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Dear Racists, Was the Volkswagen Commercial YOUR Idea or What?

Dear Racists, Apparently, this Volkswagen commercial from the Super Bowl was indeed racist. Please tell us if this is some of your racist handiwork, or even something you would use to spread your racism. ...more
@Jessikerbakes  I agree.  I saw the ad and the first thing I did was turn to my husband and go, ...more

What Is the California Missions Project Teaching Kids About Native Americans?

It's the time of year when fourth graders (and their parents) in California are breaking out the glue guns and sugar cubes, in the name of learning about history. For those of you who aren't familiar with this rite of passage, the state curriculum has for years included a chapter in which school kids make a model of one of the historic missions built by the Catholic church. Image Credit: Grace Hwang Lynch...more
@Grace Hwang Lynch I think a lot of it stems from politics there seems to be a stronger notion ...more

What's Missing in the Feminist Debate Over Michelle Obama?

Just before Barack Obama's second inaugural last week, an article appeared in the Style section of the Washington Post bearing the headline, "Four years later, feminists split by Michelle Obama's 'work' as first lady." In the article, veteran reporter Lonnae O'Neall Parker presented evidence of a racial divide among feminists over Michelle Obama's adoption of the sobriquet "Mom-In-Chief," as well as her adoption ...more

Let's Talk About Black History Month

February is already here (2013, where are you going?), which means it's the official start of African American History Month. The United States government has made February the month to honor and learn about the contributions and history of black Americans. And yet, in recent years, people have debated whether this event is still necessary -- or whether it's even effective. ...more
@Cory Nicastro Thanks for chiming in, Cory! Since there are so many more mixed-race people, you ...more

Hillary Clinton's Legacy: Cookstoves, Cookies, Diplomacy and Dancing

Let’s start with cook stoves. Shortly after she became Secretary of State, Hillary decided to tackle a decidedly unglamorous problem. The toxic effects on women and children from billions of polluting cook stoves. The smoke from dirty stoves and fires kills nearly 2 million people a year, more than twice as many as malaria. They’re also an environmental menace and expose women in conflict-ridden areas to danger when they’re out gathering wood. Still, in the world of diplomacy, this was hardly a sexy issue like solving the Israel-Palestinian problem. (Can you imagine a male Secretary of State caring a whit about cook stoves?) ...more
I had to laugh at your reference to Hillary's cookie recipe.  My mother sent the recipe to me ...more

How Foodstamps Helped Me Feed My Kids and Rebuild My Life

I was at the supermarket checkout line when the cashier asked me if I wanted to make a donation for the needy.I would have liked to, but instead, I flashed my food stamps card and shook my head, saying: “I can’t. This time, I’m the needy.”The poor guy blushed and mumbled an apology. I suppose he must have felt bad for me.“It’s okay,” I said. “I’m glad to have the help.” ...more
@pfb1977 Maybe I didn't explain it properly. My ex was not in a position to pay for child ...more

Flu, Colds, and RSV: Do Doctors Discriminate Based on Race?

It’s cold and flu season again, and we desperately seek to remain healthy and avoid the bug that can linger for two to three weeks.  Over the past month, there have been six daily absences in my daughter’s class, with some children confined to home with the flu for an entire week.  Our pediatrician’s office recently announced extended hours in an effort to keep up with the demand. ...more
@harleylebon I agree. Doctors know their patients best. And as you said, these recommendations ...more

Women and Guns: Gabby Giffords and Gayle Trotter Testify in Senate

Women became the center of the gun control debate Monday. A Senate committee heard testimony from big names in the gun control debate -- including an unannounced statement by former Rep. Gabby Giffords, who was shot in the head while at a public appearance in Tucson in 2010. Her husband Mark Kelly and National Rifle Association head Wayne LaPierre also appeared....more
As a woman, & a mother of 2, with 55 years of female friends, and family, let me just say; NO ...more

Countdown to Affordable Health Insurance

By Sec. Kathleen SebeliusSecretary of Health and Human Services We're starting an important countdown, first to October 1, 2013, when many of you will be able to begin to shop for health insurance that meets your needs at the new Health Insurance Marketplace at The countdown continues on to January 1, 2014, the start of new health insurance coverage for millions of Americans. ...more
While I'll admit I don't know all the ins & outs of this, I am very skeptical. Our insurance has ...more

Dear Feminists: I'm Already a Woman in Combat

As I watched the video of General Martin Demsey announcing his endorsement of women in combat, I waited. I waited for the backlash. The backlash from the misogynistic males who already have a problem with any woman being in the service, unless she works in administration or the chow hall. The backlash from the Bible thumpers pleading that we "think of the babies" and not place their mothers in harms way. But most of all, I waited for the feminists....more
A salute to you! And, thank you.more