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Ed Etc.

Slain Sandy Hook principal Dawn Hocksprung was a big fan of Twitter and a reader of Diane Ravitch's blog._____ ...more

Ten Years Ago Today

Yours truly joined the world of the bloggers and started this blog. It has resulted in 40,300 posts, millions of words, and several name changes to the blog's name, but I have enjoyed every minute of writing here and sharing my viewpoints, pictures, and links to reports and articles.I had thought of doing a "best of" here, but it is simply too much work.I intend to keep up this blog for another ten years if I am still around that ...more

The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

ARGENTINA Argentina Media Group Suffers Reversal in Court Ghana Ordered to Release Argentine Ship ...more

It Takes A Real Woman To Build Up A Real Man

In today's modern society we see a growing number of women leading independent, driven, and successful lives. Women are taking on multiple roles by becoming highly educated, productive, self sufficient, and empowered. Just 50 years ago most women (from a middle class stand point) were housewives and mothers. Their primary job was to run the house (cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc.), look after the children, and look good while doing it. Today most women do not even get married or have children until they are in their 30's....more

What if the NRA put their Money where we Hurt the Most?

The first thought in my head this morning was, "What if we didn't have to be afraid?"...more

Twitter Account of Westboro Baptist Church Spokesperson Hacked by Teen Hacker Cosmo the God

Too awful to contemplate: The church plans to picket at Sandy Hook funerals. Twitter Account of Westboro Baptist Church Spokesperson Hacked; Teen Hacker Cosmo the God Claims Responsibility ...more

NRA Darling Joe Scarborough Calls for Assault Weapons Ban (Video)

On today's Morning Joe show, Joe Scarborough, NRA darling, was eloquent in his call for an assault weapons ban -- in response to the horrific elementary school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut:  ...more

10 Video Tools for Graphic Designers

The mass popularity of video presents opportunities for graphic designers to dabble into video editing. Even if youíre not going to do video editing professionally, learn enough to make it part of your skill set, because video is likely to rule the future. Get started or become a pro with the following 10 video tools for graphic designers ....more

Many Twilight-Bashers Miss The Point

Look, I hate Twilight as much as the next person. Actually, I probably hate it more than most. Twilight does not do any favors for women—and it also does not do any favors in terms of its portrayal of vampires. And I like women. And I like vampires. Love them, even. Since I was in second or third grade. Vampires, I mean ....more