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The Ethics of Publishing "I Am Adam Lanza's Mother"

If you have access to US social media, you've probably seen the blog post, "Thinking the Unthinkable," at least once since last Friday's horrific massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Its author, Anarchist Soccer Mom (hereinafter referred to as "ASM"), shares harrowing episodes of life with her gifted but mentally ill 13-year-old son, and her frustrations with a failing mental health system. ...more
@velocitee101 Your information is outdated.  Andrew Wakefield's work was vindicated and the ...more

The Tragedy in Newtown and the Second Amendment

Editor's Note: As the nation processes the Newtown school shootings, many of us are in the middle of fierce debates about gun use in the United States. California Senator Dianne Feinstein has pledged to introduce a ban on assault weapons to Congress, and bloggers have shared their views on all sides. ...more
Twas' 11 days before Christmas, around 9:38 when 20 beautiful children stormed through heaven's ...more

Robbie Parker, Dad of Sandy Hook Victim, Emilie Parker, on Compassion

Scott and I watched the CBS Special on the Sandy Hook Massacre on television last night after the kids went to bed. We have not talked to the boys yet. We didn't have the facts. We are still wrestling with what to say and to whom. Some of the advice I have heard is that for children five years old and younger, we should simply shield them from this. So, it's only Ben, who returns to his school on Monday, that we need to tell. ...more
I will remember Emile Parker. Five down, 21 to go 26 Acts of memory.more

On Adam Lanza, Mental Illness, and My Son

We have a myth in our society that explains tragedies like the one at Sandy Hook Elementary, and it goes something like this: When something bad happens, it's because hidden in our society are evil monsters, who prey upon the innocent, and that there's nothing we can do to stop these people but to arm ourselves with guns or prayer and hope they don't come for someone we love. Image: © Wang Yiou/Xinhua/ ...more
I agree with you about how they should be treating mentally ill patients. They should not be ...more

To The Media Covering Newtown

Dear Members of the Media, By now you’ve probably heard the small wave of outrage that is condemning you for interviewing the children of Sandy Hook Elementary School. You already know that furious parents across the country feel that it’s inappropriate to shove a microphone in the face of a traumatized 8-year-old. But have you ever wondered why? It’s because WE WILL REMEMBER. I remember....more
Thank you for this. I am very sorry for the loss of your friend. When I was a neophyte ...more

Safe: How I'll Talk to My Kids About Newtown

During one of the first weeks of Kindergarten my daughter came home and told me they practiced hiding. Huh? "You know. In case a stranger comes to school, so we be safe," she told me. "Mrs. J locks the door and turns off the lights and we all go to our hiding places." It was all very matter of fact. I asked JP if his class practiced hiding, too. "Oh yeah. It's like a fire drill or tornado drill, you know, just in case." "So we be safe."...more
It is instinct to want to guard our children from all harm, but knowing they have a personal ...more

The Bleak Midwinter: Newtown and Chengping

I spent today in thought, prayer, and appreciation. Appreciation that the people I work with are innocent, sparkling, fun-loving children who will never know the impact that the Newtown Sandy Hook School shooting had on me. That I spent the hour before I went to meet Kutti and her mother in tears for the families who lost children today....more
@Denise Just an awful, awful day. I have several candles lit around the house tonight for the ...more

Our Hearts Break for the Victims of Connecticut School Shooting

I just don't know where to start. An armed man walked into a Connecticut elementary school, shooting and killing 26 people -- 18 of them children. NBC News reports that the gunman was a 20-year old man, with two 9mm handguns....more
Grace, I also don't know what to say, I am stunned and speechless. This tragedy is a horror that ...more

Stop Fighting and Listen To Your Mother!

(If I were to forget myself completely and have a screaming fit at Congress, this is what I would say.) This ridiculous and petty behavior between you two has got to stop. I have had it up to here with this incessant bickering and not getting along.  While you have been competing for alpha male, our national well-being is going right down the tubes. Straighten yourselves out and get down to business double quick before your pathetic sham of leadership lands us all in the soup!...more
@ValerieYoung has an urgent message for Congress.  We have to get them to listen.more

Susan Rice Withdraws Bid to be Secretary of State

Susan Rice took her self out of the running to replace Hillary Clinton as the next Secretary of State, saying the partisan politics surrounding her potential nomination is not worth the trade-off. Rice, the current Ambassador to the United Nations, submitted her withdrawal in a letter to President Obama: ...more