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Angel or Not - Who Deserves to Be Shot?

I wasn't really going to say much on the Michael Brown shooting that occurred in Ferguson, Mo. a few weeks ago.  There's so much going on and everybody's got an opinion, mine would seem a small voice in the chorus.  But I just wanted to say this....more

Refusing to Vaccinate Leads to Outbreaks

August is National Immunization Awareness Month. I get it. The decision to vaccinate yourself or your child is a contentious subject. Stacy Morrison's post at the beginning of the month (or more specifically the comments it generated) proved that point. This conversation is important and the facts are important - even if it isn't (in some circles) popular. The comments section got very heated, and I think Stacy did a fantastic job of staying above the fray without backing down on her stance. ...more
samanthamarieB I appreciate you taking the time to read this - and I was curious about what you ...more

And the Winner is ... (The Emmy Awards - beyond TV)

The 66th Emmy Awards ceremony is now complete.  But why should people of television have all the fun?  Shouldn't we all be presenting and receiving awards on a regular basis?  By the end of this post, I think you will agree!...more


 The New York Times, in an article that was otherwise contemplative and measured, said that Michael Brown, the young man who was shot and killed in Ferguson on August 9th, was “no angel”. People are, understandably, upset about that choice of words. Indeed, even the author of the article said that he would change them if he had another edit....more

#BlackLivesMatter: The Irony Behind “Black On Black” Crime

“I guess the heat does make people crazy…and before you know it, crazy becomes normal” -Huey Freeman, The Boondocks....more

How to tell if your Computer has a Virus

Your computer probably has a virus if you can answer “Yes” to any of the questions below:Is your computer running quite slowly?A virus often causes a computer to run slowly. But realize that this symptom can also mean that a computer needs more memory, or that the hard disk needs defragmenting. It can also mean spyware or adware is present....more