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Be a Cool Mom Magnet: How to Attract the Best Mom Friends

We met at a park. We exchanged glances, checked each other out a little bit, moved closer to each other, exchanged some pleasantries and witty banter, and eventually our phone numbers. We began some casual texting, and later admitted to running quick internet searches on each other. We perused each other’s Facebook profiles. Oh man, I liked this one. I really really liked this one. Eventually we went out. Nothing too committal like dinner, just drinks....more
My life has been enriched by all of my friends- old and new!more

10 Signs You're Ready to Stop Breastfeeding

I recently sailed past the 19 month mark of breastfeeding Declan, and did so with a sigh. I'm grateful for being able to nurse for so long, but the truth is that I'm ready to be done any time now. I started out with a six month goal, which turned to one year once I exceeded my initial length. At the one year mark, I assumed (especially being pregnant twice) that Declan would just self-wean... and soon. Not the case. Pregnancy hormones didn't put him off... ...more
This was great to read this morning. Just like her I was aiming for 6 months I'm at 9 and she is ...more

Texting and Driving is Dangerous: How Can We Get Our Teens to Stop?

It’s been exactly a year since the day 18-year-old Merritt Levitan was killed while biking cross-country. She was on a national tour slated to last six weeks. Her group was pedaling through rural Arkansas when they were hit by a car driven by a 21-year-old driver, who was distracted by her cell phone. Merritt died from brain injuries sustained in the accident, and most of the others in the group were seriously injured....more

Travel Tips: 6 Helpful Ideas for Infant Air Travel

Vacation planning for couples or singletons usually means shopping for new attire, packing all essentials, planning trips or outings, and checking off items on their must-do lists at the holiday destination. Travel time during flight journeys or train/bus rides is leisurely spent by watching movies, listening to music, or reading books. ...more
TripsWithTykes Thanks for the kind words :) Glad  you liked the tips.more

B is for Bird:Teaching a Special Needs Child to Read

"UP" points to the top of the stairs. "DOWN," of course, points down. I tape words and letters to walls and balls and stuffed rabbits and birds to help my son learn to read. "P" for patient is the one I should tape to my forehead. ...more

5 REALLY Important Things I Just Filled Out on a Form for Day Camp

I just spent 40 minutes filling out forms for my kids to go to Day Camp. There are forms at school, at the doctor, at the dentist, at soccer, at gymnastics, and anywhere else you go. I find it hard to believe in today’s day and age that I still have to fill out forms for my children with paper and pen. Each time I am faced with this task a voice inside my head says, “Isn’t there an App for this?” Nope. And so here we are 40 minutes later... ...more
plogan721 You know what's hilarious. Some app creator contacted me because they do exactly that! ...more

Embracing a Low-Tech Summer as a Tech-Loving Family

For the past few years, I have debated the benefits of letting my kids use technology during summer vacation. Most of the time, we are an unabashedly tech-friendly house. My kids have e-readers and laptops and our house probably has a few too many portable Mac items. By training, I am a technology early-adopter. ...more
MrLemere No worries! They will be itching to get back online, I'm sure! :-)more

6 Things Your Teen Can Do This Summer

When I was in high school, everybody had a summer job, and we would meet to go to a movie in the evening or the beach on our day off. However, finding a job these days is hard for teenagers. The labor market hasn't fully recovered, so many of the traditional teen jobs are being filled by adults. Now that summer is here, I don't want my kids hanging around the house texting, tweeting, and eating everything in the pantry because they're bored. What else can they do? 1. Volunteer ...more
Thank you Susan - I appreciate your support!more

How to Make a Baby Onesie Quilt

Back in March, I received an email from Heather asking if I would be interested in taking on a commissioned quilt for her son. Heather received my information from a girl I went to college with, who now works at Heather's company. I seriously love how small the world can be. Speaking of small, I called the Honest Company on Monday to cancel my pre-natal subscription, and after ending the phone call I received a text from a girl who is from Pittsburgh. ...more
Judy Riese Bell This is a fantastic idea. :)more

365 Days of Vacation Mindset

Oh, vacation, you were magic. I feel like someone set the reset on whatever part of my brain controls giving a damn. Cheese danish for breakfast, lounging around in my bathing suit, sleeping in hours later than I should, letting the kids stay up late to chase fireflies and search for catfish by the docks, reading for hours on end....more
Happy Virgo, 365 days vacation gal!  I too, as a Virgo love to have schedules...but believe that ...more