Homeschool Stereotypes: From the Hippie to the Jesus Freak

The word "homeschooler" carries with it all sorts of images, doesn't it? Right or wrong, consciously or unconsciously, most people hear that word and immediately conjure up a stereotype based on their own experiences, perceptions, or assumptions. You know you do it. I know I used to. It's alright. I don't blame anyone. I still find myself doing it occasionally, and I've been homeschooling for well nigh a decade. In fact, to make it more fun, I've turned it into a game of sorts....more
@Seriously Natural "They give a child's first real interaction with the outside world on a grand ...more

The Trials of Independent Preschoolers

Editor's Note: As an independent kid all grown up raising two independent kids, I can tell you that it's not always easy to let kids do their own things -- especially when you could do it faster for them. Marisa at Parenthetical Me is also an independent kid all grown up raising an independent kid. While he's getting some good stuff at preschool, she's learning it can be more difficult at home. -Jenna My Independent Kid and His World: ...more

How Sequestration Will Hurt My Family

[Editor's Note: With the March 1 deadline just days away, the massive budget cuts called the sequester are beginning to look inevitable. More details are coming out about how the $85 million in cutbacks will affect all kinds of services that get federal funding -- including schools, law enforcement, and air travel security. And as Carol writes, all those government employees have families that will also be impacted. --Grace]...more
@pegsbored I completely agree with you!  I am so sorry your family is going through this.  We ...more

I Don't Know if My Kids Are Safe at School

I’m unsure how this is going to come out. There are so many emotions and questions and whatever else that I just really don’t know how to put a filter on it all. I’ve written before about the small town I live in. How it’s connected and homey. How I feel safe and rooted....more
I'm always a fan of the "surely there wasn't actually a gun on the bus, was there?" call to the ...more

Why Yahoo Just Became Obsolete: CEO Marissa Mayer Bans Working from Home

Unless you've been living under a rock, if you're a parent you've probably heard the newest decree from Marissa Mayer -- the young CEO of Yahoo, who was hired when she was five months pregnant and notably took only a two-week maternity leave after popping out her baby, undoubtedly while being fanned by a her doula, a waiting nanny in tow. Her decree, uttered with all the certainty that an empress can have from her ivory citadel, was that no longer could Yahoo employees work remotely (aka from home, or anywhere else that's not the office) anymore....more
@brandeplotnick@JeffinDC THANK YOU!!   Agree with everything you said here... thank your for ...more

Nie Asks: How Do You Deal With Hard Things?

When hard things happen in the news or personally, how do you deal with it? I hold, hug, and kiss my babies. Your turn: I want to know! ...more
I am 53 so consider my perspective in answering. First, after struggling to explore "better ...more

The Benefits of a Doula

Looking back at my birthing experiences, I wouldn't change too much. Despite complications, I ended up with healthy babies and a mostly healthy self. I would, however, have hired a doula. All three times. It's Fitting recently wrote about doulas and why she's choosing one. If you're on the fence, you might want to check out her post! ...more
I was a post partum doula for 2 years...wonderful experiencemore

18 Parenting Lessons That Might Make You Laugh

It's Friday! Maybe it's been a long week. Maybe you're wondering if you'll ever get the hang of this parenting gig. Maybe you need a laugh. Whatever the case, read this post by Suburban Kamikaze. She shared some wisdom -- and humor -- about the things she's learned over 18 years of parenting. I picked two that made me snort-laugh, but you absolutely must read the rest. ...more

Piercing Babies' Ears: Why I Did It To My Kids

Every so often the “to pierce or not to pierce a baby’s ears” debate flares up in the U.S. This is probably because there are more and more little Latina girls running around with earrings adorning their cute little earlobes. A lot of Anglo moms consider the practice barbaric and even borderline child abuse....more
You're absolutely correct, a removable earring and a tiny hole in an ear lobe that will ...more

Can Parents Measure Love? Should They?

Being a mother of two I’m often baffled by the following question: “Do you love one kid more than the other?” I confess that when I had less “loves” under my belt, I’d often posed this question to other moms. Now I know how hard it must have been for them to come up with an answer! Wondering if I can love one more than the other implies that there is a measure by which we can determine the size of love. And if you can measure love then maybe you can reach its end?...more
@bethanymeyer Bethany, you said it so well: "favorites at different times for different ...more