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Motherhood Is What You Make Of It

Heather Havrilesky has a thing or two to say about the word “mommy,” and she shared a few of those things in a recent article in the New York Times. In some ways, I get it. There’s been a paradigm shift (a few of them, even) in the world of parenting in the past 40 years. It used to be that you had kids and earned the title of "parent." These days, how you actually parent seems to take center stage. Gone is the noun as the verb takes over. ...more
Amen! Well said & I completely agree. The beauty is we're all unique moms raising unique children.more

Never Gonna Let You Down

I hate it when the Internet makes me think. What's even worse is when it makes me feel. This is what happened a couple of weeks ago. I was scrolling through Facebook when I came across a link with a Buzzfeedy vibe to it, boasting 27 facts that are sure to blow my mind. Ever the sucker for any article with an odd number assigned to it, I nibbled at the bait. Two weeks later, I don’t remember any of the facts that the article included in its rundown except one. ...more
Very nice posting!Happy Holidays!more

When the Wicked Stepmom Becomes Your Mom

I was two years old when my stepmother Gini burst into my life like a glamorous, marauding Valkyrie set on bending me to her will. She had platinum blond hair worn in an Aqua-Net bouffant, thick black eyeliner, and a figure Jayne Mansfield would've killed for. At night she peeled her false eyelashes off like she was undressing her face....more
You are lucky to have a step mom who loves you just as much as she loves her own children.more

Who (and What) Benefits When I Work From Home

Three hours every week. How would you spend them?In 2011, I was convinced that my then-seven-year-old daughter was going to spend three hours every week alone and locked outside of our house, when she would be released early from school and no one was home. At least, that was the recurring nightmare in my mind that took root a few months before this childcare gap was about to become a reality....more
I loved this...more

Help! My Loser Brother Gets All My Parents' Attention

Dear Mouthy Housewives, I have wonderful parents, but I still get annoyed with the special treatment they give my brother. I'm always the dutiful daughter, but his life and kids are always a mess, and that seems to get him more attention. We're both in our early 40s, so do I have to accept that this is the way it'll always be?Signed,My Parents Always Said Life Isn't Fair, But ... ...more
It's also worth noting that some people are drawn to drama. The question is, is it worth it to ...more

Big Families Are the Best Thing Ever

Everything was going very well up until 3:00 today. The little two were snuggled in for nap time, Magoo and I were reading The BFG, and TJ was getting set to finish up our work on the basement (so that by the end of the year our goal of having everything finally (FINALLY) organized would be met). ...more
My paternal grandma had 4, maternal grandma 6, my mom had 4. I have 5! :) Love big families, ...more

3 Tricks to Do With Your Kids' Never-Ending Artwork

I love MY KIDS and I think their artwork is GREAT, but what to do with all that paper? I have found three solutions that I have been using for a while to display and store their work....more
Thanks Susan!  I actually had the horror of one of my children finding one of their "treasures" ...more

The Amazing Moments We're Not Photographing

My husband and I honeymooned at an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica. It. Was. Awesome. I mean, come on. There was a soft-serve ice cream machine on the beach. Dream come true....more
I think there are many moments because then you would have to reenact them, but then they ...more

15 Non-Toy Gift Ideas To Give Kids At Christmas

Ready or not, Christmas is around the corner. For many, this brings excitement, but for others, it brings stress. ...more
saurabhtiwari2010 Thanks!more

Dear Good Samaritan: You Save Christmas Every Year

Dear Good Samaritan, let me start by introducing myself: My name is Courtney. My husband and I have an 8-year-old son with autism and then some. Our little boy struggles with more labels than a clearance item, I have many chronic illnesses and my husband has more metal in his body than bones. ...more
derailed thank you! and thank you for reaching out to help someone in need <3more