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Barbie Can Suck It

I’ve been looking for a set of lamps, and today I found a pair I liked. They’re simple, stainless steel, with a cool shade. When I got home, I bumped into my sweet, 75 year-old widowed neighbour, Mr. Gunderson. He inspected the lamps, even putting his glasses on for a better look. “I really love those. Reminds me of Jayne Mansfield. Va Va Voom.” He winked at me. I was confused, and didn’t know what he was talking about, until I got into the house and took a really good look at them.Here’s a close-up....more

The Secret Lives of Boys - Part 1

I grew up in a household overrun with women. With 3 older sisters and a take-charge mother who ran the household, it was very much a matriarchal set up. Despite having 1 brother and an emotionally unavailable and wholly uninvolved father, the men were outnumbered and out-ruled – not by design, but simply by happenstance. So, because of the situation I grew up in, boys were always a bit of a mystery to me....more

Superwoman Is Not A Blogger. And Bloggers Aren't Superwomen. And That's OK.

This is a story about unfortunate choices made for unfortunate reasons. Both the choices and the reasons matter less than the forces that underlie them....more

Power AND Potable Water!

Yay! Some good news! The world’s first wave power station that pumps power onto a public grid has been set up off the coast of Western Australia!   “The company’s technology named CETO after a Greek goddess of the sea converts ocean swell into zero-emission renewable power and zero-emission desalinated freshwater.”...more

The Islamic State IS Or ISIS

 I have been reading up on this issue for a couple of days.  It has a lot of history behind it and I have found researching it is what is helping me to understand better with what is going on with the Islamic State, IS, or ISIS.  To better understand this issue, I wanted to write about it because I feel that it is something we need to take seriously.Basically they are a militant Islamist extremist group....more

15 Top Facebook Privacy Tips

You wouldn’t have to worry about privacy issues on Facebook if you didn’t post sensitive, private information on Facebook…such as information that one day can be used against you. And really, you should share only what you consider “professional” information, even with family. Just stop with the nonsense.At any rate, it’s important to know how to use Facebook’s privacy features, which change from time to time. Here are useful tips....more

Salute to the 82nd Airborne Division

Until you've jumped 1250 ft. into total darkness, 95lbs of equipment and a using a 42 pound parachute, you're still just a leg...........Salute Dad #82ND ABN 1st & 5th SFG 1st/9th #INFANTRY 2ND AD #Armored Division 13thCOSCOM7th #PSYOP 519MI...more

Thank You..,President Obama for your "Consistency" in matters, pertaining to Climate Change !!

In the matters pertaining to "our" Earth's climate and weathering conditions, President Obama, makes his intentions very clear. That, our planet earth needs protection for generations to come. His recent decision, in vetoing the Republican ran Congress to go no further, with the implementation of the Keystone XL pipeline.It needs no other fanfare, it is crystal clear to know, that if, we  do not substain our natural resources on this planet, we are headed in the wrong direction, in regards, to environmental substainabilty....more