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Why My Children Can Say the F-Word: Words Don't Have Power

I live in a sweet little Bible Belt southern town. In some ways this is great (friendly neighbors, low crime rate)... and in others... well, maybe not so much. (I have a list, but today is not the day). Sometimes small-town living has crashed headlong into some of my more "unconventional" parenting approaches. One of these subject areas is my children's language. ...more
Totally agree! And I love that you point out that they're just words to express a strong ...more

10 Ways Moms Are Like Doctor Who

I grew up watching the fourth Doctor zip in and out of time saving humanity with his faithful companion, K-9. That scarf! If only I knew how to knit, I think I would only knit those. I have been binge watching the new Doctor Who lately, and just as the 10th doctor said farewell, I had the revelation that I too am exactly like a Time Lord. In fact, all moms are Time Lords, only better! I give you… ...more
Thank You! People assume that parenting is a strict progression of cause and effect but actually ...more

My Pregnancy Is Not About You

Okay everyone. I've got my ranty pants on today. Normally I limit my posts to style and trends and try to keep my personal thoughts and opinions to myself online. I've left the posts about social issues and political strife to the experts while I stuck to teaching women how to incorporate current trends into their existing wardrobe. Not today. ...more
I totally agree with number 1 and number 3. To the person further down who said 'just tell ...more

My Best Friend Doesn't Give the Best Birthday Gifts

Dear Mouthy Housewives,My best friend always gives me turquoise jewelry for my birthday, which would be great except it's totally not my style. She's been doing it for about 10 years, so how am I supposed to now admit that I don't like it? I usually just regift it or give it to my daughter, but it would be nice to get something I actually like! Am I being ungrateful?!Signed,Unturquoise Me!...more
I have a great friend with a great taste in fashion.She gives me great stuff. But I'm just not ...more

10 Things You Need to Know About Adopting from Foster Care

Before adopting two awesome kids who came into my life through foster care, I had this idea in my mind that the whole ordeal would be kind of like what happened in Annie. We would just be handed a precocious, well-adjusted child that we would rescue from their dire straits through love and perseverance and possibly a few well-timed choreographic musical numbers. The truth is that it’s infinitely more complicated than that, although it is equally thrilling and wonderful—minus the giant mansion and, sadly, Punjab. We could all use a little Punjab in our lives. ...more
AdoptUSKids thank YOU for continuing to advocate for adoption from child welfare! It's so ...more

5 Guidelines for Step-Parents to Raise a Blended Family

Today is my step-son’s 22nd birthday. Twenty-Two! That is just crazy. I feel honored to have spent the last 14 years watching him grow into a wonderful young man. When I think about the last 14 years I get overwhelmed. Being a step-mom is not easy. I have sacrificed so much of myself, questioned my self-worth, and bit my tongue more times than I can count. The relationship I have with my step-son today makes it all worth it. ...more
Dr E Imperfect Nirvana, I love the truth in that statement. Thanks for the added tip!more

My Top 5 Kid Storage Solutions That Don't Look Like Crap

When I was pregnant and imagining what life would be like with a child, I remember being horrified at the idea that my house was going to look like Little Tikes threw up all over it. I mean, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with Little Tikes and I’m in love with many of their products… but I really didn’t want primary colored plastic to be my new design style. ...more
The wonderful thing about nice storage spaces is that it also is a motivator to keep even that ...more

Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk and Paint

When I was a kid we had a long dirt driveway, which was a source of serious disappointment for me. My friends with paved driveways used to make epic hopscotch paths and I so wanted to be able to make them. When we bought our house one of the first things I did was buy sidewalk chalk. What I didn't know then, and I do now, is I could have made my own. You can make your own sidewalk paint, too! I have a full container of chalk in my cupboard, but when it runs out I'l be trying some of these recipes. I added some fun activities you can do with chalk in here as well. Have fun! ...more

The Walls Come Tumbling Down: Fears Dissolve With a Simple Hello

The faces of children do not lie. Many kids are not exposed to special needs children often. The shock on their faces, the stares, the fear is hard to disguise. They don't know what to do. A few days ago, I walked with my son to the end of the line at his track meet. Two girls stood in front of him, each holding their metal shot put ball in their hand. My son's motions are sometimes jerky. He's often loud and unpredictable. His speech is to most people, incomprehensible. We stood behind them. Their eyes darted back and forth to each other. They had no idea what to do. ...more
nomorenicegirl  :-) That's terrific, for both kids.more

A Promise for More Fun: My Contract With My Kids for The Summer

Today is the last day of school for my not-so-little-anymore turkeys. I always have mixed emotions about it. As a work-at-home mom, I look forward to not setting the alarm clock every day or checking homework or worrying about library books, gym shoes, and piecing together lunches each day. ...more
PlaydatesFriday Thanks for the contract! Happy summer to you!more