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A Tale of Two Flags

After the horrific church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, we all had a lump in our throats. This was unspeakable, horrific – we had just seen evil unmasked and it made us all shudder.... [[ This is a content summary only ....more

Incitement to violence? What is it?

It’s what the Ferguson Police did, and it’s very important right now. Of course my readers knew that before the riots even started. If you’re interested, the Washington Post is going to be keeping track of police shootings ....more

What amnesty means to legal immigrants

What amnesty means to legal immigrants: Amnesty and open borders activists will tell you “we’re a nation of immigrants,” which in their view justifies granting all the rights of citizenship to anyone arriving to the U.S. In fact, it’s a slap in the face. Read my article here ....more

Up next: The King’s Spanish

All this, and grammar, too. King Felipe of Spain is visiting Mexico, with a new proposal: The only Spanish language proficiency certificate for the whole planetSpain’s King Felipe presents new test for determining students’ levels, wherever they are Of course I couldn’t resist the snark opportunity, and my first reaction was, Who died and made you king of the world?, which is not only snarky but also obnoxious, considering Felipe is king since Juan Carlos had to abdicate following allegations of corruption and a dead elephant. The fact remains, however, that There are 550 million Spanish speakers in the world, yet no international examination to certify proficiency in the language exists ....more

Ep: 006 Being A Mom In Business. An Interview With The Cupcake Girls

This week we have Heather and Lori from The Cupcake Girls join me on the Sandbox To Success podcast. I loved our talk and we covered everything from being a mom to making ice cream. Make sure you take advantage from our special offer from Sage ....more

Catholic bigots are not alone! in new coming-out video

As coming-out videos go, it’s a heartbreaker. It’s pretty moving. They’ve got the style right on: black and white, sentimental music, earnest testimonies delivered straight to the camera ....more

Inside The “Empire” Writing Room

Writers from the Fox show “Empire” share their writing process as part of a American Black Film Festival panel. By CLAYTON GUTZMORE Sure, you watch “Empire”. If ratings for the hit Fox Network show about a record company and the dysfunctional family that runs it are any indication, everyone does ....more

Puerto Rico: Countdown to the Greecespot

If you didn’t see this coming, you haven’t been paying attention. From Drudge: NEXT GREECE MAY BE IN USA… Lurking debt threatens cities, states… Reality hits San Juan streets amid Puerto Rico debt woes… Businesses shuttered… Residents living day to day… Fallout Will Hit Florida… Investors scramble to avoid losses… Can’t say we didn’t see it coming: From the October 26, 2013 Economist, Puerto Rico Greece in the Caribbean Stuck with a real debt crisis in its back yard, America can learn from Europe’s Aegean follies Like Greece, Puerto Rico is a chronically uncompetitive place locked in a currency union with a richer, more productive neighbour. The island’s economy is also dominated by a vast, inefficient near-Athenian public sector ....more

What’s Current: Academics suggest pedophilia is natural & normal for some males

At an American Psychological Association conference, academics argue that pedophilia is “natural and normal”...more