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The Least of These

I have been seen pictures of “protesters”, many if not all of whom identify as “Christians”, attack buses full of little kids trying to escape violence in their home countries.There are few things I would like to say to the brave and stalwart asshats screaming at children in order to show their “patriotism”....more
Shellireads I am a Christian, too. I tend to call myself Episcopalian, however, so I am not ...more

I need more screens to focus

At home, I work on this blog and my podcast on my laptop. One screen. That's it. I have days where I am really productive, and days when I feel like I could do better.At work, I have a two-monitor set up. I have always thought that the second screen makes me more productive because I don't have to flip back and forth between programs to complete my projects: If I can see more, than I can do more. ...more

Orbiting Zorkon: Gun Violence in Milwaukee

The parts of our city where all the shootings go on has become another planet. We orbit reluctantly, wishing that something sunnier was our gravitational force. Not violence and death and children dying on playgrounds because adults have made each other angry....more

Being in Sync means your Data is safe

What is data synchronization? This technology synchronizes data between two or more computers and/or the cloud and automatically copies changes that are transacted between devices.File synchronization is used for home or small business backups when the user copies files to a flash drive or external hard drive. The syncing prevents creating duplicate files....more

Out of the Park

 (Texas Rangers first baseman Prince Fielder, Alexei Hay/for ESPN The Magazine)...more

You Can (and Should) Set Relationship Boundaries

Recently, I was asked for advice from a beautiful twenty-something young woman who is helping me to rediscover fitness in my life. She needed some dating advice and I was flattered that she thought I could offer some helpful information to her. After all, it has been awhile since I was twenty-something....more
Boundaries help the relationship grow so you can learn about each other......great post.more

Innovative campaign tackles soccer and violence against women together

Cross-posted from UN Women The Brazilian Women’s National Soccer Team supported the O Valente Não É Violento initiative during the International Women’s Soccer Tournament last year. Photo Courtesy of Agencia Brasil  During the World Cup in Brazil, one million stickers spreading ending violence against women messages with soccer-related puns are being distributed across Brazil to educate fans about men’s responsibility to address the pandemic. ...more

Deaths For Profit

This is depressing. A human being died because a plant manager decided to speed up production....more

Swimsuit Shopping at T.J. Maxx

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