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Saying Yes to Time with Friends

Noah and Tina both have company or have been someone's company at least once each week. The weekends are a mixture of juggling family activities and squeezing in time with friends. As a mom who likes everyone under her roof and together as much as possible, it's an adjustment I'm facing. When I may feel like saying no, I remind myself how often I spent time with my childhood friends....more
One of the things I like about living in town verses the country is that there are neighborhood ...more

Why You Shouldn't Have "The Talk" with Your Tween

I have an amazing power that was only recently discovered. I don’t twitch when the word puberty is said. I not only don’t twitch, I get happy and love to talk about it with parents and girls. Girls only. I have no idea about the boys. Armed with this new super power I recently worked with a teen counselor and we put on a program for some local Girl Scouts. We held it around Valentines Day and called it Loving Your Growing Body. It was complete with snacks and door prizes and I have to say it was a huge success....more
I am a GS leader and although my Brownies are still too young for your program, I would be very ...more

Your Baby's Name Is Less Than Poop

Naming a baby is hard work. With our sons, we went through books and websites and multiple (sometimes heated!) discussions for months on end. At Pocket Full of Prose, they're working on a name and Shelley is struggling. Though she did find out you shouldn't trust "report cards" for names. It's funny... even though it's not! ...more
Ha ha, hate when that happens.more

The Fault in Our Stars: Yes, Teens Really Are That Smart

In January of 2007 someone pointed me to a YouTube channel that a young adult author and his brother were using as their main mode of communication for the whole year. That author was John Green, and I quickly became a fan of both him and his brother Hank. I hadn't read any of John Green's books before I started watching the videos, but once I started, I became hooked and began thrusting them into the hands of every reader I knew. To say that I was really happy to be reading The Fault in Our Stars for BlogHer Book Club is an understatement. My reaction was closer to an ode to Kermit the Frog, complete with a big "Yay!" and flailing Muppet arms. ...more
As a teenager who not only read/finished TFIOS on the day it was released but even met both John ...more

How the Violin Touched Multiple Generations in My Family

Although my parents never played musical instruments, I grew up learning the piano and then played flute and clarinet in bands in orchestras through school. Music was an important part of my life and I had always hoped that my children would also find joy in learning to play an instrument. When I was thirteen, I took violin lessons along with my piano studies. For whatever reason, I disliked the violin because I had already mastered two instruments and didn’t have the gratification of instantly being able to master a third....more
I always like the sound of violin. I may give it a try and probably convince my fourteen year ...more

Using Dessert to Teach Kids About Good Foods

Our house is full of so many food struggles that I wonder if meal time will ever be truly enjoyable. I came across this post at My Kids Really Eat This and wondered if she has a point. Sometimes I take the advice of "the experts" too much to heart. Do you use dessert to get your kids to eat the "good" foods -- and to teach them about what's best for them? ...more
Fruit IS dessertmore

My Autistic Son's Life: Not Less Valuable

Obviously, I'm feeling angry and confrontational. Explosively so. With good reason: George Hodgins, a young autistic man from my son's school, was murdered by his mother Elizabeth (who then committed suicide) earlier this month. Mainstream media reports have focused almost exclusively on how difficult life was for his mother, framing parents killing disabled children as an understandable tragedy, while parents killing typical children is considered a preventable tragedy. And I am telling you right now, it doesn't matter how difficult parenting is, a parent killing their child is never justifiable....more
I'm sorry, *excuse (for killing her son)more

We Don't Thank Teachers Enough

Several times this year, I have said to my husband, "I could never be a Kindergarten teacher." I think our son's teacher is amazing, because every time I go in to volunteer, I want to pull out my hair. How on Earth do they handle SO MANY QUESTIONS IN A ROW?! Colleen at The Ranunculus Adventure recently got to substitute for a full week and had an eye-opening experience. I laughed and then vowed to buy our son's teacher a great gift -- without the word teacher on it! ...more
Teachers and parents who educated are so appreciated in my family, maybe because we have a few ...more

The GOP War on Women's Subtext: A Return to the Baby Scoop Era

But the subtext of this “debate” that jumps out for me is adoption. After all, people have been having sex -- shame or no shame, birth control or no birth control, ever since God said, (in renaissance English) “be fruitful, and multiply.” They’ll go on having sex, whether women can enjoy it safely or not, and when they do, sometimes, unplanned babies will be born. And in a world where single parenting (read “single mothering”) is being pathologized by law as leading to child abuse, those unplanned babies will have to go somewhere....more
Excellent , thank youmore

Nie Asks: What Do You Do With Your Little Kid?

What are your favorite things to do with your pre-kindergarten child? Mr. Nielson and I take him everywhere we go: Errands, appointments, in the car, and for walks around the neighborhood. It will be sad when he is in school this fall. Now your turn: What do you do with your little kid or kids? ...more
My little one will be going off to kindergarten this fall. Mandatory full day here. He is my ...more