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The Precious

I have a fake engagement ring.It’s huge. It’s pink. It’s sparkly and takes up half of my finger. If don’t even think the stone is as upscale as a cubic zirconia – more like an accidentally well-shaped bubble of plastic that was left out in the heat....more

Grandma's Self Image

I LOVE being a Grandma! I have never been one of those that have said “I’m not ready to be a Grandma!”  I have a healthy self image and I’m not at all worried about looking like a Grandma either…Or am I?I’ve had some funny things happen to me in just the last month or so… ...more

Three Kings Day ( Dia de Reyes)

Today is the last day of Christmas. Also known as the feast of the Epiphany, Three Kings Day or Dia de Reyes. In Mexico, as I had mentionedbefore, this means that children receive gifts from the Reyes Magos (Magi) instead of Santa....more

The Case for Pinterest

  Slate recently ran an article about Pinterest by Farhad Manjoo that, although not entirely negative, wasn't exactly complimenta...more
Pinterest is awesome! I love the app so much!more


Sometimes as a blogger, I feel as if I'm speaking in to a void.  I look at a previous post and don't see any comments or tags.  Yesterday, I received an important lesson in stats and numbers.Yesterday's post was about who you are.  In the post, I used one word to describe myself.  A little while after the blog posted, I received a private message from a reader.  It touched my heart, but would not have been comfortable or appropriate for her to post as a comment....more

Teaching My Asian Daughters to be Strong and Confident

By Frances Kai-Hwa Wang A few years ago, I took a seminar called, "Raising Strong and Confident Daughters." My husband laughed at me. "Could our daughters be any stronger or more confident?" ...more
Awesome post!  Thank you--another addendum I add to story time, if it happens to be of the ...more

Franz Enzenhofer's Google Image Search by Drawing

This Google Image Search by Drawing web app is a really cool application of Google’s “Search by Image” functionality and HTML5 canvas illustration. Basically, you can draw an image, drag & drop an image, or take a webcam photo (Flash needed for that one), and submit to search Google Images that look like your query. “Search by Image” isn’t perfect, but it’s great for when you’re not sure if your amazing logo design looks like hundreds already out there . ...more

i am strong at the broken places

The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places. ~Ernest Hemingway~ ...more

American vs. Finnish Schools

 Today I read an extremely articulate article about the comparison between American and Finnish Schools. Read about it HERE!...more

Stumbling to Perfection

Stumbling to Perfection...more