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The 3 Best Websites for New Fathers

Put that damn thing down and go the *&$% to sleep,” my wife said as I stared slack jawed and red-eyed at the black and white screen of the baby monitor. It was 3:12AM, our seven-month-old was sleeping soundly and I, for some damn reason, was waist deep into some is-my-baby-gonna-die-of-SIDS rabbit hole. My proverbial shoulders and elbows were scuffed from these recurring trips. ...more
Thanks doubletrbldaddy.  I love my Dad Blogger group and my Stay at Home Dad Group.more

Can You Make the Sun Come Back, Mommy?

We were most of the way between lunch in Eau Claire with M's cousins and dinner in Milwaukee with a deploying friend. In the hour before, the sunset stretched from horizon to horizon. Bright purples and reds and orange puffs of clouds, hovering over fields glowing gold beneath the sky. Now the sun was beyond the treeline to the west, and a deep rainbow still clung to the air where it submerged, casting a warmth to the wintry purple of the sky ahead. RH couldn't see the pages of her Pocoyo book, and she called to me from the rear of the car. ...more

I Was Forced to Spend the Holidays with My Abuser

Someone told me the other day that this was "the season of goodwill to all men" and before I could leap in on the gender bias, he added, "...and that should include forgiveness".  We were talking about how I was anxious about Christmas, due to having to spend time in a house with the man who sexually abused me as a child....more
I applaud you for your bravery in addressing what happened to you.  A lot of women (and men) ...more

Party Of Five? Finding Out I'm Pregnant With Number Three

Surprise! I’m pregnant with my third child. There, I said it out loud. Now it’s real. My husband and I weren’t planning on a third, but had not yet ruled it out. I, still on the fence, was not ready to close down the baby shop. He, however, was ready the minute our second son was born. To say this comes as a complete shock is a bit of an understatement. ...more
Omg. Loved this. Try #4. Let's just say I'm almost half way through the pregnancy and the shock ...more

How To Create The Perfect Activity Box For Kids

I love being able to stay at home all day with my kids, but sometimes it is hard to entertain them all day. We play with toys, go on walks, play in the yard, and once we do all those things, they ask to watch TV. Don't get me wrong, I love TV, but once they watch one movie or show, it turns into two more. So I created what we call our "Activity Box." ...more
mom21mom2all Thank you for your kind words! Yes, TV is such a struggle, but great at times too:) ...more

Why Do Autism "Experts" Say Such Awful Things?

“There is no human life that is more sacred than another—every human life is sacred.” - Pope FrancisYou want to break my heart? Show me the latest mainstream media piece about autism written by or featuring quotes from a non-autistic autism expert. Almost without exception, that expert is going to say something that self-righteously dehumanizes, endangers, invokes pity for, or degrades my autistic son. My beloved, delightful, innocent son—who has done nothing to deserve such scorn.Maybe you can understand, now, why my heart never stops breaking. ...more
thumbbelina Yes - those are two i have diigo'd and share wtih others.more

Aren't We All Stage Mothers?

He stood on stage, happily singing and moving his arms in "perfect" coordination with the words of the songs. He was obviously having fun, as was I, and I sat there several feet away from the stage, feeling proud and joyful. I stared at my second-grader the whole night. As far as my eyes were concerned, there was only one spotlight and it was all on him. Remember those advertisements or movie scenes where the parent looks at their grown child but actually sees the younger or "baby" version of that child instead? I had that experience. ...more
mom21mom2all  Jane, I'm really grateful for your message above. There's so much truth in that ...more

4 Super Simple Tips To Clean Up The Holiday Clutter

Merry Christmas! Now that you've unwrapped all the presents you carefully chose and purchased over a series of months, you get the joy of... cleaning it up. Yay? Don't fret. The following simple tips will help you organize the mess in quick fashion, leaving you with more time to sit and enjoy the rest of your holiday. ...more

Here's How American Girl Responded to My Open Letter on Diversity

BlogHerFamily yes, we need to teach more kids to vote with their pocketbooks, er I mean ...more

Do You Invite the Whole Class to Your Kid's Birthday Party?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,So what's the etiquette on birthday parties? Do you have to invite your kid's whole class? Or can you just invite your child's close friends? We are new to the area. I don't want to piss people off before we have even gotten settled, but we don't have limitless resources.Signed,No Birthday Drama MamaImage: Phalinn Ooi via Flickr Creative Commons...more
Tough call. I was one of the kids that was regularly not invited to birthday parties, mostly ...more