Fatherhood: I Don't Want To Be Snarky Any Longer

When I found out from my publicist that The Washington Post would be reviewing my 2009 memoir "The Big Rewind" around three months after it came out, I was excited and anxious in equal measures. The book had been reviewed far and wide but The Washington Post was different. If not quite the paper of record (that would be The New York Times, which had overwhelmingly kind things to say about the book,) The Washington Post was the paper that brought down Nixon. It was a paper with history, a legacy....more

Molly Sims Just Broke the First Rule of Moms' Club

While my children beat each other to a pulp in a game they called “Who Can Tackle The Other Person From The Couch Without Causing Bleeding?”, I snuck away to my computer to play a game of “I Should Be Working But I’m Checking People Magazine Online Instead.”...more
This article is just ridiculous. Moms can only talk about their kids now, if they're bemoaning ...more

Black (Children's) Lives Matter: Why Is Our Suicide Rate So High?

The first time I thought about killing myself, I was eleven. I’d had some trauma in my life, unspeakable things that my tween self could not articulate. Pain that ran deep, seated into my soul. I could not get away from it. Image Credit: Sam D via Flickr...more

Help! I'm #AddictedtoSocialMedia!

Dear Mouthy Housewives,I'm completely addicted to social media. I want to be more present for my kids, but I don't want to go off Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all together. How do I get more of a balance in my life? Or do I need to just unplug completely?Signed,Do I Stay (Online) or Do I GoDear Stay or Go,...more
As bloggers, it's in our favor for people "addicted" to social media to find their way to our ...more

Can Real People Join the "Slow-Parenting" Movement?

There's an online movement I've seen gaining momentum in recent weeks. A call for something known as "Slow Parenting." The premise is that kids should be free to direct their summer—to play, daydream, enjoy time off with no structured activities. ...more
Why does everything need a label? Do what works for the realities of your family. The rest is ...more

Kids & Art Brings the Comfort of Creativity to Children With Cancer

A conference room at Google headquarters may not seem like a place for children to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon, but for the 50 or youngsters gathered there last weekend, it was a welcome break from the world of doctor’s appointments and medical treatments. I had brought my own 10-year-old son to the event, which was organized by Kids & Art, a non-profit started by graphic designer Purvi Shah, the creator of BlogHer’s “hermoticon” logo. ...more
familyhousesf thank you for the shoutout! BlogHer HapaMamaGracemore

The One Thing All Moms Seem to Want

When I was interviewing moms about what was going on in their lives—what was working, what wasn’t, what they really wanted out of and in their lives—the number one thing that always came up as what they really wanted, almost above all else, was Inner Peace. ...more
I think one of the problems with us as wives/moms not finding inner peace is that we sacrifice ...more

I Didn't Expect to Breastfeed My Daughter Until She Turned Three

Four years, nine months, two days, and about 11 hours. That’s how long I have breastfed my kids over my (and their) lifetime. And, I am finally (bittersweetly) done. If you would have told me before I had kids that I was going to nurse them beyond one year, I would have said, “Yeah right.” But here I am with a freshly weaned three year old. How in the world did that happen?...more
Thank you so much for the feature. I loved writing this.more

After an Autism Diagnosis: 13 Crucial Next Steps For Parents

If your child has recently been diagnosed with autism, as my son was in 2003, here's what I want you to know: Learn from me, don't be me. Leo, around the time of his diagnosis. Photo: © Jonathan Mandel, used with permission ...more
Before my son was diagnosed with Autism (and ADHD) I'd never given it a second thought just how ...more

Kids and 5Ks: When Your Child Wants to Run

The elementary schools in our area have a spring program called "Just Run" for kids in grades second through fifth. They train throughout the spring to run a 5K at the end of May. My son wanted to join, and he wanted his Dad and I to help. I'm not a runner. I love to exercise, such as weights or cardio for fun. I play soccer with the old fart soccer parent league in the summer. We preach being physically active. But running is not my thing. But how many years do I have left of my son actually WANTING us to join him? So, there we were. ...more
Isn't it so amazing to see our children achieve something?! My 9 year-old just started running ...more