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Let them code games about cake

I’ve spent a good bit of my life living and working in places that many of my colleagues would not drive through in the middle of the day with the windows rolled up and the car doors locked, so you’ll have to excuse me if I am a bit cynical about the latest push to teach everyone to code. I’m not opposed to coding, in fact, I am greatly in favor of it. It is tied with drinking Chardonnay for favorite activity for which you do not have to get naked ....more

Washoe County School District Gossip: Martinez Sues

As expected, fired superintendent Pedro Martinez has filed suit against the Washoe County School District. His attorney filed two actions against it: one for an injunction against the Board of Trustees prohibiting them to schedule their kangaroo hearing for next Tuesday and the other for breach of contract and violation of the Open Meeting Law.As we should know by now, no matter what one thinks of Pedro Martinez, he is in the right here. It doesn't matter what the board claims he did, for what the BOARD did in violating the law is the issue.A couple of my comments following the article in response to other comments:The entire fiasco is disturbing ....more

Open Thread with Marutaro

Marutaro, aka The Cutest Hedgehog In The World, features for this week’s Open Thread. Please natter/chatter/vent/rant on anything* you like over this weekend and throughout the week. Marutaro the hedgehog portrayed in cat mode | via Neatorama So, what have you been up to? ...more

5 Most Addicting Puzzle Apps

5 Most Addicting Puzzle Apps I love puzzle apps! There is something about beating my last score, beating my sister if it’s an interactive game and well just frankly my addictive personality just loves playing games that challenge me. Looking for a way to KILL your weekend? ...more

Summer Star Gazing Made Easy

With temperatures peaking in the low one-hundreds these days, the most pleasant time is night time when it comes to being outside (unless there is a waterslide involved). Is there anything fun and family friendly that you can do at night that doesn’t include...more

Aruba: Venezuelan consul detained on drug charges

The other pollos. Three chavistas indicted for conspiring with Colombian FARC drug traffickers to export cocaine to the U.S.: Hugo Carvajal, a.k.a. “”el Pollo,” a former chief of Venezuelan military intelligence, detained in Aruba while...more

Black is the New Pink

My daughter Tink (not her real name) is about to turn 9, and everything is changing. She has always been sassy, smart, and fearless, but until last year, she preferred to do it in various shades of pink....more

After 17 days, here’s the “Butchers’ Bill” for the Gaza Conflict

Last week, I blogged about the cost of our silence on the occupation of Gaza. I talked about the power of the Butchers’ Bill in...more

Case study in “smart diplomacy”: Bolivia

My latest article, Case study in “smart diplomacy”: Bolivia, is up at Da Tech Guy Blog ....more

An Open Letter to Weird Al

Al, Can I call you Al? I mean, we’ve been through so much these nearly 36 years now. I mean, I’ve shared all 35 of my birthdays with you ....more