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International Women's Day: Celebrating MAMAs Around the World

I thought hard of how to honor International Women's Day. But once I saw the beautiful and powerful online exhibition at the International Museum of Women called "MAMA: Motherhood Around the Globe," it became immediately clear. MAMA is about the experience of pregnancy and motherhood, as viewed through the stories, voices, and videos of women from more than 60 countries. But as this video so poignantly illustrates, it's so much more: ...more
Thank you for drawing our attention to this important issue on this ...more

Sportscaster Dan Patrick Crushed My Morale

I am a sports fan.  I share my enthusiasm for sports with my significant other, M....more
Kimberly...thanks for this article.  I think childhood sexual abuse has reached everyone on one ...more

Lesson learned: Do your homework first, before you get all worked up!

I posted this, this morning, because I saw the movie and I was moved to my core. As a mother, the safety of children is an issue very close to my heart. I felt compelled to get the word out and I started making plans for getting actively involved....more TI had never heard of Charity Navigator. Thank you for the reference, I love it!more

Tips for Raising Globally Aware Kids

 @victorias_view Thanks for turning me onto Cyber School Bus!   Looks like a place to spend at ...more

Phyllis Ferguson Forgives Her Son's Killer

Holding onto resentment towards those that hurt me is easy.  Forgiveness is hard.  But when I think about the great physical energy it takes to hold onto bitterness, I often wonder why I choose to carry around burdens that make my thoughts heavy and my ability to empathize weak.  I even put energy into giving weight to things that are forgivable and unforgivable.  I can forgive you if you talk badly about me behind my back, but if you abandon me, I cannot.  Heavier on the scale, I can forgive my parents for some of the mistakes they made like failing to talk to me...more
Beautiful post, Kimberly! Phyllis Ferguson is an exceptional women who is spiritual to ...more

Win an Xbox 360 and possibly have your name in a game!

I'm excited because over at GamingAngels, Gamestop is sponsoring a contest to win a 250GB Xbox 360 and a copy of Max Payne 3! How cool is that? Head over to GamingAngels for the details on how to enter. While you are there, check out the details on @GameStop's contest to get your name placed into a multiplayer map in Max Payne 3! How cool is that? ...more

On Being Chamorro...

Some of my thoughts, On Being Chamorro...

KONY 2012 Campaign Spreading like Wildfire

Today, I watched a video that I will never forget. Something that resonated so deeply within me, that shook me to the core of my being. As I watched and learned of the horrors being committed against children, I looked at my own son. What if he lived in Uganda? What if he had been snatched ruthlessly from me and made into a child soldier? A soldier that would be forced to come back and kill me. To be forced to mutilate other people's faces, to rape girls, to live in fear of being killed himself one day. ...more

No One Outside Africa Believes Africa Can Fix Itself

 Hoping is hard. I learned that in 2008 when a Black man whose middle name is Hussein & whose last name rhymes with Osama ran for US President. And won. I'll never forget it. Hoping is hard - sometimes there is nothing harder. But you can't give in....more
 @HomeRearedChef ... thanks again for stopping by. I'm pleased you learned something. I try to ...more