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So...What Am I, Anyway?

I remember the first time I was confused about my race. I was 10 years old and in the fourth grade. The source of my bewilderment was the "Race/Ethnicity" question on a standardized test, back in the day before they allowed you to choose more than one and before they included a "multiracial or biracial" box. I scanned the options before me—“Black/African American,” “White/Caucasian,” “Hispanic,” and “Asian/Pacific Islander”—“none of these seem like me,” I thought to myself. Puzzled, I turned to my teacher and asked her which bubble I should fill in. She said, “Asian.”...more
Growing up, I always checked "Black" & (to my recollection) it was never an issue because my ...more

The War vs. The Revolution: Why Women Are Turning Inward

While the GOP is declaring a war on women, women are waging a quiet inward revolution all across America. It’s as if they are coming out of a deep sleep, awakening to a new truth about being mothers, wives, and workers. ...more
a non-contraceptive purpose for birth control pills to their employer?  Such an incredible ...more

No, Liberals Don't Hate Conservatives.

Don't you just hate Republicans? By the way, it's really ignorant to think I'd hate someone just because they subscribe to different politics. It's akin to you asking if you hate me just because I'm Black. Sure, there are some racist pricks out there who see the world in terms of black and white, but most of us know we can have our differences, fight to the death, and still not kill each other over of a social construct that doesn't wholly define any of us. That's true for Black and white, Democrat and Republican, Tar Heels and Blue Devils....more
 @Bad Luck Detective That's funny. I think we've all heard those sort of threats in some fashion ...more

Going to the White House to Honor Cesar Chavez

[Editor's Note: March 31 would have been Cesar Chavez's 84th birthday. While several states honor the Latino labor activist with an official holiday, the White House yesterday invited ten modern-day civil rights and social justice advocates to mark the occasion. Blogger Viviana Hurtado of The Wise Latina Club moderated the event and tells us what it was like to be there. --Grace]...more

Hoodies or Hijabs – What’s the Difference? Neither Should Get You Killed

A Muslim mother of five was killed inside her home last week, while wearing clothing that covered her head, a note filled with racial slurs left next to her body. Sound familiar? The similarities between the shooting of Trayvon Martin and the bludgeoning death of 32-year old Shaima Alawadi are disturbing. Alawadi’s murder may even be a more blatant hate crime than Martin’s – the mother of five was killed in her dining room, with a note reading...more
"If somebody kills somebody, it's a crime, but if somebody kills somebody of a different race, ...more

Obamacare's Individual Mandate Still Wildly Unpopular

Chalk up President Obama's decision to stop fighting the "Obamacare" label as a public relations victory in redirecting message. Masterfully handled....more
 @Barbarahughes Certainly some good ideas worth salvaging, but the individual mandate must go.more

A New Report Reveals Hundreds of Afghan Women Jailed for "Moral Crimes"

[Editor’s note: It doesn’t take much for a woman--or a girl--to be imprisoned in Afghanistan. Just run away from an abusive husband or because you've been raped. Or commit some other “moral crime.” According to a scandalous new report by Human Rights Watch, some 400 women and girls are now languishing in Afghan prisons for just such “moral crimes.”–Mona] ...more
I read an article this weekend about bacha bazi in Afghanistan - wealthy men take poor young ...more

"Why Is Rue Black?" Racism and the Hunger Games

The Hunger Games opened this weekend as the third-highest grossing film of all time, behind only Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part Two, and The Dark Knight....more
Honestly I didn't care about the race of the actors. I still thought the movie was dynamite. I ...more

Are You Sure There's No War on Women? My Health Story

Are you absolutely certain there is no Republican "war on women"? Because I'm a little frightened to be a woman in this country right now, and from where I'm standing, I feel like I am under attack. Women are being bombarded with legislature at the state and federal level aimed at taking away our rights. And Republicans are leading the charge. ...more
We need a new word. Rush Limbaugh recently reminded us that the only words for sexually active ...more

Is It The Way He Walks? Or the Color of His Skin?

You see him approach. You become uneasy. You wonder if he has a gun or a knife or will he simply hit you upside the head with his fist and snatch your purse or wallet. You take stock of how much cash you have, whether your credit card company reimburses for fraudulent charges. As he approaches, you clutch your bag closer to your person. You look around for anyone near enough to notice when he accosts you, maybe call the police for you. You realize you don’t expect anyone to actually physically help you, though (the people on hidden camera on TV never help)....more
@BlogHer Neither. Let facts, not bias guide this case.more