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Carly Fiorina, Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum, and how the GOP will fail in their courtship of the AAPI vote

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina It should come as no surprise that...more

My struggle with religion! Where is "God"??

I love National Public Radio. Our local station is WHRV, and I listen to it most of the time. I especially love Morning Edition and BBC Newshour. In fact I also love the Cathy Lewis show, and Fresh Air. Okay, I love it all. There have been many times I have sat in my car in the driveway, or in the parking lot at school, and been late just so I can listen to a program. All the while thinking, “just a few more minutes”. I like listening to public radio because I feel smarter when I do....more

Not everything is political

I started this blog in order to create a place where I could talk about politics and not offend the readers of my “normal” blog – but in the years that I’ve been blogging,... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ...more

Unschooling: Screen Time

A lot of unschooling families I know (or read about), and a lot of families whose kids attend democratic schools, do not limit screen time for children. We’re one of them. We are a pro-screen family....more

Taking a Blog Vacation

Summer is coming too quickly, and as I am planning a week’s vacation with my family, I am also planning for a week’s vacation from my blog. It got me thinking about what to do when want to take a week (or more) off from your blog. Any blogger can tell you that time away means you are going to lose readers ....more

What’s Current: #SayHerName — Families seek justice in overlooked police killings of black women

#BlameOneNotAll is the new #NotAllMen. “Do men who don’t hurt women actually need to be congratulated?” Women are asked to take notes during meetings and bring cupcakes for office parties and other examples of subtle office sexism. Photo credit: Kimbali Ke at “Growing old artistically: Five role models for women.” The creative flames of female artists tend to burn brighter with age ....more

Thursday Etc.

So much for the vaunted "superiority" of private schools.I feel boarding schools should not be allowed at all because of the liability._____ ...more

Is Venezuela dollarizing?

Officially, they won’t, but in practice, yes: Venezuela Embraces the Dollar—Reluctantly Increasing dollarization reflects doubt in President Maduro’s ability to boost a sclerotic economy and halt a plummeting currency From real estate to cars to even some cheaper goods like health-care products, an increasing number of vendors demand dollars—or its black market equivalent in bolivars, now about 350, several times the official rate. That prices out most Venezuelans, who can’t get greenbacks because of complex currency controls the government uses to prevent capital flight. Those controls have helped exacerbate class divisions between those who hold only bolivars and those with access to dollars, undermining Mr ....more

Is your Website and Data secure?

Imagine a lifeguard at the beach sitting on his perch. His job is to patrol and monitor for signs of trouble. He sees a surfer being attacked by a shark. Wow, a lot of good it does that he’s in a completely helpless position; by the time he scrambles off his perch and runs towards the water, the victim has bled out. Ouch....more

Reading between the lines: Moldovan journalists embrace balanced reporting

After gender sensitivity training and follow-up self-assessment exercises run by UN Women, coverage of women has nearly doubled in 17 print and online Moldovan media outlets. ...more