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Porny ads couldn’t save American Apparel; the company has filed for bankruptcy

American Apparel, known for their hypersexualized ads featuring young women, finally filed for bankruptcy. Video shows California cops punching unarmed woman in brutal arrest for a seatbelt violation. Why the founder of #ShoutYourAbortion had to go into hiding ....more

En español: Argentina vs Uruguay in NYC

Compare and contrast: Full show here ....more

Will treating porn like a drug addiction help?

Last week CTV’s W5 aired a two-part series on internet porn. Part one focused on the way in which ever-younger children were becoming consumed with violent pornography, causing them to become “addicted” to it. It is truly frightening that kids are growing up with this kind of imagery and that their first exposure to any kind of sex “education” teaches them that degrading and abusing women equals sex ....more

New iPhone & iOS 9 Tips & Tricks

The record-breaking 4+ million pre-orders of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus caused quite a stir recently, as did the release of iOS 9. And while there were some surprises – Wi-Fi Assist threw some people for a loop – overall reception has been fantastic....more

Grey Brain Matters

Monsanto is at it again and this time they are using what I call “academic influence” tactics I actually learned about as a young girl. This carefully orchestrated dance of discreetly hidden influence is the issue as I see it in the PR war on misinformation regarding GMOs. ...more

A True American Revolutionary: Rest in Power, Grace Lee Boggs (1915-2015)

Grace Lee Boggs — revered civil rights activist and scholar and Asian American feminist hero — passed away this morning. She was 100. Founder of the Boggs Center and co-founder of Detroit Summer, Boggs lived a life dedicated to activism and social justice, with her efforts focused in particular on inner city...more

I Have No Guns, But You Still Can't Take Them

I grew up around guns. Why can't we have "responsible" gun ownership?...more

Working At Home: Answering Questions

There are a few sites out there that will pay you for answering questions or providing advice. Many of these will not support a full-time income, but will give you extra spending money. Working at Home Answering Questions Create Pool Create Pool is a website where you are the expert ....more

Why I refuse to join the NRA

I’ve been trying to write this post since last evening, since the most recent mass shooting. I recite a response in my head, over and over again but cannot put my feelings into mere words. When the Ebola crisis struck we had an immediate government and healthcare response. There is more outrage over undocumented immigrants than the number of people killed by guns. Don’t quote to me that more cars kill people then guns. Tell me when the last time a car was used with the intent to kill a classroom of children?...more

The Coolest Armor of Minecraft

This going with the theme of tools! It is armor. Most items that are used in in tools are used in armor because of that I am going to assume you ...more