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In Defense of the Big, Bad Media

I want to take a tiny, inconsequential sliver of the gruesome tragedy in Connecticut and apply it to the broader hatred and ranting I'm seeing pop up everywhere...against the media. And it's not like this is new. Everyone hates the media, it's cool. I hate it, too, promise. For some reason, though, I'm seeing a lot of backlash against the workers of news themselves. And, honestly, they don't want to be there. But what are they going to do? Quit?...more
This is my FIRST online mention of the Newton shootings, but I really wanted to comment on your ...more

Woman Arrested in Sandy Hook Shooting Donation Scam

If you're like me, you were probably disturbed to hear today of the arrest of a Bronx woman, charged with impersonating a member of the Pozner family, who lost their 6-year-old son Noah in the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting. ...more
I guess you will get people who are always looking to make a buck - even at the expense of ...more

Yelp Reacts to Woman Who Got Fired for Being Hot

Editor's note: Feministe has been following the case of James Knight -- who, according to a 12/21 ruling the all-male Iowa Supreme Court, acted legally when he fired his assistant because he had an "irresistible attraction" to her . ...more
Thank you, Denise. I hope it gets fixed soon.more

Donations Give More Than Just a Present

During the holiday season, kids are so focused on what they can get as presents they don’t always stop to think about what they can give. I’ve been working hard on helping my kids understand not all kids get presents because their parents can’t afford them. When we did our toy cleaning, the boys picked out some toys they don’t play with that would make terrific donations toGoodwill. We also chose some toys that weren’t so easy to part with....more

How Do You Celebrate Christmas When No One Else Does?

If you live in North America or Europe, it may be hard to imagine December without reminders of Christmas everywhere, from the festive decorations in public spaces to the days that business virtually grinds to a halt around the 25th. But what about people who want to mark the occasion in a country that is not a predominantly Christian culture? Image Credit: jmurawski via Flickr...more
When I lived in Dubai, I worked for a gove.rnment college so worked on Christmas. Not working ...more

What Do You Plan To Do For New Year's Eve?

New Year's Eve is right around the corner, and we are hoping you'll tell us what you plan to do to banish the old and ring in the new. Will you spend it in quiet reflection on the year that has passed by? Will you have a raucous celebration with family or friends? 2012 was a bucket list year for me. I got to visit the land of my ancestors (Ireland) and went to a three-day rock festival in Golden Gate Park with my son. It was a very good year!...more
@JennaHatfield  Good Luck on your run!more

A Gang Rape Ignites Protests Over India's Rape Culture

I was in church this morning with my parents and the pastor began to preach about society’s expectations and disapproval toward unwed mothers. Of course, he was talking about the Virgin Mary, who likely wasn’t a virgin -- but she was an unwed mother, and she was the scrutiny of her society. There are Biblical verses about Joseph considering breaking their betrothal because she was pregnant out of wedlock. Mary had to endure people writing her off as a woman who was suitable for marriage. She could have faced several punishments, including stoning to death. ...more
@threesdivine Thank you for this comment, that was very enlightening to me about some of the ...more

Do You Want Guns in Schools? The NRA Does

After a week of what was thought to be respectful, even remorseful, silence on the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shootings, the NRA took to the podium this morning, with… shall we say, both barrels blazing. National Rifle Association leader Wayne LaPierre addressed the media in Washington D.C. with the message that the only way to keep our children safe is to put armed security guards in schools....more
@MrsWJAA absolutely you are so right, my Uncle 's murderer has been on death row for 39 years in ...more

President Obama Urges Compromise on Guns, Fiscal Cliff

[Editor's Note: late Thursday night, Speaker Boehner cancelled the expected vote on Plan B when it became apparent that not enough House Republicans agreed with his proposal to deal with the fiscal cliff. So, Congress is officially on break for the holidays, although President Obama plans to stay in Washington for the time being. --Grace]...more
This is all so frustrating. I can't believe in light of everything that has happened to this ...more

Remembering Sandy Hook: His Name Is Noah Pozner

Noah Pozner will forever be six-years-old because of the unspeakable madness of Friday, December 14, 2012. A news reporter prompted me to write this blog. He looked into the camera and asked if the viewers remember the killers’ name in the Columbine killings of 13 years ago. Two names quickly came to my mind, which I refuse to put in this blog. The reporter then asked if I, the viewer, remembered just ONE of the victims’ names at Columbine. My stomach tightened and I felt personal disgust, at the realization that I could not come up with a name. Then it hit me, that is the ONE reason this American shame continues....more
That was such a horrible thing and I am praying for everyone involved! As a mother of 2 yr. old ...more