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A Debate Wish List for President Obama

I live in Ohio. That alone should induce pity, given that we're exactly 36 days from the November 6 general election (early voting started today as well).  You may think you know what it's like to be subjected to literally tens of thousands of political ads a week but, I'm just saying? I highly doubt it. I don't even watch broadcast television, but they get me when I turn on cable. And when I am avoiding cable, they get me in the banner ads - on every kind of website you can imagine, there they are. Then, there's the mailbox, and my email inbox, and the yard signs.My ace in the hole for putting up with this stuff is the fact that I've run for office before and was very well-prepared. Although I didn't have to debate anyone for a seat on my city council for a community of 6,000, I did have to learn how to speak extemporaneously and still sound authentic. On the third hand, I also knew in my head that I had messages to get across and points to make. So when I watch a debate, you can bet that I'm watching to see how the candidates walk these lines too. ...more
Enjoyed reading.more

Lucky for Tom Horne, he’s not a police officer

AZ Attny General Tom Horne ...more

Debate #1: Romney Hopes to Inspire

Finally, the first presidential debate hits the national stage Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET giving challenger Mitt Romney plenty of material on the issue of domestic policy to land solid hits on President Barack Obama over arguably his greatest failures as president - the looming dismal economy, $16 trillion in national debt and more than 100 million Americans on some form of government assistance....more

Watch now: @Univision’s Operation ‘Fast and Furious’: Arming the enemy (English subtitles, complete show)

WARNING: Gruesome content Related: Univision: Juarez drug cartel leader ‘El Diego’ was captured with Fast and Furious weapons ...more

National Bullying Month

Not all bullies or targets of bullies are kids:It's still fashionable to pick on people, especially women, because of body size ....more

Presidential Debate and the Twenty Year Gender Gap: Carole Simpson On 1992

By Barbara Fischkin, cross-posted from On The Issues Magazine....more

Enabling the Babysitter Addiction

I was reading Salon and found an article called My Babysitter Addiction. Interested, I clicked on it – and read a really honest and inspiring story from a woman who uses babysitters as part of her “global village” – you know, the one that’s supposed to help raise your child. She’s a single mother with a passel of kids, and she went from micro-managing her babysitters to allowing them to help her. In turn, she relaxed and was able to get more of her own identity back, and not just be “Mom” all the time....more

Vote for your gonads!

OBAMA CAMPAIGN: ‘VOTE LIKE YOUR LADY PARTS DEPEND ON IT’, but they “memoryholed” it ....more

Why I Vote Even When It Feels Pointless

Presidential debates and local elections are knocking on our door and things around here are going to get opinionated (more opinionated?). I’m just giving fair warning. As a citizen, a woman, a parent, and a spouse I, like you, have a stake in who will represent my needs in my local, state, and national governments. I take my privilege to vote quite seriously.I vote like it matters, because it does....more