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SOOOOO what’s up with this? Don’t sit up there and act like you haven’t noticed it too! I need answers…LIKE NOW!...more

BlogHer, Huffington Post Join Forces to Address Work/Life Conflict. Join Us!

We have all been there. Or, more accurately, not been there. We have missed a soccer game, an important day at school, a key doctor appointment for a sick parent. Or we have had to make impossible choices: sending a feverish child to school, fingers crossed he won't get worse, so you can go to work; putting off doctor appointments you know you need because you don't know how to fit them into your work schedule; going back to work just weeks after your baby is born because your family simply cannot afford to go without your salary....more
Love this. I'm glad to see these topics promoted in such a very public and comprehensive manner ...more

Maxine Hong Kingston to receive National Medal of Arts at White House today

Last week, the National Endowment of the Arts announced its 2013′s winners of the National Medal of Arts, the nation’s highest honour for achievements in the arts. Among the list of 12 recipients are two Asian Americans — both women. In addition to Billie Tsien who is receiving an award for her contributions to architecture and arts education alongside her husband Tod Williams, an award will be given to acclaimed and pioneering Asian American author Maxine Hong Kingston ....more

Healthcare Providers: Customer Security is Good Marketing

Consumers are on red alert about sharing personal data with businesses, thanks to the widespread publicity of major data breaches. As a result, many consumers feel trapped when they know they must reveal personal information just to get basic quotes for healthcare services.To get a quote, the potential customer must fork over a Social Security number and birthdate—enough information for a thief to use to commit fraud and identity theft....more

Aruba: El Pollo flew the coop

Well, that didn’t take long! Hugo Carvajal, a.k.a. “El Pollo” (the chicken), the Venezuelan consul candidate accused of providing weapons to the FARC, working with Iranian intelligence, and who’s under investigation for his role on the attacks to the Colombian consulate and the Jewish center in Caracas, was released by Aruban authorities, after Holland decided he did qualify for diplomatic immunity but declared him person non-grata. This is yet another instance where America is perceived as weak, since The arrest was based on a formal request from the United States ....more

Shameless Self-Promotion Monday

Apologies for being a day late. Promote yourself. Netiquette reminders: Want to recommend someone else’s writing instead? ...more

Hmong Story 40 Project is seeking your help to tell Hmong stories!

Over the weekend, Hmong Story 40 launched at a United Way in Fresno. Hmong Story 40 is a California state-wide project whose mission it is to collect and curate Hmong and Hmong American artifacts, documents, and oral histories related to Hmong migration from Asia to the United States, and to create an exhibit to showcase in a museum by 2015. The project will be broken into four phases to document each step of the community’s migration: “Life in Laos”, “Laos & The Secret War”, “Thailand Refugee Camps” and “California” ....more

Welfare Bums Do Better Than Ever

Thanks to all of the handouts by the federal and state governments, leeches are now able to live high on the hog generation after generation. The real non-workers are the wealthy who inherit their fortunes. And their ranks are growing.Most of America’s poor work hard, often in two or more jobs ....more

Facebook Security for Parents and Teens

Facebook offers a hefty amount of security measures that parents and teens should know.The Login...more

Washoe County School District Gossip: District Wants Good Old Boy, Not Good Role Model

Some Nevada pols are talking about the legislative "void" resulting from the Martinez sacking.Of course Pedro Martinez is not the problem here. The problem is with a corrupt board in bed with the corrupt good-old-boy system that actually runs the district. Martinez upset the applecart with the Mieras flap, but even before when he talked about how difficult it was to fire principals, which is the truth ....more