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Here is a commentary about another significance of the Ray Rice abuse case._____ ...more

It Matters That I Run. It Matters That You Do Too.

 I’ve always been a fighter for the public interest, making a difference through my work as an attorney and legislative advocate, but I never planned to run for office. To impact women’s underrepresentation in elected office, I joined groups like Emerge California and EMILY’s List, which are designed to train and support the next generation of women elected officials. I’ve campaigned for Representatives Julia Brownley and Lois Capps in California and strong women like Senator Elizabeth Warren on the national stage....more
I am in the last year of my fourth term on the Board of Education in the town where I live in NJ ...more

Chile seeks foreign help in subway bombing case

Chile seeks foreign help in subway bombing case Prosecutor Raul Guzman didn’t say which countries had been contacted, but said “international agencies” had been asked for help in the investigation into the blast, which was the latest in a wave of 29 small bombings or attempted bombings in Santiago this year. While no one has claimed responsibility for Monday’s attack in Santiago’s posh Las Condes neighborhood, police say they are looking at anarchist groups, which have claimed some of the past attacks. President Michelle Bachelet boosted security at subway stations and elsewhere and has said she will use the country’s tough, dictatorship-era terrorism laws in the case ....more

I Want to Always Remember


"Negligent," but Not Guilty

After what seems like years and years of a trial, a judge today found Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius "not guilty" in the killing of his girlfriend Valentine's Day 2013. However, she did find him guilty of "negligence." Judge Thokozile Masipa halted the proceedings before delivering a ruling on a lesser charge of culpable homicide and said she would resume the proceedings on Friday."It's clear that his conduct was negligent," Masipa said.But the judge said she did not find sufficient evidence to prove the prosecution’s contention that Pistorius intended to kill Reeva Steenkamp after the couple had an argument, though she did conclude that the athlete was negligent in firing his weapon four times through the door of the bathroom in his residence, in which Steenkamp had locked herself.Pistorius admitted to firing four expanding bullets into the toilet cubicle off his bathroom. But he had insisted that he mistook Steenkamp for an intruder, fired unintentionally and not meaning to kill anyone ....more

Singing Machine – Ultimate Tween Gift

Singing Machine – Ultimate Tween Gift Do you have a hard to buy for tween? My daughter is 11 and she is in this terrible stage of hard to buy for. She’s too old for Barbies and too young (thankfully) to want clothes, accessories and things of the such ....more

September 11: In memory of Joe Angelini, Jr.

This post honors three heroes of September 11, 2001: a father and two sons. Two died, one survived. May they never be forgotten ....more

How To Market Your Small Business Without ‘Selling’

Since starting my small business three years ago, I’ve learned so much about how businesses get their products in front of people. It’s a fascinating subject, although being more aware of it means that I sometimes get tired of people trying to sell me things all the time. The fact is that the constant barrage of ads and gimmicks in the world make it really difficult to make your own product stand out memorably and desirably ....more

Always Remember

It still hurts to see the pictures. I still look. I’m still horrified ....more

Moms Telling the Truth in Public

Shame has kept people quiet about painful, personal, or inconvenient truths since … well, forever.  Mom-shaming is a particular example, because cultural expectations of motherhood are so high, women fiercely love their children and we have traditionally accepted responsibility for so many social problems and other undesirable outcomes.  Mom-judging and mom-shaming are two sides of the same coin, as both arise from deep-seated feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, and insecurity.  Truth be told, often the judging and the shame are happening simultaneously, by and to t...more