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The Problem With Geisha, Pow-Wow or… Slave Fashion

If fashion trends are a reflection on what’s going on society, what does this fall’s bumper crop of designs rooted in racial stereotypes say about us? ...more
@Kathy K That is a really observant point. Yes, we live in a culture that values youth, throwing ...more

Ikea Erases Women from its Saudi Arabia Catalog

[How’s this for misogyny? Ikea is having to apologize for deleting women from its Saudi Arabia catalog. Apparently someone thought that the Muslim nation might object to the sight of women in one of the furniture retailer’s perfect kitchens or gleaming bathrooms. So the photos of women that appeared in every other Ikea catalog were simply airbrushed out. Problem solved! Alexander Abad-Santos at the Atlantic Wire has the details along with the doctored photos.--Mona] ...more
It seems that they were in a no-win situation. If they had not photoshopped the pictures, would ...more

Hispanic Heritage Is American Heritage

When I met my husband, I threw myself into every part of his Mexican culture. I learned to prepare traditional foods, like mole and capriotada for special occassions. I took Spanish in college, became the director of our church's annual Hispanic fiesta and eventually began planning our wedding that included items like a lazo, cojines and arras. There were so many new things to learn, but I never felt overwhelmed or out of place....more
Wonderful post! It's so important to celebrate the heritage of those we love. The differences in ...more

It Has Been Twenty-Four Years, But I Am Voting This November 2012!

It has been 24 years since I took the plunge and went to cast my vote for a President. But, for better or for worse, I have decided that this year, 2012, I am voting and putting my trust in one of our running nominees. Though I am only one in the millions voting, I must believe that my one vote will make a difference!...more
@Kraken There you are, Amiga, I've been looking for your monster avatar for ages, it seems. You ...more

What Women Should Know About Our Old Boss, Mitt Romney.

Frankly, we were completely, totally, absolutely fed up.  That’s what we told a reporter from the Milwaukee Sentinel today who asked us why a group of female executives are traveling the country telling women about our former boss Mitt Romney.  We were frustrated that so many women were getting a picture of Mitt from the media and negative ads that just doesn't match up with the man we all know and worked with in Salt Lake and Massachusetts.  We’re smart women; we know it’s a big country; and we know we’re only a few voices....more
@AmericaLuvsMitt you made the election about Romney you got sucker punched by Obama more

What’s the Most Important Presidential Debate Question?

[Editor's Note: Are you planning to watch the Presidential Debates in October? The first one starts next week, on Wednesday, October 3. Gloria Feldt of Heartfeldt calls it "required watching for all voters". If you had a chance to ask questions to President Obama or Mitt Romney, what would you want to know? Here's what Gloria suggests. --Grace] ...more
 global warming? are you for real?  @ekaplan more

The Anthem of the Stylish Muslim Woman

No matter who you are, what you do, how much money you make, or how curvy/tall/petite/small you are (or want to be) fashion can feel intimidating. I think this is especially true for Muslim women who wear hijab. No matter where we go we carry this announcement of faith around with us. And though it can feel incredibly empowering and superhero-like to know that a 1,400 year-old-religion is thriving among Muslim women who could otherwise be lost among the herds of cleavage and short-shorts, it can also be a little nerve-wracking....more
Thank you so much for giving this wonderful point of view.  I am not Muslim so I do not know ...more

I Am American, and I Respect Islam

I love my country. I love it a lot. I love the world too. I love them both for the same reasons. They are exciting and interesting and full of all kinds of people and ideas. I know that when I open myself up to new people and experiences there is really no end to things I can learn and discover—no limit to the ways in which I can be made to feel humble in the face of people's greatness, or proud of people's accomplishments....more
Thank you for writing this. I could not agree more.more

My Talk with Hanna Rosin about "The End of Men"

If she had wanted to pick a more provocative title, author Hanna Rosin could not have done better. As Jennifer Homans snapped in The New York Times Book Review, “The End of Men” “is not a title; it is a sound bite.” ...more
This was a terrific piece. Yes, I think that we are in the middle of a real shift. One thing ...more

An All White Emmy Awards Again

[Did you watch the Emmy awards over the weekend? Renee at Womanist Musings did... and she noticed that once again, the majority of the nominees were white. While, there were a few people of colors nominated, Renee says that's not enough. Read on to see why: --Grace] ...more