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In the Event of a Blizzard...

In case you haven’t heard, the entire northeastern United States is currently enduring a long-duration blizzard. It began on Monday evening (although it started snowing in my area by 11 AM), and will be lasting right through Wednesday morning. In the end we could have towards 36″ inches (or 3 feet) of snow in some spots....more

Measuring Death

You’d think the ultimate example of simplicity in measurement would be mortality rate. Dead guy Count up the dead people...more

Objectification, pornography, and Glen Canning, Rehtaeh Parsons’ father

On Saturday I published a post by Emily Monaghan, “Pornography as Rape: The Rehtaeh Parsons case.” Monaghan pointed out the connections between pornography and violence against women, specifically with regard to the treatment of the case against Rehtaeh Parsons’ alleged rapists. Such as with images of women in pornography, there is a belief that the sexual nature of women (and girls) is licentious. The pre-pubescent girl that lures the older man with her nymphic charms or the oversexed school girl whose body torments all of the boys in class ....more

Swedish Men Don't Take Care of Their Women

Because they don’t have to....more

Manure de Lance

If Lance Armstrong had to do it all over again, he would do exactly the same thing. The mutterings of what can only be called a raving sociopath were reported on in that reliable media outlet the Daily Mail.What surprises me is he doesn't have stock in the New England Deflatriots. They're all birds of a feather.Anyway, Lance has the nerve to ask the public to forgive him for having been caught ....more

Education Outrages

The whole point of revamping tests like the GED is to guarantee students NEVER get decent jobs or further themselves educationally. It's to slot them into the economic underclass forever._____Michigan has turned into a complete shithole for teachers, with a revolving door of newbies who burn out in their first or second years._____Being obscenely rich doesn't mean one is obscenely smart, despite what racists like Charles Murray claim. Somebody should give Bill Gates a clue that he shouldn't talk about anything he hasn't a goddamned clue what he is talking about.He's par for the course for the billionaire class ....more

What’s Current: Replacing ‘isms’ with ‘phobias’ and avoiding men is the secret to a long life

Documentary film on campus rape: The Hunting Ground premiered at Sundance on Friday. Replacing “isms” with “phobias.” How language shifted from critiquing systems of power to individual feelings. Jessie Gallan is 109 this year ....more

14-Year-Old Snowboarder Chloe Kim Brings Youth and Diversity to the X Games

In another life, I'd love to be a expert snowboarder, but in this life I'll have to settle for living vicariously through Chloe Kim. Over the weekend, 14-year-old Chloe Kim became—not only the youngest woman or the first Asian American—but the YOUNGEST PERSON EVER to win at the X Games, the biggest annual event in boardsports. ...more
So cool. Thanks for sharing about her!more

Legacy Challenge & Wonder Child Weekly Let’s Play List – Week of 1/26/2015

Hello everyone and welcome to another Legacy Challenge & Wonder Child Weekly Let’s Play List!...more

Campus Culture is Not a Rape Defense

Sexual Assault Prevention Ribbon...more