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Woohoo for my froofroo?

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The Crooked Swan by Julie Helm...a must read for every woman in America

The Crooked Swan by author Julie Helm is a must read for everyone. Enter the world of Kayla, a professional dancer, who reluctantly commits to help teach dance for a desperate friend. Experience Kayla's fear when she meets Narissa, a little girl who is more angel than child, who wants nothing more than to dance with grace and beauty like her peers. Discover the joy and love found in coming to understand imperfection and the courage it takes to truly forgive. The Crooked Swan is no ordinary is a life-changing unforgettable story worth every moment of your time....more

Disparaging Handcrafts In The Name Of Law – How Far Does It Push Us Back?

Well the lack of a good apology from the USOC continues. They seem to stand by the attitude that we have denigrated and disrespected, with no correction or word since the 2nd apology saying, "we know you clearly didn't mean to."...more

Facebooking a/k/a "Fakebooking!"

You know the type.  People on Facebook who constantly update their status, or fill you in on other things  that you couldn't care less about in their lives.  I call them "Fakebookers."  Here are the top 5 types of Fakebookers that literally drive me so crazy, there are times when sucking on a Zoloft still doesn't calm me down.  Enjoy....more

Consume or Consumed? See it, Want it, Need it, Have it.

Disclaimer to my dad: Do not read this....more

Miracles Happen

Miracles happen every day in my world.  These interconnected miracles touched me deeply and changed my life.   ...more

Ann Curry Leaving 'Today?' No way!

     A lot can happen in a year, and apparently, 365 days unleashed a downward spiral for “Today” host, Ann Curry.     Curry took over last year for Meredith Vieira, who left the “Today Show” last summer. And let’s just say it, in the opinion of many, the show hasn’t been the same since its longtime queen, Katie Couric left in 2006 after 15 years....more
@Bad Luck Detective I remain an avid follower, too. I will surely miss ann, though! I keep ...more

To the Victims of Sandusy

To the Victims of Sandusky,...more