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$16 Trillion Debt Now Larger Than U.S. Economy: Dems, Please Discuss.

It's party time for the parties! Republicans wrapped up their nominating convention in Tampa last week and Democrats kick theirs off in Charlotte today. Drinks will flow, balloons will drop, and everyone will walk away charged up for the final two months of the campaign....more
I talked some on debt back in 2004, 2005, 2006... no one paid attention to it, didn't care. The ...more

(PICS) DNC Day 1: Welcome to Charlotte

The speeches don't begin until Tuesday, but it's already a who's who of the political and media world gathered for the Democratic National Convention. There are delegates, journalists, and local families milling around uptown Charlotte. ...more
 @cookingwithkary  @Grace Hwang Lynch  Ugh back into the groove:)more

Behind the Scenes: The Making of a Democratic National Convention

BlogHer is live in Charlotte, NC, covering the Democratic National Convention. And fr those of you who have ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a national party convention -- I got to sit down the the Reverend Leah Daughtry, CEO of the 2008 convention, who broke it all down for me. ...more

Labor Day at the DNC: Storm Clouds in Charlotte

This afternoon I was rushing to hear Jeff Bridges sing when a thunderstorm burst open in Charlotte. Was this a bad sign? I wondered. Bridges was playing on the main stage at an outdoor festival called CarolinaFest, for a celebratory Labor Day event that drew scores of delegates, local families, volunteers, media and scattered celebrities. You could barely move, the streets were so crowded. On the day before the Democratic convention, the Festival was intended to showcase the city’s charms, its openness and diversity. ...more
Interesting, so is GA and the unemployment rate is around 9% as well. Never made the connection.more

Kumar Calls & Empty Chairs: Day 1 of the DNC in Tweets

While people in Charlotte, NC for the Democratic National Convention are tweeting pictures, observations, and interactions with famous politicians and celebrities, others in social media are celebrating #EmptyChairDay. And then there's Kal Penn, of Harold and Kumar fame, who got a call from President Obama himself ... ...more

Nancy Pelosi: Reigniting the American Dream for Women

Yes, women care about the economy, and yes, women’s health care issues play a big role in that, says the House of Representatives' highest-ranking female. Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) held a roundtable with a dozen bloggers today, talking about women’s issues, the economy, and how the Democratic platform addresses both in a plan to reignite the American dream. ...more
@Terri Patillo: Bull on both counts and you should know better. As for the Condaleesa Rice ...more

Live from Charlotte: What to Expect From the DNC

The BlogHer team is in in Charlotte, North Carolina all week as the Democratic National Convention opens today. If the Queen City looks familiar, it's because Charlotte served as the location for The Capitol in The Hunger Games movie. Which is kind of fitting, given how vicious the 2012 election season has become....more
Then turn off Fox.more

Dear Ann Romney: I Felt Forgotten

Ann Romney, if you recognize that women “are the ones that have to do a little bit more, and work a little harder throughout the day to earn that respect at work.” And to then “come home and help with a book report.” then I challenge you to do something about it....more
"I would first like to point out that the major premise of this piece was to cite the lack of ...more

Can Romney's Convention Bounce Last Until November?

The Republican National Convention in Tampa "bounced" Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney six points in the polls leading President Obama heading into next week's Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.Though convention bounces tend to subside especially quickly when the opposition follows with its own convention, running so close to an incumbent signifies a weakened current administration in the minds of Americans....more
One other version of the polls: ...more

Romney Wraps His Moment In Old Glory: Family, Faith & Values

Tonight, at last, Mitt Romney showed up. And he showed up before he even arrived on stage, ushered in on the words of an array of people from all corners of his life: his church, his business, his community, and a fantastically well-edited 10-minute video that intermingled stories of his success with endearing video clips from his days as a young husband. Image: ZUMA Press | © Harry E. Walker ...more
This kind of reaffirms my fears that it was way worse than I had thought. Damn.more