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5 Ways To Cultivate Joy

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of spending three days at a Bible Study Fellowship Leaders Conference.  Amazing does not even begin to describe the experience.Meanwhile, my husband was holding down the fort at home.  In addition to the regular responsibilities, shuttling kids to games and practice, making sure everyone was fed, etc., I imagine my guys spent a considerable amount of time jumping on the trampoline, watching movies that mom may not approve of, and playing Minecraft....more

Transracial Adoption: "If Only We Were the Same Color, Everyone Would Leave Us Alone."

I’d never once in my life imagined that I would find myself, along with my husband and friends, on a beautiful, sunny day in Mexico City, surrounded on all sides by “Federales” (Mexico City police) holding machine guns....more
TerriLynnMerritts I think it's unfair to say that people are looking for foreign kids to adopt. ...more

Enough Is Enough: Why I Withdrew My Daughter From Public School

Since moving to the south from the northeast, there have been many aspects of public education that have taken me by surprise over the past few years—both as a parent and as a teacher. The long school day (7 ½ hours), the low teacher pay (47 or 48th in the country), and the limited teacher education programs in my region (2 colleges, one public, one private) have all been disconcerting to me as a new North Carolina resident. But my single biggest issue that seems to keep getting worse is testing. ...more
Leslie Anne @ FSC  Yes. I agree that it's not only the south suffering through this testing ...more

My Son Is an Addict. And He Has Sickle Cell Disease.

As I think back, I remember as a teenage girl asking God for a child who would love me unconditionally, because I wanted someone to love and someone to love me back....more
Thank you Rita....I have to remember, to tell my story....may help another or they may help me. ...more

Think Twice Before Renting a Car Seat on Vacation

You've done all the planning and spending, and you're finally embarking on a much-needed family vacation. You've even reserved a rental car with a car seat for baby, so that you don't have to lug yours. So smart! Unless it's not, of course. While rental car companies offer infant and toddler car seats as an "added convenience" (and at an additional charge, of course), it turns out that the reality may be worse than you could've possibly imagined. ...more
If you're travelling internationally with your car seat, you need to check out the insurance ...more

9 Things No One Told Me I Would Miss From My Childless Life

There are some day-to-day things that everyone takes for granted and don't appreciate much before having kids. Here is a list of 9 things I never thought I would miss: 1. Having dinner without getting up from the table. I can be doing nothing for an hour and he will instantly feel thirsty or hungry as soon as I sit down to eat. 2. Taking a long shower. Forget about taking a bath. Or what about that hair treatment that ONLY takes 7 minutes? Ha! Forget about that too. 3. Grocery shopping in peace. ...more
Brittany SSP  Yes it is great but geez how much I miss my freedom! Ha! Keep enjoy it for me girl!more

The Lord Looks at the Heart: When My Son Became My Daughter

I am the mom of the little girl called A.J., who was recently profiled in the Kansas City Star. As surprised as I was to find my family in the paper, I am also incredibly proud. ...more
And God will surely bless you for the love you are showing your daughter. My mom loved me and ...more

The Greatest Gift I Received on Mother's Day Was a Driveway

Yesterday was Mother's Day, and after opening my presents, the kids and I decided spur-of-the-moment to drive half an hour down the road to a movie theater that was having a special Mother's Day retro-screening of Titanic, a favorite movie for both me and Anna, and one that David might be able to sit through. ...more
How terrifying. You rock.more

The Pig on the Table: A Humorous Approach to Table Manners

[Editor's Note: The following post is brought to you in honor of National Etiquette Week, May 12-18.] I wanted that dinner table with a hot, healthy meal and a loving family gathered around. My husband would ask grace and then my well-mannered children would pass around the plates of food as we chatted about our day. Yeah, NOT! During one exasperated dinner when my sons repeatedly burped during the prayer and then peas were thrown in protest to somebody chewing with their mouth open, I had had enough!...more
Too cute! When I get onto my boys about not using manners at the table, the 5yo will always say, ...more

How Kate Winslet Taught Me I'm Not Showing My Daughters the Right Things About Body Image

Recently, I’ve started to see my daughters’ bodies changing. Not quite puberty yet, but a little rounder here, a little curvier there. Yep, it’s almost time to have “the talks” in my house. I’ve done my best to protect their body images. I never talk about diet, although they rarely see me eat bread or pasta (seriously, goes right to my hips), try not to complain (to them) about the wrinkles and sags, and never complain when my jeans feel too tight. ...more
My mother raised 5 daughters, 1 son.  I am the eldest.  Hmmm.. I'm just trying to remember:  I ...more