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Ribble Valley MP Turns on Christmas Lights at AB InBev Brewery

The Christmas season started with a celebratory evening for staff of Samlesbury Brewery and St Catherine’s Hospice.To celebrate the ongoing partnership between AB InBev UK and Hospice UK, staff from the brewery and the local hospice got together to watch the Christmas lights be turned on at the brewery by MP Nigel Evans.The local MP spoke of his pleasure at being invited to turn the lights on and praised the brewery for such an inclusive celebration.He said:...more

A Plea for Broken Hearts in Peshawar

"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to one another." - Mother Teresa I keep coming back to this quote, partly because it never stops being true. But I also keep coming back to this quote, because we keep forgetting. I’m compelled to write today to implore us to remember....more
There is not a nationality that falls outside this plea for compassion. Our grief must extend ...more


There is a new social media storm ravaging my Twitter and Facebook feeds called #stopdropselfie where I am forced to see pictures of everyone I know or vaguely know on the internet acting natural in front of a mirror or while reading a book. Usually I ignore these pictures and go about my day as if I didn't just see them, as everyone does, but this time I can't help but get a little sad while scrolling through a sea of selfies. ...more

Chip and PIN, will It save Us?

Many Americans, says a recent survey by Gallup, worry about a data breach connected to the use of their credit cards. Interestingly, many people use a credit card for everything under the sun: even just a soda and bag of chips from the convenience mart. The more you use a credit card, the more likely it will be compromised by cyber thieves....more

Beyonce: Are We Raising Too Many Businessman & Not Enough Good Husbands & Fathers?

I remember my days of single motherhood very vividly.  The cold bus rides, enjoyable first baby moments spent alone and the endless nights where I wished I had a mate to share them with.  While I also had some great moments as a single mom, like  graduating from college with baby boy in tow, I often wonder now as a married woman what my life would have been like if only my son’s father would have been raised to understand that children come first and that parenthood is what we live for....more

I Cry, Pray and Hope

I cry … for the innocent lives lost in Pennsylvania, Pakistan and Sydney – and for those not in the news that lost their lives in other unnamed towns, cities and countries throughout the world....more

What Exactly Is a Rape-Free Hour?

December 5th, Mumbai 2014. The city looks the same. The sea from my hotel room at Taj Lands End looked calm. It’s been more than two years, and I was looking forward to meet my besties. Three of us friends were going to meet over drinks at a popular bandra bar. We decided to drive ourselves to the said destination and cap our evening by 9 p.m. I took stock of the city’s situation after the recent numerous assaults, and considered activating the rape safety valve. There were new rules this time that i needed to be aware of....more

Should The American People Pay For The GOP's Special Interest Funding & Big Bank Gambles ??? you remenber how many people lost their homes, because of the Big Banks & Insurance Companies Mortgage Russian Roulettes and Gambling that the American Tax Payer, paied the price for ???...more

Tis the Season to Be... Scammed?

I'm not sure what it is about this holiday season, but I am getting scammed like I've never been scammed before.I've had the occasional security breaches at my credit card companies like everyone else, where they send you a letter and a new card due to 'security reason' (ie someone hacked their system or they think they did) and they didn't really bother me that much. But, after getting sent a few new credit cards from one of my credit card companies within just a 6 month period, I started getting annoyed. And so it began....more

Should #BlackHairCare By A White Stylist Be An Issue? - PegCityLovely

Not in my world!It’s bad enough there’s so much drama about the fact that I relax my hair vs keeping it natural, I don’t need additional scrutiny because my stylist is white. Yet, it happens more often than you think! #BlackHairCare is truly a hot topic.Read the remainder of the article and see the video interview on