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Our 9/11 Stories: Share Your Posts About September 11, 2001

Editor's note: Last year, we called for you to share your posts on the events of September 11, 2001. More than 200 bloggers responded. We're honoring this tradition again this year, and invite you to read these bloggers' stories and contribute your own. -- Julie We've seen a LOT of stories in the media about the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and United Flight 93. We've also seen, and maybe felt, that many of us are sick of the story in the media. ...more
I have been sharing my story ever since.  http://artievanwhy.commore

The Presidential Election Made Me Quit Facebook

First dates and politics don’t mix. Friendship and politics don’t mix. Facebook and politics don’t mix....more
I can fully understand your agitation though I could never exit out of Facebook.  Being someone ...more

Stale 'War on Women' Rhetoric Underscores Tone-Deaf DNC

It's bad enough when men regard women as single-issue voters, but it's insulting when women buy into that brainless nonsense.Hence, the entire one-trick pony "war on women" of a Democratic National Convention agenda this week showcased a party bereft of fresh ideas for women, unless they happen to think of little more than their reproductive systems.No question that women's issues post-Roe v. Wade must and will always include concerns about reproductive health....more
 @Cindyhuber  @evilslutopia Actually Cindy I listened to Rush every single working day of my ...more

President Obama's DNC Speech: Don't Give Up Hope

On Thursday, President Obama took to the stage at the Democratic National Convention to convince the American people why they should vote him into a second term. He didn’t need to sell the 20,000 people in Time-Warner Arena. After Michelle Obama’s personal appeal and former President Bill Clinton’s hard-hitting message how past Republican administrations had hurt the middle-class, the faithful were already whipped up in a frenzy, waving flags and chanting, “Fired up!...more
If this doesn't fire up middle-class voters, especially middle-class unregistered voters, I ...more

Obama's Speech, Celebs Speak, and Gabby Leads the Pledge: DNC in Tweets

The last day of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC, was full of celebrities, touching moments, rousing speeches (I'm looking at YOU, Jen Granholm!), and -- finally -- President Obama's speech accepting the nomination. And social media was following right along: A new record political moment on Twitter: @barackobama drives 52,757 Tweets per minute. Over 9 million Tweets sent about #DNC2012....more
 @Stacy Morrison OMGoodness, Stacy! I hope you got some rest! You were the Head Cheerleader last ...more

The DNC: Meet the Delegates

Part of the fun of being at a convention is speaking to the delegates and seeing them in action, whether cheering in caucus meetings or listening to speakers or proudly waving their signs on the convention floor. I had never been to a national political convention, and the sense of excitement and patriotism displayed by the delegates was moving. Yes, the country’s got problems, North Carolina was on the line, but the Democrats gathered in Charlotte were energized, positive and engaged. “Fire it up!” I heard everywhere I went. “Ready to go!” ...more

God, Jerusalem, and the Democratic Party Platform

Well, not all delegates were pleased on Wednesday evening when convention chair, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa sought to include two amendments that would insert the words "God" and "Jerusalem" back into the official platform in the following planks: ...more
 @christinagleason  The Founding Fathers "did not" make a big point about Separation of Church ...more

Democrats Relocate Tonight's Big Party: Will It Dampen Enthusiasm?

When I asked some of the volunteers at the Democratic National Convention about Barack Obama's acceptance speech being moved from the outdoor Bank of America Stadium to the more weather-friendly Charlotte Convention Center, I could see the disappointment on their faces. They've been working long hours all week, helping things go smoothly, cheerfully directing delegates and those of us in the press and bloggy world to get to where we needed to go with as few hitches as possible....more
After Clint Eastwood spoke to the empty seat, Obama couldn't afford to have empty seats during ...more

DNC 2012: Latinos, Interrupted?

"This is a big night for our community." "El Julián is going to go national after tonight." San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro opened the 2012 Democratic National Convention, one sign of the Obama campaign's aggressive outreach to Latinos, an emerging community and voting bloc. In addition to Castro's keynote address, other important roles include the chair of this event -- L.A. mayor Antonio Villaraigosa -- and speaking roles for Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Congressman Xavier Becerra....more

Bill Clinton at the DNC: The Orator is Back

Clinton built a powerful and persuasive case to re-elect Barack Obama. In a speech that brought the delegates to their feet more times than I could count, he used his gift with language, his gift for connection, and his deep command of policy to blister the Republicans and praise the president. ...more
Thanks for the update, Mona. Bill's been even-handed and fair. I love that he refuses to play ...more