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Open Thread with Screech Owl In A Hornet

“Fod”, a Screech Owl found in the wheel well of an F/A 18 Hornet on the flight deck of USS Harry S. Truman in 2008, features...more

A Must See Movie: The Imitation Game

Keira Knightly and Benedict Cumberbatch in The Imitation Game. I don’t normally review movies here, but I’m making an exception of this film about the early beginnings of the computer because I think it’s a must see for anyone working with a computer. The Imitation Game stars Benedict Cumberbatch as English mathematician and logician, Alan Turing ....more

Sims 4 Career Top 3 Charts

With the introduction of two new Sims 4 careers and the rebalancing of the existing ones. I took some time to do some deep analysis of the new career landscape. Many of the nitty gritty details of the careers can be found on the Career guide I wrote for SimsVIP right here ....more

The Interview. Yes, The Interview

I plunked down $6 and watched it on YouTube. You should, too. Parts of it reminded me of Fidel Castro taking Barbara Walters for a ride back in the day, by land, and by sea, in preparation for Barbara Walters’s interviews of Fidel Castro ....more

This Never Should Have Been Allowed

I know so-called "surrogacy" has been legal for years and is fairly common, but as far as I am concerned it is another form of prostitution, what with it exploiting desperate women so some well-to-do couple can have their "own" children. At least more or less their "own."Can you imagine a kid growing up in this kind of situation and finding out in adulthood that he or she has been brought up in a twisted, perverted arrangement? At least with adoption it can be explained, but how in the hell can you explain exploiting a kid's birth mother and paying her for the "service"?Worse still is the risk for custody battles between the birth mother and the couple.It should never have been allowed in the first place, but this is what happens when you have this "libertarian" nonsense seeping into public policy.Good southern Oregon has joined the fray of exploiting women for profit.This is distinctly sick ....more

Argentina: Top Gear hot water

The Top Gear Christmas special airs this weekend on on December 27 and 28. The lads covered a lot of ground, And they were run out of town: Top Gear Christmas Special: What really happened in Patagonia? Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond arrived in Argentina in September to film the Top Gear Christmas Special ....more

Some Reads for Today

I didn't bother to post anything here yesterday not because it was Christmas but because it was hard to get on the site with this ancient computer and through that ISP provider.I just decided to hell with it and took the day off from blogging.I came across a few articles to post here today, like I do most days when I don't feel like go into any detail about a topic.Of course the Rolling Stone article about the UVA rape allegations needs to be investigated. The whole issue wasn't the veracity of the woman but of the apparent journalistic malpractice committed by the reporter of the piece and the lack of fact-checking the sensational allegations._____What in the goddamned hell is the matter with cities that they would employ VOLUNTEERS in presidential motorcades? I sure as hell never, ever again want to see another Dallas, Texas, situation, to say nothing of the extreme safety risk of using somebody without any kind of security clearance._____ ...more

Protect your Data during Holiday Travel

You’re dreaming of a white Christmas, and hackers are dreaming of a green Christmas: your cash in their pockets. And hackers are everywhere, and are a particular threat to travelers....more

Should You Use Near-Field Communications?

Have you ever wondered what kind of superpower you’d have? I’ve always wanted to send messages and ideas with my mind to others. My dream can sort of come true with near-field communications (NFC)....more

Here's How American Girl Responded to My Open Letter on Diversity

I'm surprised they responded. So, in short, white children are more than welcome to buy these ...more