Yes, Frank Bruni of the NYT, Parenting Is Confusing

These days, I don't usually even pay attention to the "baffled hymns" of those who don't have children. They're all basically trying to tell parents what they're doing wrong (not the childless, the "hymns" in question), they're all condescending as hell, and they're all totally off-base. But this. This is the New York Times. I mean, really? Really?...more
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The Time My Son Taught Other Kids About Female Anatomy

I guess at a certain age it occurred to the boys that Ima was built differently from them. Now, I have always been modest in front of the boys. They have no need to see me prancing around naked or in underwear; I always cover up. Maybe not as much as I would in front of non-related people, but enough so that we are all comfortable. I also firmly believe in answering the children’s questions at their level, and not offering extra information that they were not asking for. One day -- a few years ago -- one of them said to me: "Ima, I am so sad for you."...more
I don't understand why it's so hard to talk about vaginas and penises.  We don't hesitate to ...more

Why Teaching Your Kids About Child Abuse Is So Important

When I was growing up, my dad was extremely protective of my sister and me. Some would say he was overprotective, and they would probably be right. My dad wanted to keep us safe and be sure nothing -- or anyone -- ever hurt us. We typically weren't allowed to go on sleep overs or do a lot of "normal" things that other kids enjoy. He thought that he would always be there to help us make safe choices, but he wasn't. My dad died in his sleep when I was 14-years-old....more
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To Tell or Not: When to Tell People Your Child Is Adopted

One of the typical challenges I find as an adoptive mother is when to tell people my son Jed is adopted and when not to. I’m not talking about family members or close friends here, and I’m certainly not talking about small talk at an office holiday party. No, I mean neighbors, teachers, bus drivers, doctors, babysitters; people you know and trust but maybe aren’t really in the "let’s share secrets" circle. Now, normally I wouldn’t really care to tell anyone Jed is adopted, mostly because it’s personal and really nobody’s business....more

$500,000 Home or 3 Kids?

America, you have so, so many things right. Capitalism. Freedom of speech. The American Dream.Mexican food. Starbucks. Target. <<sigh>> And yet you have so, so many things wrong.The thing that my brain is picking away at tonight is daycare....more
@commonsenseguy To give an opposite situation: My mother is an early childhood educator. She has ...more

Should You Pay Your Kids for A's on Their Report Cards?

Report cards, grades, standardized testing, red green yellow, on and on and on. Our kids' performance in school is closely monitored, graded and reported back to us, the parents, in many ways throughout the school year. The question parents are then faced with is this: What will you do with that reported information? The Greener Grass Mama has been wondering about this topic, questioning whether or not it is appropriate to pay your children for grades on a report card....more
CatConverse I don't see anything wrong with it. It's just like getting a bonus at work for doing ...more

The Absolute Importance of Teaching Your Kids Online Manners

My daughter told me that she was being cyber-bullied. After she told me what happened, it wasn't really cyber-bullying, but I would say it's pretty mean. Apparently a girl at school used Instagram to put up a vote of my daughter ("if you don't like her, click yes") and another friend told my daughter about it....more
I totally agree with you. It's difficult and heartbreaking to sit back and watch our ...more

Generational Challenge: Handling Religious Differences

Recent news events have led me to wonder: what do you do when your values no longer mirror those of your parents? And how does that affect how you raise your children? Let me explain.I grew up as a holiday Methodist, meaning we went to church on major holidays and occasionally threw in another Sunday or two throughout the year. I went through confirmation classes as a teenager but never joined a church. After high school, I headed to college where many of my world views were solidified and I became increasingly agnostic. In the meantime, my parents became evangelical Christians....more
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Should My 7-Year-Old Daughter Worry About Being Swimsuit Ready?

Dear Mouthy Housewives, Yesterday my 7-year-old daughter asked me what she should do to get “bikini ready” for summer. I don’t know where she heard that phrase, but it very much upsets me. She shouldn’t even be thinking about that type of thing at her age. How should I handle this?...more
No. Unless shes overweight. Then its a good time to start talking about taking care of your ...more

Did Feminism Say Women Could Have It All? Not Really

Can women – or men, for that matter – have it all? As a hope-to-one-day-be-a-working-mom, I’m wading into this Internet debate. I just can’t help myself. Aside from my firm conviction that “having it all” is an objectionable phrase that should have been retired almost as soon as it came into fashion, I also find this ongoing conversation to be, well, how can I put this? Silly. Not because there’s not a problem here – there is – but because the “solutions” proposed by the parade of working-mothers in glossy magazines are inadequate and incomplete. ...more
We need to teach our girls AND boys about feminism, the Equal Rights Amendment, etc. It is ...more