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I Can Talk About More Than Women's Issues

Somehow we still have to tie everything to "family issues" to justify women's participation in the discussion....more
Caitlin Verdi Funny enough, "women's issues" seem to be universal - no difference among cultures....more

Family Care and Work Culture: It Really Doesn't Fit

Care is cropping up more and more often in print media.  It's a conversation long overdue, as it bears on each and every one of us (albeit in different ways!!)  at every stage of life.  When we get the care we need, we become fully functional adults, effective citizens, valued community members and caregivers in our own turn.  When we don't - human suffering increases, our intrinsic talents are squandered, the economy lags, and the nation is at risk....more
When my husband and I started our family a number of years ago, I made it a condition that we do ...more

A Non-Catholic's Love Of The Pope

I’m not Catholic. In fact I love being a Jew, love the path that I took to get here. But I love Pope Francis.  In fact, just watching him makes me not only renew my belief in G*D but actually feel that he is certainly and angelic man....more
Yep. I'm an atheist and I love him, too. ;)more

Hispanic Heritage Is American Heritage

When I met my husband, I threw myself into every part of his Mexican culture. I learned to prepare traditional foods, like mole and capriotada for special occassions. I took Spanish in college, became the director of our church's annual Hispanic fiesta and eventually began planning our wedding that included items like a lazo, cojines and arras. There were so many new things to learn, but I never felt overwhelmed or out of place....more
This is such a wonderful post! Thank you! Thank you for loving your husband and our culture. ...more

Women’s Issues Are Family Issues, and Family Issues Are Economic Issues

A funny thing happens when you work on behalf of children and families. You start noticing how often politicians dismiss the problems you spend your time thinking about. ...more
What about men, Mme Clinton?Don’t they matter to you? I can’t believe this!Nobody at the ...more

Why I Think Carly Fiorina is Wrong About Planned Parenthood

That she could misrepresent Planned Parenthood—and get no pushback from CNN's moderators against inaccurate claims about the organization—is, while maybe not entirely surprising, disappointing to say the least. ...more
I agree wholeheartedly. She is so wrong.more

My Philadelphia Neighborhood is Getting Ready for Pope Francis

Last week, I was in Brooklyn, New York, and I got into a conversation with an employee of the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority about Pope Francis' upcoming visit to the United States. I was incredulous when he asked, "When is he coming to New York? Is he coming to Philly first and then going to New York, or is it the other way around?" ...more
professorkim Sounds fun. I will venture in the area to see what is happening. However, the ...more

8-year-old Girl Fundraises for Syrian Refugee Relief

An 8-year-old Washington state girl is making her final push to get donations to a fundraising organization that has agreed to match all gifts in an effort to bring relief to Syrian refugees. ...more

Voter Registration Day: I've Been Registered for Years, But a Kansas Clerk Turned Me Away

September 22 is National Voter Registration Day. I never thought my right to vote would be affected. Find out how you can sign up to exercise your rights....more
I recently had to get a copy of my birth certificate to obtain my passport, and it was a huge ...more

Viola Davis’ Historic Emmy Win and the Power of Diversity On Screen and Behind It, Too

Perhaps Matt Damon should consider the lesson taught at the Emmy's last night...that diversity (of thought, talent, roles and perspectives) matters behind the camera as much as it does onscreen. ...more
I agree - I'm so excited that she won for a role playing a smart, lawyer, professor (anything ...more