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All hail the matriarchy, and a note to the dudebros

That men are more likely to drop out of school, more likely to be incarcerated, and more likely to be portrayed as a buffoon in a commercial for oven cleaner is actually a “neglected form of sexism” perpetrated by feminists, says David Benatar, head of philosophy at Cape Town University and author of The Second Sexism. He has conjecture and out-of-context statistics to prove it. And of course the Guardian eats it all up unquestioningly, delivering Benatar’s time-honored MRA talking points as if they’re established and undeniable facts. ...more

Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

Promote away! ...more

Too Young to Retire, Too Old to Work

I understand what this woman is going through, but I would fare much, much worse on SS if I DON'T obtain full time work soon thanks to Nevada PERS and WEP. A lot of us were forced to retire LONG before we could qualify for ANYTHING.It's also a myth that people are "living longer." That isn't really true at all. Life expectancy at birth has gone up, but that doesn't translate into people "living longer." One's health starts to fall apart as early as 50, and many jobs are off limits as a result. ...more

Put Your Money in a Matress

It would do better there than in one of those fake 401(k) plans.They were designed for high-paid executives as savings plans to supplement their golden parachute retirement deals, but good ol' Congress fucked up again and opened the floodgates, not realizing or perhaps realizing, as Friedmanite/neoliberal religion was just getting a foothold there, to destroying the private pension system in this country:Here’s a question that you probably don’t want to answer honestly: What fees are you being charged by your 401(k) plan?Don’t feel bad if you haven’t got a clue, because that puts you in the majority. An AARP study a few years back found that 65 percent of 401(k) account-holders didn’t know they were even paying fees. ...more

Nixon Was a Worse Foul Ball Than We Ever Thought

Watergate alone was bad, but I'd argue it's legacy is far, far, far worse. I don't think political discourse would be as bad as it is now if it hadn't been for Nixon's personal demons overtaking him and nearly bring down the country as a result.Watergate, at bottom, was a successful attempt to rig Nixon's 1972 re-election by tampering with the opposition party in the primaries. The seeds of it began as soon as he took office, but Nixon's paranoia that he wouldn't be re-elected was the catalyst.Ed Muskie, the Democrats' strongest candidate in 1972, was the focus. George McGovern, an honorable man to be sure but basically a one-issue candidate (Vietnam), was the man Nixon's boys wanted for he would be the easiest for him to beat.Contrary to widespread belief, it was NOT clear Nixon would be re-elected, so rigging the election was paramount. ...more

Do You Want Your 9 Year Old on Facebook?

Rumors that Facebook may soon allow children under the age of 13 to use Facebook "with supervision" prompted Cool Mom Tech to take a look at the idea. They have quite a few concerns, but did find a few positives in the idea. They explain, ...more
Even though husband and I are tech savvy and we want our kids to be as well, they will not have ...more

Tarot! Get your tarot!

Hi guys. As some of you, but not most of you, know – I read tarot. Not because I’m a creepy “let me tell you your future, child… oh yes, a tall, handsome man approaches…” – type (Jesus, at least I hope so), but because I have found that tarot is good for predicting the present. As opposed to the future. The rules are simple: I do most of my readings via essay form in e-mail nowadays. Readings are also available via Skype. Sometimes, they can be harder to schedule, due to time differences (I’m in Moscow), but I’ve had some success with North American and UK people recently, so it can be done. Sometimes, an adorable infant will coo in the background, adding to your general reading experience. Prices range from $30 to $100 per reading, depending on your preferences and how we decide to approach your question. Different spreads suit different lines of inquiry. ...more

Krugman vs. Estonia

Johns Hopkins University economist Steve Hanke on why New York Times columnist Paul Krugman is wrong about Estonia‘s tax and spending reforms. ...more

What Do You Expect With Neolibs Running the Show?

Our "elected" officials in Washington have absolutely NO intention in improving the economy when in fact they WANT high unemployment so that wages and benefits are driven to third world levels. It is gospel in the discredited neoliberal economic theory, but they persist with it, facts be damned.ALL of America can be considered a "dead zone," and all of it is by design.The entire state of Nevada can be called a "dead zone" for its reliance on low-wage, "low-skill" labor. So can southern Oregon, with its over-reliance on tourism and the retirement "industry." ...more

I Suspect This Author Doesn't Understand

Obama isn't naive--he is PART of the problem in this country because he is basically one of the GOP. Call him a mole or a Manchurian candidate, he is what he is. He's doing exactly what his masters want him to do, which is against what the American people want him to do.Obama DOES have contempt for the people who voted for him as much as for those who didn't. ...more