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Yo! Philly Votes Will Turn Data into Action

I am a voting rights activist who has monitored elections in Angola, Ethiopia and Nigeria, and led democracy workshops in Kazakhstan. Since 2006, I have live-blogged from the Election Day command centers organized by the Election Protection Coalition and the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation....more
Allie ONeal...EXACTLY! My same thought.more

Should A Professor Have Breastfed her Sick Baby in Class?

A professor walks into class with her baby — the baby was sick and couldn’t go to daycare. Because it was the first day of class--an intro to "Sex, Gender, and Culture"--Adrienne Pine didn’t want to cancel. So she brought her baby along. ...more
Oh, please. Those kids need to grow up. I would hope that in 4 years, when this class is ready ...more

Chanting U-S-A! Patriotic or Racist?

During the past few weeks I’ve heard that USA chant more times than I'd like. At the Republican National Convention, the crowds started chanting "U-S-A!" during certain speeches. Then, last week, while I was sitting in the bleachers at the Democratic National Convention, the Time-Warner Arena rocked with the call, “Fired Up!" and response, "Ready to Go!” and the cheers of “Four More Years!”....more
 @Grace Hwang Lynch  @michellemista  @Shellireads  @Trish1981  One would hope that it's 2 ...more

The Hello Ladies Guide to Sexism in Politics (revisited)

Clearly it’s time to revisit The Hello Ladies Guide to Sexism in Politics. Recently, in a story about whether Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan would run for governor, a reporter for the Chicago Sun Times wrote, “Madigan and her husband, Pat Byrnes, have two young children, ages 7 and 4. She was asked whether she could serve as governor and still raise her kids the way she wants to.” ...more

The Media and the Election: Where Are the Working Women?

Both Michelle Obama and Ann Romney's celebrated convention speeches last week highlighted their role as mothers rather than using the moment to discuss the issues women face in the workplace, including the pay gap. ...more

Brown and Pink - It's Not Just Black and White Anymore

I remember the conversation as though it were only yesterday instead of nearly 3 years ago. I had just picked up my insanely cute 2 year old from daycare, I was contemplating dinner, it was kind of drizzly and gross out. ...more
ZoesMomma TheSpicedLife  I hate calling my kids mixed but prefer it to having to pick.  I tell ...more

Not Stale: Women's Issues in the Presidential Campaign

It's bad enough when men assume women are single issue voters, but it's far, far worse when a fellow woman has decided that if I have a deal-breaker issue, I must be a zombie following 'rhetoric' spewed by a given political party....more
@Gamingangel Thank you for reading and commenting. And I agree--we all have the right to our ...more

Mom-In-Chief, But Not on the Payroll

Michelle Obama and Ann Romney are prominently featured in their spouse's presidential campaigns. Both have made prime-time speeches during the Tampa and Charlotte conventions, which were parsed in detail by the media. Did they make their husbands more likeable? Could they secure the "woman's vote" for their spouses? Were their televised speeches fluff pieces, or did they convey meaningful insights?...more
You're right, we can't quantify every service in monetary terms, but we find ways to come up ...more

Our 9/11 Stories: Share Your Posts About September 11, 2001

Editor's note: Last year, we called for you to share your posts on the events of September 11, 2001. More than 200 bloggers responded. We're honoring this tradition again this year, and invite you to read these bloggers' stories and contribute your own. -- Julie We've seen a LOT of stories in the media about the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and United Flight 93. We've also seen, and maybe felt, that many of us are sick of the story in the media. ...more
I have been sharing my story ever since.  http://artievanwhy.commore

The Presidential Election Made Me Quit Facebook

First dates and politics don’t mix. Friendship and politics don’t mix. Facebook and politics don’t mix....more
I can fully understand your agitation though I could never exit out of Facebook.  Being someone ...more