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Tips: Find Family Friendly Videos For #Kids With YouTube Kids #App

Because kids have access to browsers on many devices they can roam the internet which can result in kids seeing inappropriate content. The best defense for parents is to make sure they educate their kids on internet safety and have regular safety talks -so communication between kids and their parents is key. Along with that, introducing family friendly apps can also help kids stay within the boundaries of family friendly content ....more

Some of Us Don't Have the Luxury

of waiting to take Social Security later. Some of us were victimized by employers in our fifties and have never been able to get back on our feet. Some of us don't have spouses or have never had spouses, and therefore all of the advice is worthless and doesn't apply.It's typical one-percenter garbage geared to fellow one-percenters ....more

9 Asian American Coming-of-Age Movies That Aren’t the Joy Luck Club

Last week, Colorlines published a list of 9 coming-of-age movies starring (and focusing on) people of colour. While I usually enjoy most articles that Colorlines puts out, I was frankly a little disappointed in the Asian American representation in the list: our sole entry was Wayne Wang’s adaptation of the Joy Luck Club, also the second oldest (behind Boys ‘N Tha Hood) on the list. Don’t get me twisted: I appreciate the effort to include Asian Americans on this list of POC coming-of-age films, and Joy Luck Club deserves respect as one of the first, and most mainstream, of Asian American films ....more

Apps that All Women must Have

There are apps out there that are great for just about everyone. Then, there are apps that are specially-made for women. In fact, there are some apps that all women should have, which are going to help make their lives much easier. Here are our top picks, with most available from App Store.1. Period Tracker Lite ...more

Colombia: Hello FARC, good-bye rule of law

Colombia’s new Supreme Court president is not quite in Marie Harf’s “jobs for ISIS” class, but comes close: When it comes to ending FARC violence, he thinks that denying justice to the FARC’s victims and offering the rebels minimal penalties (e.g., community service in lieu of prison) for their war crimes solves the problem. Mary O’Grady has the story of how the FARC wants amnesty by claiming that Colombia’s military is as guilty of war crimes as they are. Kidnapping, murder, extortion, drug trade, child soldiers, raping women and forced abortion: what the FARC stands for ....more

Monday Reads and Outrages

It shouldn't come as a surprise at all given inequality is actually federal policy._____ ...more

That's Just the Way It Is

Very rarely do "Best Picture" Oscars consist of the best film of that year or the most popular one.Oftentimes it is a film that makes one feel good or it is a biopic. Sometimes it is a critically acclaimed movie that simply needs more help at the box office, like Birdman.What I would like to know is when the term "The Academy Awards" was jettisoned in favor of "The Oscars."Well, I found the answer. The Academy "rebranded" it two years ago in order to attract a younger audience.It wasn't necessary ....more

The Putinesco Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Everything old is new again, so this week’s word is Putinesco, the 21st century non-Soviet. ARGENTINA DEBKA investigation: A fake Iranian “defector” assassinated Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman Witness is latest in string of false ‘leaks’ Argentina, Iran and the strange death of Alberto Nisman The death of a prosecutor investigating links between Buenos Aires and Tehran has quickly gone from being a criminal case to a political affair It always was. BOLIVIA ...more

How Virginians Act in the Snow

evrythngthnsome lol! Yep!!!!!more

Basic SEO Practices. 3 Small Things that will Help your SEO.

SEO can be a very confusing and intimidating topic. You may have heard the term SEO thrown around but have no idea what it means. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization ....more