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He's Still Sticking Up For That Con Artist

"Love" will make you do stupid things, but then Kitz should be using the brain between his ears rather than the one between his legs.He's still defending his crooked girlfriend instead of kicking this albatross to the curb like he should. Of course he will get re-elected because he has a nutjob for an opponent, but "Cylvia" will still be there dragging him and the state down.It's going to take a lot of strength for me to hold my stomach and vote for Kitz, just like it took all of my strength to select Obama for president in 2008 ....more

Washoe County School District Gossip

The Board of Trustees, instead of meeting to submit their resignations, met yesterday to talk about how they were going to find some puppet to replace dumped superintendent Pedro Martinez.The Board still faces an onslaught of justifiable criticism for their illegality and waste of hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money forcing Martinez out.Video of the proceedings: Meanwhile, there is at least one potential sacrificial lamb who could be selected to serve that corrupt Board ....more

Could Mexico become the next Russia?

In Russia, Putin is king. Paul Roderick Gregory writes that Putin’s Reaction To Sanctions Is Destroying The Economy And China Won’t Help Things are not going well for Vladimir Putin. The price of oil and the ruble continue to fall ....more

keep blooming

How To Start Selling Items on Amazon

Twenty Years ago if you heard the word ...more

What’s Your Click IQ?

The recent celebrity photo hacks are an unfortunate reminder of how devastating or embarrassing it can be to have your data compromised.  But celebrities are not the only ones getting hacked. Cybercriminals aren’t choosy—they’ll send malicious texts, emails, and website links to Jennifer Lawrence and your grandma. And while the celebrity hacks are more publicized, the fact is, every day, hundreds of ordinary people are falling prey to phishing scams.So how can you protect yourself from these cybercriminals? The best defense is actually you....more

Why is everyone angry?

Is it me or is everyone incredibly angry these days?  Facebook, Twitter, people giving the finger on my commute.... everywhere I look around me people are angry.  Now this to me slaps in the face the idea that life is too short.  I get people have days of anger, I myself fall to them often enough but it seems like no one is ever happy anymore.  When I am out and about and smile and happily say hello to the girl at Dunkin, she seems stunned.  People are hitting the close button incessantly on the elevator.  Everyone seems out for themselves....more
So true, people seldom smile.  Keep that attitude that's what we need now a days.  Thanks for ...more

Teasing Death

Met this guy the other day. Evyl stood his ground The TeenBot sized him up. Besides, there was a bear in a sombrero there for back-up ....more

Thunderbirds, Thunderbirds...Hooo!

This past Sunday we went to the Melbourne Air Show held at the Melbourne Airport and saw the United States Air Force Thunderbirds. How far would you walk to see an air show? Traffic was so hectic that we parked two miles away from the entrance....more

A Real Woman

Yesterday, I gave a list of what I believed does and does not make up a "real man."  Today, I would like to share the story of a "real woman."  I am proud to say I know this woman. Last week, my co-worker left for lunch.  As she waited in her truck for her lunch companion, she witnessed a boyfriend yelling at his girlfriend as they both pushed small children in strollers.  To her shock, she then witnessed him slap her. I personally don't recommend her next action though to be honest, I would do the very same thing....more