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Why Wouldn't I Honor My Mom and Mother-in-Law on Mother's Day?

As a mother of younger boys I look forward to Mother's day. Being a Mom is 90% thankless, hard work. But on Mother's day, for one blessed day (or, at least a few sweet minutes of the day before they all ask what's for breakfast?) I am appreciated and loved. ...more
StrollerSavvy  I don't understand the mothers who resent having to celebrate OTHER mothers!  ...more

An Open Letter of Love to All Moms

Dear new mothers and soon-to-be-mothers and maybe even mothers who have been mothers for a long damn time, I’ve decided to write you all a letter based on things I’ve learned since becoming a mother. I have four children; the oldest is 10, and the youngest is 18 months old. Although I haven’t been a mother as long as many other mothers, I think I’ve earned a place to be able to share some advice that should help you not only be a better mother but perhaps will also bring you some inner peace....more
Love the mother-in-law bit.  I'm blessed with a MIL that respectfully helps me out when she ...more

The Comparison Trap: Why We Compare Our Children to Others

I work a few times a month at a non-profit dental clinic for children. Just last week, I saw a sweet 13-month-old boy who could already say about 20 words. That's more than my own son who is almost two. When I came home, I was telling my husband about this little boy, when he stopped me mid-sentence and asked, "Why do you keep doing that? You're always comparing." ...more
StrollerSavvy I hadn't even thought about the feelings of mommas whose kids are ahead, as mine ...more

Celebrating the Mother Figures in My Life

I was lucky to have many mother figures present in my life when I was little. Each of these phenomenal women helped to make me the mother I am today. ...more

5 Reasons Why Athletes Make Awesome Moms

Time's up. Now that my 6-week postpartum hiatus is over, I have officially re-entered the world of sore muscles, sweat (not sweats—those never left the picture), and tennis shoes. Oh, yeah! There is just something thrilling about the feeling of sweating when it is NOT related to postpartum hormones wreaking havoc as they try to re-balance and causing me to sweat profusely at awkward times. ...more
Great points. I too am almost six weeks out and itching to get back to where I was. Started ...more

How to Make Easy Stitched Desk Caddies for Teacher, Mom, Dad or Grad

Mother's Day and Father’s Day are on the horizon, and let us not forget an end-of-the-year teacher appreciation gift might soon be needed for the junior set. ...more
This is timely for this week as many schools in our area celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. ...more

Make a Yoda Sensory Bin for Your Littlest Star Wars Fans

My boys love Star Wars. Little brother is the biggest fan at our house. You will even notice he had his Star Wars shirt on while playing, and that was not planned. That is just what he had on that day. ...more
Thanks so much for sharing!more

8 Gifts the Mom in Your Life Is Sure to Love

It's that time again: Mother's Day is around the corner, and it is time to figure out what to get that special lady in your life. I know what I'm getting mine (she doesn't read my blog regularly so she won't find out). I am getting her a Fitbit Flex so she can track her steps and sleep patterns. I can also monitor her from afar because she isn't getting any younger, and I want to make sure she is mobile. ...more
Mindful Memory Keeping I am so sorry to hear that.  I am happy to hear you have another ...more

12 Tips For Surviving the Airport With Small Kids

Here’s the first video in my series on traveling with small kids! (Can't watch right now? No problem! Scroll down and you'll find a little rundown of what's on the video) ...more
Thanks so much mymommyflies!  It took us a while to learn the ins and outs of travelling with ...more

8 Fab Fitness Gifts for Mother's Day

Here are my picks for the best Mother's Day gift for the active mom. 1. Paleo Treats: Yummy treats for the mom following the Paleolithic diet. $57.00 ...more
GaleStanley Thanks for the add!!more