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99% in Solidarity are Person of the Year and We are TOO BIG To Fail!: A Primer with Links

Time Magazine made "Protestors" Person of the Year and there are hundreds and thousands of us who share in that award. ...more

Social Blooming

Social Blooming presents depends for men, reliable and always there to prevent accidents. Kidding, social blooming was created to help creep into the minds of others, identify social issues, and bluntly layout the comments of my choosing. I find different social settings to be intriguing and lessons, no matter if they are positive or negative. As long as I have learned something, the experience was well worth the pain or joy. There are 3 rules that help me succeed with everything. Never fight with loved ones over finances - money always comes and goes...more
I have a question for everyone who reads this blog today. How often do you think of someone else ...more

Here is a quick tip in finding your 3 minute face!

You are busy and don't have alot of time to be playing with makeup and creating different looks for yourself so what you should do is find a product that does more than one thing for you. For example find an eyebrow pencil and use it on your eyebrows and also as an eyeliner! then try a lipstick and dab it on the cheeks for a quick blush as well as your lip finish. Moms multitask in every area of their lives so why not in your beauty routine as well?...more

Occupy Portland: Misplaced outrage?

This letter to the editor, published Dec. 5, came exactly 60 days after the Occupy Wall Street movement spread to Portland: *****Park damage caused by Occupy Portland: $85,000  Portland police overtime: $1,290,000  Bank bailouts: $7,700,000,000,000  Misplaced outrage over the protests: Priceless  JEFF THORNETigard***** ...more

The Gift of Truth

"'Beauty is truth, truth beauty', - that is allYe know on earth, and all ye need to know."...more
@Michelle Youngquist Exactly! I should have titled this post "The Gift of Smoldering Pants". ...more

A New Perspective On Cleaning Toilets

After spending the morning with our sponsored children, Team World Vision and our amazing hosts, men and women who work and live in Lwamaggwa, Daniel’s community, loaded into thee four-wheel drive vehicles and headed out to see more of World Vision’s work in the community.    Lwamaggwa is located deep in the country in southern Uganda.  November is rainy season, so the red dirt roads on which we traveled were a muddy mess.  The mud and the ruts were no match for our drivers.  Many times, we approached water-covered roads and I thought there was no way to cross....more

Taking A Stand Against Ageism at All Ages

By Margaret Morganroth Gullette, cross-posted at On The Issues Magazine.New ageism is the term I use to describe the current American view of aging-past-youth. Whatever your age, you are likely to be affected by the new ageism -- in your job, in your sexual life, in your sense of identity, in your intergenerational relations....more

Fighting Addiction

There comes a point in time when you have to take a step back and just say no. I don’t mean saying no and not giving a second’s consideration as to whether you actually believe in the word and what it is standing for. It’s not like when you hear a sweet and innocent two year old saying it because it’s one of the few words in their fledgling vocabulary. It’s not a fleeting remark to pass the buck to someone else nor should it be said to procrastinate for another day, week or even year. Believe it when you say it. NOOOOOOO!!!...more
This and other posts can be found at www.magslife,commore

Here we go again. How many politicians does it take to screw up a Nation?

Waking up at 4 am on a cold winter day is not much fun, my house is old and drafty but I have to exercise.  While exercising I listened to the news and I find out that Congress has put the country on the brink of a shutdown, again. ...more

Praising the Mature --and Fab-- Woman

I celebrated a birthday last month and what a fun day it was.  In commemoration of me adding another year, a friend sent me a piece attributed to Andy Rooney called In Praise of Women Over 40 (or something like that). I like it. Here it is: As I grow in age, I value women who are over 40 most of all. Here are just a few reasons why:   ...more