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I Don't Like My Son Very Much Right Now

I’m going to be honest with you guys. I’m really tired of my son. The level of disrespect and general level of unhappiness is becoming so distressing that I’m barely functioning as his mother. I don’t want to be around him. I don’t want to do anything for him....more
Your post made me cry... I cannot describe how mutual our feelings are... I felt exactly the ...more

UPDATED: Elmo's Puppeteer Resigns in Aftermath of Allegations

UPDATE, 11/20/12 at 2:42pm EST: The New York Times reports that Kevin Clash has resigned as Elmo's puppeteer as a result of the "aftermath" of the allegations. Another accuser, Cecil Singleton, has come forward with another alleged underage sex story. UPDATE: The New York Times reports that the accuser has recanted his claim that Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash began a relationship with him when he was underage. The Times cites a statement issued by the accuser's lawyer that read, “he wants it to be known that his sexual relationship with Mr. Clash was an adult consensual relationship.” I don't like Elmo. That's mainly because my sons had an Elmo talking toy that drove me batty, and if I never hear that puppet speak again -- well, it will still be too soon. But as much as I hate his voice, I hope what we're hearing about his puppeteer, Kevin Clash, isn't true. Clash just took a leave of absence after being accused of having a relationship with a boy -- who was 16 at its alleged onset. Oh, no. ...more
I really hope this isn't true. Not because of the impact in our family, but because there is a ...more

Advice from a Surrogate to Intended Parents

I am a former gestational carrier. In 2006, I delivered a healthy baby boy to his parents. Unlike most other surrogates, I have also experienced a personal battle with infertility. Due to a diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), I needed fertility treatments to achieve each of my pregnancies. Which means that while I have the perspective of a gestational carrier, I also have been an expectant mother after infertility. Being an expectant mother after infertility is an emotional blend of excitement and worry. Being an expectant mother via surrogacy adds in a unique layer of feelings and concerns. ...more
I always knew that if I ever had kids, it would be through surrogacy but there never was any ...more

Processing Advice for Expectant Moms via Surrogacy

There seems to be no shortage of advice for visibly expectant moms. But what about those of us approaching parenthood from different places? As an expectant mom via gestational surrogacy, the tried and true pregnancy tomes are helpful (kinda, sorta, I guess) but there’s often no room to get to my questions, the ones specific to our situation. Having a baby that’s gestating several states away from you brings with it its own set of questions, worries and concerns that you, as a soon-to-be-mom, are doing everything right, or as right as can be. ...more
This was great. We are at almost 28 weeks now with a gestational carrier and I wish we had seen ...more

Thanksgiving Reinvented: We Don't Celebrate on Turkey Day

Growing up, celebrating holidays and birthdays with just the four of us was our normal. My brother, I and my parents would sit at the round table in the kitchen. Many years dreams of big family get-togethers with all the cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents were left unfulfilled. I yearned for the buffets of food and tables decorated with fine china and silver likely passed down from generations before. I listened intently as my friends would tell me of their trips to other towns to visit relatives. Their stories of adventures, chatter, cousins to play with and memories filled my imagination....more
Thank you for sharing this!  I don't know why I hadn't thought of it before.  It's a great idea. ...more

A Font That Can Help with Dyslexia

Can something as simple as a font choice make a difference for people with dyslexia? Spydergrrl found a font that is designed to do just that. She explains, ...more

Nie Asks: What Do You See Out of Your Window Right Now?

What do you see out your window right now? This morning, I saw the sun rising over the amazing mountains. What do you see out your window right now? Me this morning: I saw the sun rising over the amazing mountains. Your turn: What do you see? I want to know! Tell me in the comments. ...more
Your blog encouraged me to open my heart and look out of the window and bask in the beauty ...more

I Don't Know How to Play with My Toddler

"Mommy, do you want to play ninjas?" No. "How about super heroes?" Again? Can't we... not? Do you ever feel that way? Story Girl at Sometimes It's Hard shares her misgivings about play and what she thought it would be like to have and play with a child. Do you struggle with these concepts?...more
@SadderButWiserGirl  I don't know when but I lost my imagination. I don't know how to play. Im a ...more

I Hate Car Seats

I hate my car seats. I hate using them. I hate the buckle-fest that goes on every time I have to take my kids anywhere. I hate waiting for them to climb in or wrestling my toddler into his seat. I hate moving car seats. I hate playing around with them to find the best fit. I hate that we own upwards of seven car seats for three kids. I hate that I can't just hop into someone else's car with my kids unless I lug around 50 pounds worth of car seats, too....more
I think car seats are the cause of postpartum. Anyway, I am so HAPPY and THRILLED to death, ...more

Ever Feel Like You Need a Dictionary to Understand Your Kids?

I have good news, parents. Your kids are listening to you! I also have bad news, of course. The problem, according to Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, is that your kids speak a different language than you. Have no fear! Robyn made us a Parent-to-Kid Dictionary so you can begin to understand what is your kids are hearing when you tell them to do something! ...more
Robyn, this is fantastic.  Can I get a copy of this as a hardcover reference manual to gift my ...more