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Wow! If you have been wanting to learn way to sell your homemade items on Facebook, check out this great freebie! Right now on on Amazon you can get this handy Sell Your Crafts On Facebook! ...more

What has the Bloody Government Ever Done for Us?

So it turns out that Boehner knows that fixing the roads and bridges before they fall apart altogether is important. He thinks he can find the money for that out of tax “reform” that is somehow or another...more

Do Investors Have Bad Families?

What’s it like starting a company with your spouse? I get this question fairly often. Several times now, I’ve heard investors say they don’t like to invest in couples, while in the same breath saying that they like to invest in companies with co-founders who have known each other a long time ....more

Contesting Monday 1/26

Have some great giveaways going on over at your site? Want to enter some fabulous giveaways and win great stuff? Either way, that makes this the place for you! ...more

What is ATM Skimming?

Ever hear of a crime called skimming? It may not be as dramatic a crime as assault or Ponzi schemes, but it can cause significant problems to you as your  savings account can be wiped out in a flash....more

Appointing School Boards is a Lousy Idea

just like mayoral control or emergency managers. If you think cronyism and corruption are bad with school boards, it would be vastly worse with appointed people who would be nothing more than political hacks with an agenda.With Washoe County School District, the mess with Pedro Martinez was just an opening for the privatizers to try and get a foothold and subvert democracy.After all, they aren't about democracy at all. That's why they are so intent on abolishing public education.It's all about education for the tiny number of elites, and no education for the rest of us.Snip: There are instances where democracy is not always called for in choosing public jobs ....more

The Olympics Aren't Enough for Rio's Guanabara Bay

One of the main selling points of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics was the so-called legacy of the games. The events meant the government would have to move forward with investments made in transportation, roads, airports, and other infrastructure, benefitting host cities. In the case of the Olympics, one of the big legacy elements was the clean-up of the Guanabara Bay ....more

Parents Should Be Charged With Child Neglect

Any parent who fails to vaccinate his or her children should be criminally charged. I am not kidding. To hell with idiotic beliefs about vaccines and autism, which there is NO link--this is about public safety, pure and simple.There is NO excuse this day and age for any parent not vaccinating his or her child from infectious diseases that were rampant when I was a little kid.My mother told me I had measles when I was around three years old ....more

Time for that Good Old Divide-and-Conquer Routine

If politicians like Rand Paul are upset with some people getting something for nothing, he really should be looking in the mirror.The most worthless shits are members of Congress.It's all propaganda, of course. Paul, unless he is a blithering idiot, doesn't actually believe what he is spewing, but it gets some people all mad at other people while the people Paul REALLY represents, the rich, can continue to steal from the rest of us.The ONLY reason there is an increase in disability claims is because of a change of demographics as baby boomers become too old to be able to work. Of course, just because somebody applies for disability doesn't mean he or she will get it ....more