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Professional Development at any level

(disponible en français à Whatever the level of instruction, the issues related to professional development remain pretty consistent. PD has to do with bettering ourselves as teachers and, since our clientele and curricula are constantly changing, this practice of self-improvement must be an ongoing endeavor as well. Here are some topics of professional development that we can see at any level, from elementary through university: Classroom management late arrivals inappropriate cell phone use (yes, even in elementary school…) ...more

2012 Presidential Election Season Breast Cancer is Benefiting From President Obama Health Care Reform act.

New York Times, Robert Graham and Hybrid Medical Media Reporting From MD Anderson In The Houston Medical Center In the 2012 Presidential Election Season Breast Cancer is benefiting from President Obama Health Care Reform act. Houston ( AP) In the 2012 Presidential Election season Breast Cancer is benefiting from President Obama Health Care Reform act....more

U.S. Women Poised for a Radical Tune-Up; Here's Why

Tonight's Roosevelt Institute panel at Women's eNews looks at the challenges of low-wage female workers. That recalls a 1981 classic book by Zillah Eisenstein, who understood the condition of women as a dimension of larger patterns of oppression ....more

Female Olympians Count Their Post-Game Winnings

U.S. female Olympic medalists may be closing the gender gap on post-game income. Gabby Douglas could earn millions over the next four years and swimmer Missy Franklin is turning down big offers to keep her eligibility for college sports. ...more

Colorado Women For Romney Rock!

I really enjoyed my first trip out with Women for Romney last week in Denver, CO.  The Colorado Women for Romney coalition members were so warm and welcoming as was the wonderful crowd at the rally. Laurie Romney, Governor Romney’s daughter-in-law, was on hand and the crowd really enjoyed her personal insights.  What was clear from her talk is that you’re a pretty lucky person when you have Mitt Romney on your side.  America will certainly be lucky when he’s on our side in the White House! Liz Cheney spoke eloquently about the crippling effects of the failed p...more
 @Grand New Mom I have a whole list of reasons. Check out the "Get to know Mitt" page on ...more

In Silvio Canto’s podcast

talking about Latin America with Silvio and Ray Walser, Senior Policy Analyst, THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION. You can listen here. ...more


How did the dog know to put the puppies on the firetruck? ...more

Drive carefully with Apple Maps


A Pessimistic Presidential Candidate?

An unyielding optimist, I expect a Presidential Candidate to demonstrate optimism to the American people. Instead, he does the opposite. He denounces 47% of the American people. But the remaining 53% of us are somehow connected to the 47% "victims."  Those Americans are our children going to college, our senior citizen parents and the store clerk at our favorite grocery store. He is pessimistic about his shot for the presidency....more
 @Grand New Mom  Thanks for taking the time to read.more

Integrating Your Digital with Traditional Marketing in 2013

A few weeks ago we discussed the online marketing trends for 2013; now we are going to bring offline marketing into the mix. Let’s analyze trends, identify areas where your marketing strategy can be improved upon, and integrate your offline marketing to make sure that next year’s plan is even better than the last.1. Email Trends ...more