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Recent Comments on News & Politics

Political Rantings Regarding Refugees

Before I started my blog Not Standing Still's Disease, I used to write a more general blog. Since I was working on my undergraduate degree in religious studies, history, and politics at the time, I wrote a lot about the intersection of those areas. I try really hard to not get into those subjects here, because I know how separating they can be. Trust me - it's a part of why I have no relationship with my mother. ...more

Let's Eliminate Violence Against Women #OrangetheWorld

Find out what leaders around the world are doing to take a stand for women....more

Colombia: Emirates importing mercenaries to Yemen

“Gun drain” in Colombia: The NYT reports that (emphasis added), The United Arab Emirates has secretly dispatched hundreds of Colombian mercenaries to Yemen to fight in that country’s raging conflict, adding a volatile new element in a complex proxy war that has drawn in the United States and Iran. It is the first combat deployment […] ...more

Our Watcher’s Council Nominations – Origin Of The Species Edition

At the Watchers’ Council, (Graphics by Rick McKee) Welcome to the Watcher’s Council, a blogging group consisting of some of the most incisive blogs in the ‘sphere, and the longest running group of its kind in existence. Every week, the members nominate two posts each, one written by themselves and one written by someone from […] ...more

'No' is a Complete Sentence: So why won't some men accept it?

I've been trying to take a break from my usual snark and sarcastic writing style on the blog this week and trying to keep things positive and respectful.  Given the current state of affairs in our world and also the upcoming holiday (ya know, the one where we’re supposed to be thankful?) I just felt it was appropriate to ease up on humor, silliness and even general bitching or complaining.Ha.  Til now.  ...more

Is that Viral Story real?

The Internet has almost as many videos as there are stars in the heavens. And you know that some have to be hoaxes. Sometimes it’s obvious, while other times it’s easy to be fooled. For example, the hoax of the “angel” intercepting a truck just about to run over a bicyclist is obviously fake. Isn’t it?...more

How To Write An Awesome Sponsored Post – Sandbox To Success Ep 026

Listen to the Episode Below (00:14:46) Download Listen in a New Window iTunes Stitcher SoundCloud Leave a Review Clammr It Subscribe via RSS Subscribe on Android Get New Episodes In Your Inbox Episode 26: Today on Episode 26, we’ll be talking about sponsored post and how to write them. We’ll discuss the dos, don’ts and the things you should know!...more

Make Holiday Shopping Merry and Easy With These 5 Apps

It's almost time to put the phone in elf mode and get ready for the holiday shopping season. Here are five apps for managing the holidays from the palm of your hand, starting on Friday. ...more

Where do I send my Resume?

Yes, I’d like to apply for a job at Utopia General, please! ...more

Christmas Is Coming