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In an industry based on objectification, there’s going to be objectification…

A burlesque dancer who goes by the name of Ruby Rage made headlines recently when she was fired from New Orleans club, Lucky Pierre’s. It appears, based on their website, that the club features mainly strip/burlesque shows and drag performances. Rage, who performed regularly with The Blue Book Cabaret, a regular burlesque show at the club, was let go, we’re told, because of her “voluptuous appearance.” Photo: Ruby Rose (via The Guardian) When club management told The Blue Book’s producer, Bella Blue, that they were “concerned” about Rage’s “curvy” body, she responded: I told them that I could find them skinny girls with boobs and hair… But I warned them that the quality of the show might suffer ....more

Conversations: Crowdfunding feminism into media…

Women’s representation in media is actually growing worse, not better, and women still comprise a fraction of directors off-screen. Unsurprisingly, some of the more feminist media we’ve seen in recent years – Tropes vs. Women, Veronica Mars and Hunting Ground – have been funded through alternative means or produced independently, to avoid creative interference by misogynistic studio suits ....more

If There Ever Becomes a Real Teaching Shortage,

the neolibs running the show will simply lower the standards for licensing, making it possible for any idiot off the street to teach.Frankly, I see no real evidence of a shortage in Oregon of teachers. However, for the first time in memory, the districts are having trouble getting and keeping substitute teachers. It used to be almost impossible to work more than one or two days a week at it ....more

Spillover #26

Our 25th #spillover thread’s commenting period is expiring, so it’s time for a new one. Some reminders: #spillover is part of our comment moderation system for keeping other threads on-topic. It is intended as a constructive space for tangential discussions which are veering off-topic on other threads ....more

Some Recent Reads

I gave up reading American Eve midway through because I didn't care for the author's technique of presenting the story of the Nesbit-Thaw-White triangle. She used too many novelistic techniques in a book that is supposed to be nonfiction. If you want to write a novel based on a real case, then do it; otherwise, don't bother ....more

It's a Bitch Getting Older

Once again I got sick over the weekend after I just recovered from a respiratory infection that put me out of contention for about two weeks, including not being able to work for four days.This time it was a stomach virus that about knocked the crap out of me. I had the runs, and then I had terrible stomach and abdominal pain that only just subsided late yesterday. I had the same thing last fall, the day after I participated in the Ride the Rogue event ....more

What’s Current: Australia’s Liberal National Party to celebrate International Day Women’s Day at men-only club

Saudi historian says Western women drive because rape is “no big deal” to them. One sister’s journey leaving liberal feminism. Sign the petition to save the Women’s Studies MA at Ruskin College ....more

Trend Update: Are Digital Consumers Happy With Smart #Tech Devices?

I have a simplistic attitude towards consumer technology that stems from my background in programming, database design, usability testing and technical project management: the device have a good interface and fit in the workflow of my daily life. This sounds easy but in reality has been my biggest challenge. I have experienced usability challenges on everything from smart watches that are not smart, which this BGR blog post documents very well, to smart devices, which ...more

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If you use Pinterest, check out this great freebie! Right now on Amazon you can get this handy Pinterest Marketing Guide for Smart Business Owners eBook for FREE! This is a great way to get started using this popular social media outlet to further your business goals ....more