachers' Gifts This Holiday Season

Listen, I don't mean to alarm you, but the gift-giving season is fast approaching. Like, warp speed fast. Like, scary fast. If you don't want to be caught shopping at the very last minute, now is the time to get your act together—especially if you have kids in school and you're the type that likes to gift the teacher. The truth is that school ends before Christmas Day, so you need to get in gear now if you want to thank your kids' teacher for putting up with all of their antics thus far this school year! ...more
The wish list on Scholastic is a good idea! My kids' teachers keep libraries of books in their ...more

5 Ways Schools Can Do a Better Job Teaching About Race After Ferguson

Twenty years after I got into education, not much has changed. But here's how we can have meaningful lessons about race in schools....more
This is a great post!  We are so ashamed of our country right now. What is happening to our ...more

Shopping At Target With A Toddler: Can You Do It?

I love Target and find myself there too often. My sister and I always say that shopping with a toddler is literally so funny/exhausting because it is so chaotic. It's basically a game of keeping-toddler-happy-with-snacks-drinks-dollar-spot-toys-while-buying-nothing-on-your-list. Do you all feel like that?? This morning, I decided to take Olivia to Target to look at all of the fun Christmas items, while of course doing some grocery and essentials shopping. Normally, Olivia loves shopping and it makes me so happy to share fun shopping days with her. ...more
I love all your blog posts, but this one really makes me laugh!  And, yes, I am prejudiced. ...more

Don't We All Have Our Hands Full?

While at the grocery store with all three of my kids, strangers told me twice that I had my "hands full." Of course they only said this when one of my kids was yelling or crying. These strangers might as well have told me I was a bad parent who has no control because that is how saying "hands full" comes across to a mom. I just smiled, nodded and tried to hold back any negative comeback I really wanted to say. ...more
I find that with my little one I often have people tell me how wonderfully quiet she is...that ...more

10 Fun Christmas Ornaments Kids Can Make

In my experience making Christmas ornaments with kids involves patience, a good sense of humor and the grim acceptance that you will be finding random pieces of glitter right up until your children are in college. It also means giggles, big smiles and moments you'll remember every year when you put those decorations on your Christmas tree. We've collected 10 ornaments you can make with children this holiday season. ...more
BlogHer Great ideas!more

Want to Raise Giving Kids? Start With #GivingTuesday

Many of us worry that Thanksgiving -- which after all is about gratitude, giving back, taking a moment to breathe and be thankful-- has been usurped by shopping. ...more

Birthday Parties Are For Suckers

Ever since my ninth birthday when I hid under my bed because everyone was paying attention to Lani Ouzts instead of me, birthday parties have been events to dread. My one regret as a parent is that I didn't have a birthday party strategy in place from day one. I didn't set a precedent about what to expect. ...more

Why Did You Give My Elf On The Shelf Low Elf-Esteem?

I found a note on my pillow this morning from my Elf on a Shelf. Excuse all the bad puns, I didn't write it: Dear M, I’m not sure how to put this, so I guess I'll just come right out and say it: Could you please kick it up a notch with this “Elf on a Shelf” ritual? You see, every night I fly back up to the North Pole to see Santa, along with all the other Elves on Shelves, and all I hear about from the other elves is what a great time they are having at their homes. ...more
Hysterical and wonderful, on all levels. And wow, I sure am glad my son is 28 and I never had to ...more