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Getting Through #Sandy: Reporting and Connecting During a Superstorm

As the huge post-tropical superstorm Sandy surged through the Northeast U.S. causing enormous damage and several fatalities, people have been reporting from the scene and connecting as they can via social media. If you weathered Sandy last night and this morning, please check in as you can in the comments and let us know how you're faring. ...more
@GingerSass Guilty and relieved is exactly how I felt as a former NYer/current displaced ...more

You Wear the Costume, I Wear the Stigma

[Editor's Note: Halloween's just around the corner, and I'm afraid... of the stereotypes that might be perpetuated in this year's crop of costumes. After all, this season we've already seen a variety of racially offensive designs-- and that was just in clothes intended for everyday wear! But as Frances Kai-Hwa Wang blogs at Chicago is the World, the students at Ohio University are once again launching their proactive campaign against racist costumes. --Grace]...more
@Liz Rose-Cohen Just goes to show how many racist tropes are so acceptable in society that ...more

Are One-Term Presidents the New Trend?

It may seem bold to make presidential predictions four years in advance -- especially during an election cycle when pundits can't even seem to decide what's going to happen tomorrow -- but one thing is for sure: whoever leads the Free World into the next four years is going to have his hands full. So full, in fact, if that man happens to be Mitt Romney, we may very well end up with two one-term presidents in a row. ...more
4 years is not a lot of time to change a system that has been broken for a very long time. I ...more

Vote For Your Choice Among The Presidential Candidates

Are you nervous about the Presidential election on November 6? Can't wait for it to be over so everyone can take a deep breath and stop fighting? In just a few days, we'll resolve one of the most contentious presidential campaigns I can recall in decades. This week, the BlogHer opinion poll gives our community the chance to do a practice vote before you go to the polls for the real thing....more
Everyone should get out and vote. Never let anyone tell you your vote doesn't count because of ...more

Politics Is As Personal As Ever, Day 1: Gas Station Greens

          It’s no surprise I take politics personally, I’m a feminist.  That’s one of the things we chant when we meet in the darkness of the new moon and welcome the crisp autumnal breeze as it blows through the hair on our legs: The personal is political, the personal is political, the personal is political....more

(UPDATED) Go Away, Sandy: Mother and Daughter Blog the Storm

Dear Hurricane Sandy,You are not welcome at my house or on my island. Please go away and take your coastal flooding with you. I was not interested in moving all of my worldly goods to the second floor, and packing up all of my pictures and important irreplaceable things and evacuating again. I didn’t want to tie things down, reopen the pool to put away the cover so it doesn’t become a sail, and fight with my cats about going into a carrier....more
Your story had me in it's grips from the first word to the last. I'm so glad you didn't lose ...more

Nanny Arrested in NYC Murders: Surround This Mom Blogger with Love

There are certain things in this life that I simply never want to understand. Here are a few: What life feels like to live without your children. The bone-crushing guilt that must accompany any decision that led to your children being harmed -- no matter that your choices were rational, the best any mother could do. The ridicule, finger-pointing, and judgment of complete strangers when your family tragedy becomes national news. Knowing that Marina Krim, a mother in New York City whose two children were allegedly murdered by their nanny, is dealing with all of those feelings -- and more -- makes my heart break. But I have hope....more
Many people are still trying to make sense out of these murders, but the underlying truth is ...more

Beneath a Cloudless Sky: Believing in Change

Shortly after we moved into our house in 1996, Luisa and I hung a rainbow flag off the front of our house.  It felt like staking a claim - we were creating a home together - and every day I'd come home from work and smile as I saw that flag fluttering in the wind. And then one day, we came home to find that the flag had been burned. ...more
Love :)more

Eid Mubarak! Celebrating With My Family

{Editor's Note: The Muslim holiday of Eid ul Adha begins this Friday morning. BlogHer Aisha Iqbal has fond memories of the occasion from her own childhood and is trying to create new memories with her son. How do you pass on your cultural traditions to your kids? --Grace]...more

Politics and Religion are Destroying My Family

This morning, I grieve the loss of my brother. Someone I love fiercely. Someone I believed always had my back and was there for me more times than I can count. Someone I would have done anything for. Instead, it would seem that the hammer of politics and religion packs too strong a punch and the damages left by its blows are proving to be too hard to rebuild. Or at least I think that’s what he thinks. Because I really don’t know. We’ve never discussed it.Religion can divide us so easily. It can be used to slash and burn foundations....more
Wow, you wrote this post 2 years ago - I am so grateful that I found it.  Thank you for your ...more