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The Difference Between Online Criticism and Hate

There's not that fine a line between constructive criticism and hurtful commentary online as Hems for Her discovered on a recent post. The clear distinction comes when people stop addressing the image or the words or the facts at hand and start attacking the person herself. I love the confidence with which she addresses the people who aim to take her down, who fail at their task when she refuses to bite at their words. ...more
I think that it's natural thing o all human being to show  hatred once you feel frustrated by ...more

The Charlotte Shuffle

 Last week somebody sent me a link to a video which does a side by side comparison of Obama speeches from the 2008 campaign with those he’s using in this 2012 election cycle. They are nearly identical. ...more

How to Quit Facebook

I was chatting with some friends recently and one mentioned that she’d taken a break from Facebook.  She was deciding between getting back into it, and just quitting altogether.  She said she was on “Facebook Life Support” which I thought was pretty funny! ...more

How to open links in a new Tab on the iPad

Because the iPad has a larger screen it’s able to offer Tabs in Safari. The iPhone and iPod touch have smaller screens, so use separate Pages instead. Here’s how to open up links on either device without losing the Page you’re already viewing.  How to open links in a new Tab on the iPad Mac Tip #550, 05 September 2012 When you’re surfing the web on your iPhone or iPad it can be particularly annoying to tap on a ...more

President Obama's DNC Speech: Don't Give Up Hope

On Thursday, President Obama took to the stage at the Democratic National Convention to convince the American people why they should vote him into a second term. He didn’t need to sell the 20,000 people in Time-Warner Arena. After Michelle Obama’s personal appeal and former President Bill Clinton’s hard-hitting message how past Republican administrations had hurt the middle-class, the faithful were already whipped up in a frenzy, waving flags and chanting, “Fired up!...more
If this doesn't fire up middle-class voters, especially middle-class unregistered voters, I ...more

Black Women Need to Be Heard on Health Issues

Political strategist Atima Omara-Alwala channels Sojourner Truth and reminds us that policymakers and the media need to pay more attention to the opinions of African Americans. ...more

Obama: 'Welfare Recipients, Immigrants &

Liberal Politics Feminist News Gender ...more

Obama's Speech, Celebs Speak, and Gabby Leads the Pledge: DNC in Tweets

The last day of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC, was full of celebrities, touching moments, rousing speeches (I'm looking at YOU, Jen Granholm!), and -- finally -- President Obama's speech accepting the nomination. And social media was following right along: A new record political moment on Twitter: @barackobama drives 52,757 Tweets per minute. Over 9 million Tweets sent about #DNC2012....more
 @Stacy Morrison OMGoodness, Stacy! I hope you got some rest! You were the Head Cheerleader last ...more

Proof of How Far Democrats Have Gone Astray

of bedrock principles includes the current attitude toward unionization and public education. What a goddamned piece of shit lying, incompetent, and crooked Michelle Rhee is. She doesn't deserve any goddamned respect. This unfit, sociopathic individual is allowed to ingratiate herself to one of the major political parties because you have Obama and Duncan who support the same horseshit. Horseshit that DOES not work at all but allows corporations and billionaires to make money off of something that should be sacred to all, and that is the education of our children and the RIGHT of those children to have free, public, NEIGHBORHOOD schools.The Black Agenda Report ALWAYS has it right: ...more

Post 40,000

It'll be ten years in December that I started this blog back in 2002. A lot of words have been written, a lot of article excerpts have been copied and pasted, and a lot has happened outside of the internet in those ten years.In 2002, I was 47 years old, living in Nevada, and gainfully employed as a public school teacher. Today I am 57 years old, living with my brother and sleeping on a couch in my hometown of Medford, Oregon, and I am totally destitute while trying to get my career back on track. I am now resorting to begging online and trying to sell possessions, and neither has been successful. ...more