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Nancy Pelosi Fires Back at Luke Russert’s Ageist and Sexist Question

While most pundits were making predictions about whether or not Rep. Nancy Pelosi would announce she is stepping up once again as House Minority Leader, NBC reporter Luke Russert was apparently practicing his one liners. At the 7 a.m. press conference where the Congressional veteran announced that she does indeed want to lead the House Democrats, Russert – the son of the late Meet the Press host Tim Russert – basically asked why the old people don’t just hurry up and retire?...more
I think his comment says more about him than her. That said, this issue of age, I speak to on a ...more

California Leads, But Ohio Rules: How I Saw the Election in Ohio

I spent the last two weeks before the election campaigning for President Obama in my hometown of Cincinnati (that’s the southern-most “C” city in Ohio – i.e. not Cleveland or Columbus), in Hamilton County. What would make me leave the 60-degree comfort of life in California to stand out in the cold of Cincinnati as polls opened at dawn? It was nerve-wracking, fun, and inspiring....more
so shocking to read..i voted in britain on thursday and we have a very simple system, it took me ...more

Why Petraeus Had to Go

[Editor's Note: The intrigue keeps swirling around the reported affair between CIA Director David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell, the author of his biography All In (I can hear you snickering, by the way). BlogHer Gloria Feldt writes that powerful men having affairs is nothing new and is in some ways their own personal business. But she says that prudishness is not the reason why Petraeus needed to step down from his position. Read on to find out the three reasons why. --Grace]...more
It has been interesting to have another public figure involved in an affair.  I have been the ...more

Help Two Regular People Change Orphan Care in Thailand

[Editor's Note: BlogHer Carrien from She Laughs at the Days has long had a dream of moving to Thailand with her family to build a self-sustaining orphanage in the hill country. Now, she and her husband are taking the plunge next spring to move overseas with their four kids to do the work they've been dreaming of. Read on for Carrien's story and some information about how you can help. --Grace] Sometimes saying yes to someone in need will take you down very unexpected paths....more
Wow and Wow! You have really taken on an amazing project. I am impressed and humbled by your ...more

Election 2016: Top Five Factors To Consider Now

What might the United States political world look like in 2016? The predictions began to roll in even before 2012 votes were counted, with Vice President Joe Biden being one of the first to tease about being a candidate -- for something -- in that year....more

How Republicans Lost Blacks, Latinos... and the Election

President Obama won a second term. Republicans deserve the shellacking we got because the party of Lincoln is running candidates in 2012 like it’s 1860. Old white men just don’t cut it anymore and are not reflective of the changing demographics of the country. America is browning up not whitening up, as evidenced by the US Census findings that minorities will make up 54% of the population by the year 2050. ...more
Racial politics has been around since america was discovered and colonized. So the racial divide ...more

The End: My Words in the Tucson Courthouse

Gabrielle Giffords' husband, Commander Kelly, and I ended our statements with the same thought: we are finished with you. It's pretty cool to be on an astronaut's wavelength. That's about the only smile I can find right now. Justice ran its course. The state will not be prosecuting. The shooter will never be free. It's not enough. It's all there is....more
*hugs* I can't even begin to grasp. So powerful your words.more

Rep. Gabby Gifford's Shooter Sentenced--It's Not Enough

Editor's Note: Ashleigh Burroughs was shot three times at Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' Tucson, Arizona press event in January 2011. She has been writing about the shooting and its aftermath for BlogHer. Below is what she had to say after gunman Jared Loughner's plea bargain in August. Loughner was officially sentenced today; Gabrielle and her husband, Mark Kelly, were there (read Kelly's statement). Ashleigh also spoke in court. We will update if Ashleigh is able to post about it on her blog. --Julie ...more

Two Generations Dissect Election 2012 and What’s Next for Women’s Rights

On election night, journalism major Maegan Vazquez joined about one hundred fellow New York University students over the beer soaked floorboards of Brad’s, a popular site for locals and college 20-somethings alike. Keenly interested in politics, she's been writing a terrific weekly column for my Heartfeldt Blog, titled “The Young Politica.”...more

Represent! Record Numbers of Women of Color in the House

If President Obama’s re-election was a confirmation that the politicians need to embrace the changing face (or is it faces?) of our nation, the winners of the Congressional races show that voters want our representatives in Washington to actually represent the many kinds of people who make up America. The 2012 election may go down as one of the most diverse campaign seasons ever. Not just in the faces celebrating President Barack Obama’s re-election, but in the candidates who won the Congressional races. ...more
I'm so happy to have more women engaged into the political process that we now have more women ...more