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Video Chat With First Lady Michelle Obama

In a exclusive, today at 12.45pm EDT First Lady Michelle Obama will sit down to chat with six Latinas to discuss their lives as moms, and the key issues impacting Hispanic families across the nation. The live streaming video chat can be viewed on Filmed in Miami, and moderated by Maria Cardona, contributing political editor to and CNN analyst, the approximately half-hour chat will be aired continuously on the platform for future viewings....more

How Travel Helped My Kids Learn Spanish

Where are you traveling this summer? Do you think about exposing your family to other languages when you plan your vacations? Because travel -- even to areas within the United States -- is a great opportunity for kids to hear native speakers of different languages. Carol Cain of nycitymama (who will be joining me on the Honoring Your Culture, Celebrating Your Commonality panel at BlogHer'12) writes about a recent experience with her son:...more

Is Bullying Against Women Online Getting Even More Vicious?

[Editor's note: I couldn’t have imagined it, the attacks are that disgusting. But women online are increasingly being harassed with vile and hateful images. These range from pornographic comments on a woman’s photo to graphic depictions of rape. Anita Sarkeesian, a feminist pop culture media critic, has been the victim of several such sexist attacks. Instead of being silent, she took the courageous step of speaking out in a recent post at Feminist Frequency. Warning: some of these images are hugely disturbing—Mona.] ...more
That's awful and horrible. Its not just women its everyone. There's a lot of hate towards many ...more

Presidential Cookie Contest: Food Fight of the Mommy Wars

It’s Presidential Cookie Bake-Off time. When Family Circle magazine announced the 2012 round of this infamous contest, I really didn’t want to write about it. The educated, progressive woman in me wanted to decry it as a sexist throwback. But the avid baker and food blogger in me told me that I’d be a hypocrite to do so....more
Okay, I agree that cookie baking contests have no place in politics. But calling canning and ...more

Mamiverse Chats with Michelle Obama About Latina Moms

Interested in what Michelle Obama has to say? Our friends over at Mamiverse are sitting down with the First Lady tomorrow, Tuesday, July 10, 2012 at 12:45 PM EST on in a live-streaming video! ...more
@BlogHer How does she feels about workplace bullying. TWITCH TWITCH is a page turning novel ...more

Seventeen Magazine Vows to Stop Using Digitally Altered Images of Girls

[Editor's note: Last week Seventeen Magazine vowed to stop using digitally altered images of girls. It’s a great victory for young women, and it’s largely due to 14-year-old Julia Bluhm. Bluhm thought the perfect images sent a terrible message to girls, so she petitioned the magazine to change its policy. At first she got nowhere. What led to Seventeen's change of heart? Megan Kearns at Fem2pt0 recounts what happened.--Mona] ...more
1 small voice raised in opposition to the status quo - and look at the change that follows! ...more

Obama Bus Tour Hits Ohio: We Meet Again

On Thursday evening, July 5, for the first time in over four years, I saw Barack Obama in person.The last three times I saw him, he was either just plain ole U.S. Senator Obama (2006) or Senator and presidential candidate Obama (2007, 2008). The main differences I noticed? Age, confidence, charisma, and fervor -- he displayed more of all four....more
Only other thing I'll add before you respond (and I hope you do) is that the challenger an ...more

Health Reform, Supreme Court & What I Learned From My Mother

[Editor's Note: Last week, the Supreme Court ruled to uphold most of the Affordable Care Act, or "Obamacare". BlogHer member Janet Mason shares a personal story about how the provisions of this law could have helped her own mother. --Grace] By Janet Mason, cross-posted from On The Issues Magazine.As the Affordable Care Act worked its way through the courts in the past three years, I began to reflect on how it might have affected my own life and that of my mother, who died of cancer in 1994. The Supreme Court is reportedly due to issue its ruling on the constitutionality of the health care insurance reform (“Obamacare” to some) on June 28, 2012.I don’t know what the justices will decide, but I do know that people like me and my mother need a health care system we can believe in -- something better than what is in place....more
@kdevito I believe that announcement will be in a few days. -Momomore

Detained in Sudan: One Blogger's Story

Editor’s note: Maha El-Sanosi is a Sudanese blogger-journalist selected as a recipient of a 2012 International Activist BlogHer Scholarship. She was to have come to BlogHer '12 in New York this August to share her work. Read below to learn why an exit visa is not an option for her this summer, and why we look forward to honoring her in 2013. -– Polly...more
it's not just the ordeal she has to painfully endure , it's also her bravery and positive stance ...more

Actually, I AM an American

[Editor's Note: It's the time of year when people talk about how proud they are to be American. But what if your "American-ness" is constantly questioned? Check out this excerpt from House of Peanut and tell us how you would deal with these kinds of comments. --Grace]...more
@Shellireads  @Jennifer Knickerbocker "Dots or Feathers" is pretty horrible, I agree.  And ...more