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Chicken. Egg.

 Am I a bad mom because I'm depressed, or am I depressed because I'm a bad mom?...more

Romney Skewered by Candidate He Endorsed?

Indiana GOP Senate candidate Richard Mourdock told debate viewers last night that he opposes abortion even in the case of rape, because pregnancy from rape is “something that God intended to happen.” This occurred just as Mourdock’s campaign unveiled a new on-camera endorsement from Mitt Romney ....more

I Require Quirk in the Workplace

So, working in a bookshop means that I get to work with some of the most kindest and strangest people on earth - and I mean that in the most flattering way.My boss recently admitted that we could do with a little more quirk in the store, just to generate some personality and humor between us and the customer.My face lit up at this suggestion. I have been pushing for quirk for years. This was the new beginning.So some of us started spit-balling, if you will. Kelloggs decided that he'd like to put a sign underneath this book:...more

Obama Said "Fewer" NOT None

I keep reading these talking points supposedly refuting what Obama said about the "horses and bayonets" at Monday's joke of a debate. People I went to high school with and who I friended on Facebook keep posting the same hogwash over and over again misquoting Obama.He never said ANYTHING about the military no longer using "horses and bayonets." He said we have fewer of them now than in 1916 because the greater technology in warfare. ...more

Voting with Integrity

I'm through voting for the lesser of two evils. Throughout my 33-year voting history, casting ballots for presidents, governors, senators, mayors, city council people, only three of the hundreds of candidates I've voted for—Carter, Clinton and Gore—were candidates I actually believed in. The rest were merely the lesser of two evils....more

Interview with MacKenzie Mason – Come Fall in Love with the New Cortana!

The Halo franchise has been undergoing quite a few changes with the shift in regime that has officially started with Halo 4 (and unofficially with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary). One of these changes, in case you weren’t aware, involves Cortana, the lovely yet rather chatty and annoying AI who accompanied Master Chief during his personal war with [...] ...more

Free ‘Resident Evil 6′ Updated Confirmed for December

On Wednesday Capcom confirmed that an update for Resident Evil 6 will be available in “mid-December” for PS3 and Xbox 360 owners. The update will add a “No Hope” mode which is supposed to be “really tough,” as well as co-op for Ada Wong’s campaign. Because, you know, we were totally waiting for that. In [...] ...more

Pregnancy caused by rape is a gift, ladies, so say thank you!

Can Republicans stop talking about rape now? Or maybe keep talking, so we know what they really think? ...more

Electoral Healing

I’ve believed for some time now that we should throw out the antiquated and essentially undemocratic electoral college. Why am I voting for an “elector” and not for the president? Why should a handful of swing states decide the election? How is that fair to the rest of us? Shouldn’t the popular vote be paramount? Why do I live in Texas? How did I end up here? How is a third of my life already over (through the wonders of ...more