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Career! Sonia Sotomayor Schools Abby on Sesame Street

At the risk of dating myself, I don’t think I heard the word “career” until I was in college. Back then most of us didn’t think about careers other than traditional female occupations like teaching and nursing. Most of our mothers were housewives, with the exception of Eileen Moran, whose mother taught high school English and because of it was considered almost exotic. The women we did see work were teachers or nurses or the occasional Avon Lady. I certainly didn’t know any women who were writers or journalists or newspaper editors, much less any who were justices on the Supreme Court. ...more
SOOOO Cutwmore

Beware sex therapists bearing books: When porn is the answer to your relationship woes

Shut-up and spread your legs. That’s the gist of some of the most recent advice offered by Australian sex therapist Bettina Arndt to the heterosexual women of the world in her series of books about what men want in bed and why women should give it to them ....more

No More Twinkies: Hostess Files for Bankruptcy

This bakery is closed! Those packaged treats -- Ho Hos, Ding Dongs, Sno Balls, and of course, the iconic Twinkie -- used to be in every kid's lunchbox, but no more. Their maker, Hostess Brands, is shutting its doors for good. ...more
@GregSingh Yes, I was surprised to read that little tidbit buried in the press release. Maybe ...more

Cynicism By the Likes of Obama

is why he is going to pull his austerity shit, despite a record amount of poverty resulting from a poor economy. He figures the poor have nowhere else to go but support him, and of course, now he's not even up for re-election, so he can do whatever the heck wants ....more

Teaching an Old Mom New Tricks

[Editor's Note: There's a new computer out there from Microsoft and there are all those iOS tablets and, well, tech is changing. One mom is facing a new situation when it comes to keeping up with all the new technology coming at us. You'll love her story. -Virginia] ...more

16 Mac keyboard shortcuts you need to know

Want to switch applications, empty the trash, search your hard drive, or put your Mac to sleep, all without touching your mouse? Read on for 16 keyboard shortcuts that’ll let you zip around your Mac like a pro. 1 ....more

Useful links: Figure/figcaption, a main element?

HTML5 Figure and Figure Caption Elements is an excellent tutorial with good code examples ....more

Afghan App to Boost Literacy; Uganda OKs Anti-Gay Bill

Afghan App to Boost Literacy; Uganda OKs Anti-Gay Bill ...more

Abortion Protests Erupt Over Death in Ireland

The death of an Indian woman who was denied an abortion in Ireland has triggered protests worldwide this week and renewed the debate over the country's strict abortion laws ....more