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Did You Know You Need to Earn Money to Be Feminist?

Writer Elizabeth Wurtzel dropped a bomb on SAHMs this week with her Atlantic piece, "1% Wives Are Helping Kill Feminism and Make the War on Women Possible." The tagline? "Being a mother isn't a real job -- and the men who run the world know it." Despite The Atlantic being one of my favorite magazines and consistently putting out stellar editorial, my first reaction was, "What a load of crap!"...more
 @juliewashere88   Some people don't have to work.  Jealous much?more

Raising Citizens

Two days ago I took my kids on their first trip on a city bus. The "malfunction indicator" light had come on in our car and I had to take it to the dealership to find out what was up. I thought the kids would enjoy taking the bus home; it would be a bit of an adventure. It had been raining earlier in the day and the kids were up early and nap-less, so it could have been all kinds of wrong, but everything worked out fine and the kids thought it was pretty fun. ...more
We've done all these things, except that we brought our children to meet with our Rep. about an ...more

Adidas Pulls Racist Shackle Shoes

[Editor's Note: OMG. Did you see that Adidas announced a new sneaker -- the JS Roundhouse Mids -- that come complete with ANKLE SHACKLES ? The unveiling prompted outcry on the brand's Facebook page and Reverend Jesse Jackson issued a statement calling the shoes "offensive, appalling and insensitive". The company has now stopped production and cancelled plans to sell the shoes. ...more
My mouth popped open when I saw the picture of these shoes this morning. My mind absolutely went ...more

Marci Harris is Changing How We Talk to Congress

There are people who talk about change and then there’s Marci Harris. In 2010, after years as a Congressional staffer, Marci founded POPVOX, social platform that “bridges the gap between the input the public wants to provide and the information members of Congress want and need to receive.” I caught up with Marci recently (on the go, of course!) and she gave me the lowdown on the daily business of, oh, ensuring Democracy and the American way. Q: Tell us about POPVOX. ...more

Obama's Immigration Surprise Throws Romney Under the Bus

Whistle stop train tours date back to early American politics. As the railroads pushed west, so too did politicians. The open platform stump speech or private railcar chats evoke the sort of nostalgia captured during Gov. Mitt Romney's five-day Every Town Counts tour with pictures of the candidate, his wife, and would-be running mates dishing out ice cream and flap jacks. It's the sort of down-home, everyman feel candidates hope helps them connect with voters. It's also the sort of authenticity dogging Romney's personal style since his failed run in 2008....more

Rodney King Found Dead of Apparent Drowning at 47

[Editor's Note: Rodney King was found dead on Sunday, apparently drowned in his backyard pool. Twenty years ago, the acquittal of white police officers caught on tape beating King sparked days of unrest in south central Los Angeles. Today, the LAPD is opening an investigation into his death....more
I always feel that the most important thing about Rodney King that during the horrific LA riots, ...more

How Far Would You Go to Protect Your Child? Would You Kill Someone?

I try to avoid the news. Okay, not all the news -- just the news that talks about cannibals eating someone’s face off or something along those lines. I mean, dear Lord, is it really necessary to run a headline on that story and then put a warning about graphic photos? Does the world really need to see graphic photos of a man whose face was eaten off by a cannibal? I’m going to go out on a limb and say…no. I did, however, break my no-sensational-story rule when I saw the headline, “Texas dad beats 4-year-old daughter's alleged attacker to death” in the Los Angeles Times....more
@souschef I agree with you 100% and MORE. I am just as outraged about that fact as you are, if ...more

Explaining the Racism Behind Vaginal Bleaching Creams

[Editor's Note: Recently, we featured the controversy over a genital bleaching cream marketed to South Asian women. The comments ranged from shock, to laughter, to arguments that this latest fad is another example of sexism, not racism....more

Sex-Selective Abortion Bill Aimed at Asians

The War on Women took on some racist overtones recently, with the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act (PRENDA), a bill sponsored by Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ). The bill, which aimed to ban sex-selective abortions, failed in the House, but it's still important to point out how the supporters tried to use xenophobia to gain support. Hyphen blogger Victoria Yue explains:...more
I love the last line. "Pointless partisan politics" do waste so much time and effort that could ...more

It's the Economía, Estúpido

A speech. An Ad. Un ado. Separately, each means nothing more than a headline but together, we can see the tightrope Mitt Romney is walking as he tries to reach out to Latinos, the demographic juggernaut and emerging voting bloc that he’s losing by significant margins to President Obama. He's trying to reach them in campaign ads like this one by avoiding immigration but laser focusing on the economy and jobs....more