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"War on Women" -- We Conservatives Need to Move Past Outrage

Editor's note: Dani of A Cute Conservative made her first video commentary on the continuing conversation about Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen's remarks about Ann Romney, wife of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. ...more

Vagina Lightening Cream for Lady Bits So White They Shine!

[Editor's Note: Summer's just around the corner! Which means it's the time of year when white women try to get tan, and brown women try to keep themselves from... getting browner. Skin lightening creams are nothing new in Asia, Africa and Latin America, but now there's a whitening product aimed where the sun don't shine. Seriously. Jen Wang of DISGRASIAN writes about how the colonial and cultural quest for fairer skin is going places it's never gone before. --Grace]...more
I first came across skin lightening products whilst in Malaysia and it took a while for the ...more

Black Woman Body Cake: White Privilege Swedish Style (Video)

The National Afro-Swedish Association is demanding that Sweden's minister of culture Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth be fired for participating in an April 15th World Art Day celebration during which she ate a piece of cake. The problem is not that she ate cake; the problem is the kind of cake she ate. The video in this post that was filmed at the art installation is one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen. ...more
 @Judaye @ Let Me Tell The Story. It's an image I won't soon forget. Lord have mercy, is right.more

Six-Year-Old Handcuffed & Suspended for Throwing a Tantrum at School

What would you do if you got a call saying that your child has been suspended for throwing a tantrum? Sound strange? It gets better. The child in question is Salecia Johnson, a 6-year-old kindergartener from Georgia who threw a tantrum, shoved some books off the shelves which hurt the principal. This was thought as just cause to call the police and place the child in handcuffs!  Are these people serious?? Handcuffing a 6-year-old for throwing a tantrum?? ...more
@vstembridge Thank you. I am shocked reading the replies. Yes, normal, 6-year olds who have not ...more

Let's Report on Shaima AlAwadi Without Saying Honor Killing or Hate Crime

An uncharacteristic apathy washed over me when I heard the news of an American Muslim woman murdered in El Cajon, California last month. Thirty two year old Shaima AlAwadi was found bludgeoned to death in her home, with a note calling her a terrorist laying next to her. Recently discovered court documents indicating that AlAwadi was filing for divorce are now leading the media to suggest that her assailant may have been a family member thus rendering her another casualty in a phenomenon that is on the rise in North America called "honor killings" that are supposedly on the rise because of the higher numbers of immigrant Muslim communities in North America....more
Ms Khan, could we possibly ask you to first allow the police to complete their investigation of ...more

Equal Pay Day: How Are Women Doing? (Don't Ask)

Now that the much-ado-about-nothing Mommy Wars are over, let’s talk about what’s really important. Money. ...more
Dreadful that this problem still persists, but the political discussions if they are political ...more

I Used to Have Ann Romney's Life. I Had Privilege.

Note: This piece was fueled by exasperation and inspired by two excellent blogs posts -- by Grace Hwang Lynch and Pamela Kripke -- that urge those who "got privilege" to name it. I used to have Ann Romney's life. The first time around I married into a family that was rich. Romney Rich....more
 @prayerperspectivesfortoday I am not jealous of Mitt Romney nor his wealth. I am saddened by ...more

Women of Color: The Silent Victims of the Mommy Wars

Apparently, only white women get to argue about whether to stay home or seek employment out of the house. That’s the takeaway I got from the online vitriol sparked last week by Ann Romney and Hillary Rosen. It doesn’t matter whether it’s 2012, 1992, or 1972 — the Mommy Wars continue to pit white, privileged women against even more privileged white women. ...more
Very well thought out post, bringing to light the other layers in the "mommy wars" beyond the ...more

Who Won in the Hilary Rosen vs. Ann Romney Debate: Not Women

It didn't take long, did it? for the old stay-at-home vs. working-mom flap to rear its ugly political head. After Mitt Romney more or less clinched the GOP ticket when Santorum dropped out of the race, I thought we might at least get a week or two before the nonsense ensued. Maybe even a respite until August, when the GOP heads to Tampa for its convention. But no. ...more

What Racist Minds and Lizard Brains Have in Common

[Editor's Note: Hardly anyone admits to being a racist. So why is it that we see the effects of racism -- from "harmless jokes" to brazenly discriminatory practices -- still? One theory is that racism stems from fear, which is primally hardwired into a certain part of our brain. Hollye Dexter of Truth and Consequences explains the connection between lizard brain and discrimination... and offers some advice about how we can re-wire this thought pattern. --Grace]...more
@HapaMamaGrace Fear of what one doesn't understand is primal. Fear of what one REFUSES to ...more