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5 Ways to Spend Less on Back To School Shopping

According to a recent Women & Co back-to-school survey, not only do mothers spend more on their children’s fall wardrobes than they do on their own, but they can on average expect to spend id="mce_marker"31 on new clothes and $48 on school supplies per child. No wonder the National Retail Federation reports that the average family will spend nearly $690 this back-to-school season....more

Playground Rejection Is Not Just For Kids

One of the best things about being three-years-old is that everyone is your friend. My kid runs up to another kid on the playground and says, "Hey, wanna slide?" and they're off to have adventures, even if they never see each other again after that day. Kids that age like pretty much all the same things and believe in the Truth of Childhood: Climb it if it can be climbed, always run as fast as you can, and anything can be a pirate ship. They don't know enough about the world yet to judge or condemn or turn their noses up at kids who want to join in, so everyone gets to play. It's beautiful and pure and I wish I was three-years-old again on a daily basis....more
I have a 3 yr old girl and an almost 6 yr old boy.  Right now my 6 yr old is going through a ...more

Clipping the Tooth Fairy's Wings

I left myself a note last week and left it under the pillow on my bed. It read, "TOOTH FAIRY," in big, bold caps lock. A dollar sat next to the note. I still forgot until I crawled into bed, touched the letter and panicked for a brief second. April at My Bizarre Family recently had a miss with the Tooth Fairy which lead to the ultimate demise of the tooth-gathering mythical creature. She writes: ...more
A child who, supported by one of my arms and fed with another, slept through it, detecting the ...more

American-Made: Green Back-to-School Guide

Summer is drawing to an end and lists of supplies are arriving in mailboxes for dreaded back to school shopping. The conscious parent may be concerned about some of these back to school necessities. Choosing back to school supplies made in the US strengthens our economy, helps us protect our children from toxins and supports environmental regulations. I've waded through the options for these school essentials, finding the best of the green American-made options, as well as providing good and bad criteria to consider when shopping....more
Love the good and bad comments for each item, but noticed everything is much more expensive than ...more

When Your Baby Is Diagnosed With Down Syndrome

I often receive emails from moms whose children have been newly diagnosed with Down syndrome who find our blog. They are reaching out, looking for hope. They want to know if what they are feeling is "normal," if the feelings they are having about their baby with Down syndrome will change. I love receiving emails from these people because I was one of them at one point. I was the one looking for hope, wanting to know if there was light at the end of the tunnel. I know exactly how they feel, and I'm thrilled to tell them that I think their feelings are totally normal and that it does get better! ...more
A dear friend of mine learned her first baby would have Down syndrome when she was still ...more

After the Diagnosis: Parenting a Newborn with Down Syndrome

A diagnosis of Down syndrome means your baby has an extra chromosome at the 21st pair, which is why it’s also called Trisomy-21 or T-21. Babies with Down syndrome sometimes have added health concerns, and babies with Down syndrome are often misunderstood. Her crib sheet contains a few things you can do to help your baby and your family get off to the best start. ...more

Bumbo Blame: Why Must We Always Point Fingers?

For the most part, product recalls don't affect me much. Either I'm using recalled items and I'm unaware of the recall, or I just don't happen to own many things that have been recalled. The recent Bumbo recall is so aggravating to me, because I love our Bumbo seat and I hope to continue using it for Baby #2, who is expected to arrive this November. What bothers me even more, however, is the negative media response to this; one that seeks to place the blame on someone. Many people are defending the Bumbo seat, but at the cost of blaming the parents for irresponsibility or inattention. In some cases I am sure children fell from Bumbo seats because parents were truly being inattentive -- but even this does not indicate the need to point fingers....more
Man, this story makes my heart stop. I have a nine-month old and accidents happen and it is hard ...more

What Will You Miss When the Kids Go Back to School?

With school approaching, what is the one thing you will miss most with the children gone for the day? I'm going to really miss the freedom to do anything whenever we want! Your turn: Tell me what you'll miss this year. I want to know!...more
I will miss having the freedom to do and go wherever we want. I loved lounging around and ...more

How I Found Out My Four-Year-Old Son is Sexist

According to the all-knowing Internet, the average 4-year-old asks about 400 questions a day. I’d say that’s a lowball number. Or my son is an over-achiever. Matthew asks questions all the time, all day long. One minute he’s sitting quietly in his car seat in the back of the car, humming “Bad Moon Rising” and absentmindedly picking his nose, and the next moment he’s asking, “But, Mommy? How does the baby get IN the mommy’s tummy?” ...more
 @Miche Kat Holy cow! You managed to combine bumblebees AND tornadoes! My 4-year-old will not ...more

Sharing and Processing Grief with Children

We've had a lot of loss in our family and friend circle since 2010. Our sons have been to too many funerals; I have been to too many funerals. I am always amazed at what questions our older son asks and how he processes his grief. Sometimes, I'd like to be a kid again. Katie at Marriage Confessions recently lost her father, and as she watched her son process the loss of his grandfather, she was moved. I think you will be too. ...more
Maybe I'm just hormonal today, but reading this definitely brought on the waterworks for me.  My ...more