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Do You Know What Gangnam Style is About?

By now, I'm sure you've heard of "Gangnam Style" the sensational YouTube video from Korean pop star Psy. The funky-tuxedoed singer has been featured on shows from Today to SNL and launched a thousand flash mobs. While Psy may be the first Asian to rocket to this level of stardom in America, Helen Lee of Urban Faith wonders if the song's social message has gotten lost in translation, leaving the pop star to be just another quirky one-hit wonder. Read on and tell us what you think... It’s fun....more

'Secret' Romney Tapes Expose Obama's Pre-Debate Weaknesses

That the so-called "secret" video of Gov. Mitt Romney from May, published by Mother Jones this week, had been on YouTube for months should have had the media suspecting a plant -- but they seem nose-deaf to what the supporters of the Obama campaign are shoveling....more
Not that I agree with everything you write, but it is interesting to read your posts.more

Limbaugh Blames Feminists for Shrinking Penises

According to radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, we feminists are responsible for a 10 percent decrease in the size of the average penis over the past 50 years. Limbaugh made this claim during a show where he referenced a story on CBS Philly that linked to a study in Italy. The study found that the male organ is shrinking because of weight gain, stress, smoking and alcohol, But Limbaugh blamed feminism and “chickification.” Oh, Rush!  ...more
Rush, just as I suspected... all balls no cock.more

Finally! Romney Releases Taxes – Paid 14.1% in 2011

Could this week in politics get any weirder? After a week of scrutiny over his comments about the 47% of Americans who don’t pay taxes, GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has released his own tax returns – for 2010 and 2011. Scanned copies of the Romney’s two most recent tax forms were uploaded to the campaign website on Friday afternoon....more
14.1%?! That's almost Canadian sales tax!more

Trying to Talk to People During a Tweetstorm

Generally we think of a Tweet going viral as a good thing, but A Mommy Story found out that the reaction you get from your followers (who know you) is very different from the reaction you might get from the general world (who don't know you). It's an eye-opening post about how our words may be taken by those who are reading us out of context as well as how words can travel well beyond our circle of followers. ...more

Separation Of Church And State

I am an agnostic.  My family is Mormon.  My husband is a Hindu who came to the U.S. for grad school.  Within this spectrum of religious and cultural identities is the beauty and promise of the American dream; we are a nation of diversity and opportunity.  We are a pluralistic society, one in which every individual’s religious and cultural identity should be respected.  The strength of the United States is in the promise of tolerance for the entire spectrum of humanity. ...more

An Uncommon Meeting Sparks Civil Dialogue, Launches New Site

There are two sides to every story. Aimee Says: I wanted to eat my breakfast. "Everyone," said Lisa Stone from the stage, "it's time for Speed Dating." Imagine a hotel convention room filled with thousands of women. Not just ordinary women. Blogger women. ...more
this is absolutely wonderful and I'm so glad I got to read this! it takes a woman to get things ...more

Mitt Romney Addresses Latino Voters on Univision

[Editor's Note: While the Presidential debates don't begin until October, Spanish language network Univision is getting things started by inviting both candidates to televised town hall meetings. GOP candidate Mitt Romney went first, and Fausta's Blog thinks these events are a good preview of the debates: --Grace] ...more
Doesn't anyone find it interesting that he just now decides to be interested in Hispanics? ...more

Do Interracial Relationships and Self-Hate Go Hand in Hand?

Recently, freelance writer Jenny An caused an online firestorm with her confessional essay I’m an Asian Woman and I Refuse to Ever Date an Asian Man for xoJane. But is it her defense of interracial dating or the way she defends it that's stirring up so much controversy?...more
@bellejarblog - and exactly how accepting are asian's of white's in their culture?  You talk ...more

Is It "The End of Men"? Or Do Women Still Have A Long Way to Go?

[Editor’s note: Hanna Rosin’s fascinating new book, “The End of Men” is generating quite a lot of controversy. Based on her articles in The Atlantic, her book argues that women are surpassing men in nearly every sphere--from college to careers to even mastering the hook-up culture. But as Christianne Corbett points out at Fem2pt0, women still haven’t caught up to men in one key area.--Mona] ...more