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Should We Be Applauding the Baltimore Mom Who Beat Her Rioting Son?

Am I the only person in America who is having a little problem with this? Image Credit: WMAR Please understand, I am NOT bashing this mother. I am sure she loves her son and was concerned for his safety and his future. I'm not accusing her of abuse, or saying that her parenting caused her son to be a rioter, or advocating that he be removed from her care....more
SamanthaLily Thanks, Samantha.  You put it well and succinctly!more

Trolls get Dose of Reality

Well, you know that old saying: The viciousness of an online bully’s attack is inversely proportional to the size of his (you fill in the blank), I was thinking ego.Many online bullies are female, but in the case of former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling’s daughter, the trolls are collectively male....more


I admit that I am the type of person who tends to close my eyes and cover my ears when bad things are happening in the news. I use the excuse that I simply cannot worry about another thing on top of everything I’m already juggling with life. But the truth is, I close my eyes because I can’t help but obsess over the terrible things in the world.Now it’s happening in my backyard and I can’t ignore it....more


 I have been on the verge of tears about Baltimore. I remember someone telling me years ago, when it feels like too much, turn away. I have that luxury, because I am safe. But for the ones who can't turn away, who are living in the face of what it all comes down to  -- the color you were born, my heart stops for them today.  ...more

Bruce Jenner and How the Media Takes Away Teaching Moments

What do you do when topics come up on television, in the magazines in the checkout line, on the “suggested for you” on your livestream or in adult conversation that you don’t want your children exposed to yet?  How do you maneuver through this society of circus culture in our media?  Let me clarify, I don’t label it “circus culture” because of what is being shared; but because of the over-the-top, in your face, unbelievable delivery of all serious information.  Rather than be a vehicle to educate the media is a vehicle to entertain…  ...more

Love , Friendship, Patriotism.. Why I'm an Immigration Ally

In 1997, at 32 I felt like Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn in that movie The Internship, only instead of interning at Google, I was interning just down the road from Google at a community weekly called the Mountain View Voice. Frustrated by the teaching market in California at the time, I decided to take a year off from subbing and endless job applications to try something I'd always wanted to do, journalism. ...more

Inspiring and advocating for women living with HIV in Kazakhstan

In the face of quickly rising rates of HIV infection in Central Asia, UN Women is supporting a network of women living with HIV in Kazakhstan and increasing their role in decision-making. ...more
Turkmenchilik Agreemore

How to Help Earthquake Victims in Nepal

Several charities are either on the ground or gearing up to help Nepalese survivors after the devastating earthquake they just suffered. There are some of the charities who are best suited to help because 1) they are already present in Nepal and 2) they have excellent (4 star) ratings on Charity Navigator or some other independent charity investigation. Here are some I can recommend:...more

NCJFCJ Fully Supports Passing of Human Trafficking Bill

On Wednesday, the U.S. Senate unanimously passed legislation to help victims of human trafficking. The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ) is in full support of this historic 99-0 vote to approve the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act, which expands law enforcement tools to target sex traffickers and creates a new fund to help victims. ...more

Helping Earthquake Victims in Nepal

This past Fall I visited Nepal with my husband and two friends. It was a jaw-dropping trip in so many respects....more