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Free giveaways Photo Studio Pro for mac user

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Is Malala Safe? An Update on the Young Heroine of Pakistan

I promised I would give you an update on Malala Yousufzai, the 14-year-old Pakistani girl who was shot and nearly killed by the Pakistan Taliban because she dared to defy them and fearlessly advocated for the education of girls. She is moving her hands and legs, but she is still in critical condition. ...more
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Open Source and getting bored of WordPress

I’ve been using WordPress for many years since b2 (sort of) died. I liked blogging my photographs during my early years in college, and I also liked having the ability to work with the source code and create templates. I attribute a lot of my web development knowledge and financial success with WordPress. For a handful of personal reasons, the community has left a lot to be desired ....more

NO Society Can Survive Neoliberal Policies

Public education's destruction is the deadliest of all, and the elites are waging naked class warfare on everybody else in the name of "vocational training" while the real purpose of public ed is being destroyed: ...more

It’s A Zoo In My Freezer!

As I’ve mentioned before, there are 2 squirrels in my freezer. They are accompanied by the standard beef, pork, and chicken and also some squid. Until last night, there was a lovely piece of speed goat (prong horn) generously provided by a new friend. Yes, give me game meat, we become friends.  It’s that easy, folks ....more