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Why doesn't she leave? Only she knows

This post was originally published in 2012, but is being revised and reposted because not much has changed in the world of victim-blaming since then. My thoughts are with Janay Rice and her daughter Rayven, both of whom are in even graver danger today than they were a few months ago. If I were the praying kind, my knees would be worn out for them. I love my feminist sisters and brothers, but they aren't perfect.  Feminists can be power trippers, backstabbers, and my-shit-don't-stinkers as much as any other segment of the human population....more
It's easy to misjudge what you don't understand. I can identify with the disbelief but it's only ...more

Some People Aren’t Worth Mourning: What We Can Learn from the Life and Death of Joan Rivers

The outpouring of love for the late Joan Rivers comes as no surprise. She connected with every generation. What she didn’t do, however, is transcended generations. In fact, her road to success divided us—even after her passing. In my humble opinion this is a sickening testament to how antiquated our beliefs still are about a woman’s duty to be forever subordinate. ...more
@SherryIrishGold rootandharvest Thanks, Sherry. That one's been eating at me for too long.more

Open Letter To Janay Rice

I'm so sorry, Janay. I'm so sorry that you are once again made to endure the scrutiny of the public. You know? If my personal business was revealed to all the world, I would be mortified....more
Courtney Henley The facts are that once a severely battered woman leaves her abuser her risk of ...more

No longer sci fi: Researchers develop brain-to-brain communications over 5,000 miles

It was only a matter of time.An international team of researchers  were able to transmit a thought from one person's brain to another person's brain some 5,000 miles apart.The transmission used no writing or speaking but rather a thought from one scalp in India (via the Internet) to the other scalp in France.The thoughts were "hola" (hello) and "ciao" (goodbye) and they wree "assigned to the brai-computer interface to send as a binary code by email." ...more

No. She didn't f*cking like it.

I'm deeply disturbed. You knew that already… but not in the way you’re thinking. ...more

Are All Hackers Bad?

The word hacker has a pretty negative connotation. It brings to mind other words like cybercriminal, thief, and malicious. It’s easy to see why hacker has a bad rep. The news is full of stories about hackers stealing data from large companies and the government. Hackers are the bad guys.But are they?...more

A New Line in the Sand

If you love someone and that someone often disappoints you, maybe hurts you, lets you down, wrecks your stuff, or gives you a black eye you can't explain to your boss, you are often compelled to draw a new line in the sand.This goes for parents who go cold on you, adult children who are addicted or mentally ill, friends whose extreme needs soak up all your energy, and lovers and husbands who compartmentalize their gentle and gentlemanly behavior in small cubes, an occasional sweetness on the tongue, so potent that you will forget what happened before and what will happen next....more

My Deaf & Mute Love Affair with RedPepper NUUD No Screen Technology Waterproof iPhone 5 Case

You arrived in the mail just the other day, all shiny white with black trim and with that new made-in-China phone case smell. I immediately liked you a whole, real, lot my Red Pepper NUUD Screenless Technology Waterproof Case for iPhone 5. I'd waited a long time to get you, after all....more

Digitizing Photos: How to Combine the Front and Back into One Image

As I mentioned in a recent post, I've been digitizing a lot of family history stuff of late. Even though this is something I've been slowly (ever. so. slowly.) working on for a while, I needed to get in gear and complete the task. I still have a ways to go, but am finally able to see progress. ...more
Thanks Sharisse!more