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Should #DWT (Driving While Texting) Be A Misdemeanor, Even For Your Teens? A BlogHer Poll

We parents know…there's scared. There's also scared @#$%!less. And then there's knees-on-the-floor-praying-so-hard-you're-sweaty-scared. That sweaty-scared position is how I feel about the risks of distracted driving for my kids—and I'm now scared straight myself after spending two hours at a Ford Driving Skills for Life clinic. ...more
cmillerrindy oh thanks! Nice to meet you.more

I Knew Him by His First Name: I Grew to Call Him Dad

Percy. I only called him “Dad” selectively, usually when I needed something. My friends marveled that I had the balls to call my dad by his first name. But it wasn’t an act of rebellion; my mom called him Percy and we just parroted what she said. He never seemed to mind. It’s taken years to piece together who Percy really was and how that same Percy intersected with Dad—a title I instinctively started using only after the picture of who he was as a man, as a father, became clearer as I grew older. ...more
carrien, thanks.more

Father's Day: Five Gifts You Can Make for Dad

Father's Day is upon us and my local stores are telling me all the dads need new power tools and video games. Both are lovely options if that's what the fathers in your life want but sometimes we want something a bit more personal -- something that was made just for them. We've gathered up five DIY gift ideas you can make that special dad in your life. ...more

BINGO! Are You Ready For Summer Break?

Are you one of those parents who is counting down the last few days of school before summer? Or do you dread the prospect of having your kids home with you for the next few months? Either way, you gotta make it through the last few days of school before the kids are free! ...more

PTSD: Post Traumatic Summer Disorder

It is with a generous amount of certainty that I predict I will suffer from PTSD, or Post Traumatic Summer Disorder, at the end of next month. I had no idea how difficult it would be to go from two kids in school five days a week to two kids in no school for five days a week. Now, I am acutely aware of how difficult that is....more
I struggle with the board games dilemma too. One help is to develop "house rules" that minimize ...more

8 Dad Blogs to Follow This Week

In honor of Father's Day, this week we're paying tribute to some of our favorite dad blogs. Follow these bloggers for their storytelling, their perspective, and their incredible heart. ...more
Thank you so much for including me!more

10 Disgusting Things Only A Mom Would Do

When you become a parent, you do so many gross things you never imagined.  It’s bad enough that you have to wipe the poop off someone’s butt for a solid two and a half years or so—but did you know you’d be wearing that poop?...more
TerriLynnMerritts Lady_Paladin suction bulbs dont work half as well as the mom or dads mouth! ...more

Everything I Want to Teach My Daughter About Life, She Can Learn From Maleficent

If those of us who have girls plan to continue perpetuating the idea of the fairytale, we should do our daughters a favor and require them to watch Disney's Maleficent around age 11. My husband and I took our 'tween daughter to see it last week and I'm glad we did. Not only was it free popcorn Thursday, but Angelina Jolie's wonderfully wicked character taught my daughter a few things about life...  in 3D. Any kid knows that 3D is cooler than a parent's rambling talk about life....more
Home truths!!more

Being a Parent Scares the S*** Out of Me

Am I the only one who gets a little bit of anxiety over everything? I know that it's just part of being a mom, but sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy. I don't want to be that overprotected mom who won't let her children grow up, but life is just too scary, and I have no idea how I am going to be able to let go a little as Corbin and Lynley get older....more
aoi I completely commiserate! It's hard to let them do anything on their own. Best wishes to you ...more

A Letter To My Neighbors About My Yard: There's a Reason for It

Dear Busybody Neighbors,This is a letter to you, the ones that made a huge fuss over the state of chaos that was our yard after several tons of oak tree smashed our house during Hurricane Irene, the ones who welcomed us back to the neighborhood the very day we arrived home after our 10 months of refugee-living (while our house was being rebuilt) by reminding us that we had one week to clean up the yard before the America In Bloom garden snob judges came to town. There are many of you in this neighborhood. I know because I've had you pull over to remind us that our grass needs mowing even when it is only an inch or two taller than yours. I've seen you scoff at the toys scattered on the porch and the general unruliness of our yard....more
This is really too bad. I don't know your neighbours of course, but wonder if you can sway them ...more