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It's Black Breastfeeding Week -- and Yes, We Need It

World Black Breastfeeding Week begins on August 25, 2015 and I am already hearing the negative, disapproving buzz in the lactation community. I will never understand why anyone—especially lactation consultants—disapproves of World Black Breastfeeding Week. As International Board Certified Lactation Consultants, we have an ethical responsibility to support all cultures, and this includes African-American women....more

Situation Awareness Prevented the Paris Terror Attack. Do You Have It?

Imagine if you will, being in the heart of the city. Sounds of people talking, cell phones ringing, traffic from cars and background music from cafes fill your ears. You're waiting for a train to take you to your destination. You see that there are all kinds of people waiting for the train as well. The train finally arrives and everyone bustles in, looking to take a seat. You finally find a seat and settle in, not too far from the bathrooms....more

Why Feminists Should Be Concerned About Trump's 'Anchor Baby' Comments

The term “anchor babies” — a throwback to the right-wing immigration reformers of the 1990s and early 2000s— is in the news again. And as this debate over whether this is term is derogatory (and the American Heritage diction has listed it as offensive) or not gets going once again, feminists should be watchful of how the term frames and blames women for these so-called unwanted immigrants....more

The Alpha Phi Sorority Controversy Shows We're Not Really Talking About Gender and Race

Instead of a sorority video, why don't we focus attention on police brutality or the attempts to defund Planned Parenthood?...more

MASK: South Side Moms Are Working to Keeping Kids Safe

Tamar Manasseh is a mom, just like you and me. The 37-year-old is raising two teenagers in Chicago and is struggling about how to do that in a culture of guns, gangs, drugs and violence. Parenting today, she says, is different than when she was a child. "I call it 'motherhood interrupted.' We learn to parent from our parents, but I can't parent my kids that way anymore. You don't know how to raise your children anymore." ...more

Why I Will Encourage My Daughter to Join a Sorority

Let’s get one thing straight about this post from the get-go: this isn’t going to be a mushy discussion where I reminisce about girlfriends or how “I didn’t go to college to find a husband, I came to find my bridesmaids” type of shit. Gag. #cuethenausea    What I will discuss are solid reasons why I will encourage my daughter to join a sorority....more

Stop the Slut-Shaming Already

Men often insult other men by calling out the sexual history of their wives or girlfriends. Ladies, haven't we had enough?...more

Running Without a Tampon... What If People Can Tell We're Menstruating?

I’m fairly brave. I let my roots show. I routinely socialize with family members while sober. I attend formal events while wearing a “Will Commit Sins for Chipotle” t-shirt.Mad brave.But fellow runner Kiran Gandhi recently took bravery to a whole new level....more

Straightening My Hair is Not Cultural Appropriation

I remember watching TV cross-legged on the floor, held captive between my mom’s thighs, I remember her mercilessly yanking the comb through my tight coils. I remember all the cartoons that I burned through as I memorized the pattern on the burgundy rug as she attempted to conquer my mane. I remember crying in the bathtub, blindly reaching for a washcloth as shampoo dripped from my unruly strands, burning my eyes. As a child I did not wash my hair everyday—this came as something of a shock to my white friends—and on the days that I did, it was an excruciating ordeal....more

Why Hawaii is Ripe for Paid Family Leave

Only three states have implemented mandatory paid family leave thus far, and there are signs that my home state of Hawaii is ready to be the fourth. Some of those signs were apparent when US Labor Secretary Tom Perez came to our State Capitol last month to participate in a Paid Leave Roundtable with several legislators, Hawaii’s Labor Director, representatives of the local business community, and advocates for workers and families....more